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They were both adopted. You’d think they’d find a common ground and find companionship, but no, from day one they eyed each other with a wary disrespect. The elder one could have made things easier because he’d been around, was familiar with his Amma, who he was very possessive about. You understand why he couldn’t find much love for the darling baby, well not really a baby, but young enough, she was, to know how to go about establishing rights over the parent.

Try as she might, with cajoling, bribes, sweet talk, holding both their hands, sometimes hugging them as close as possible, which he could not stand, for long, as he escaped the suffocation, nothing seemed to be able to bring them close to each other.

Night times were sometimes traumatic. She was the newer baby, so she demanded attention, while he began to feel as if he was being ignored. Both of them insisted on sleeping next to Amma. And then, the poking and pushing, which wasn’t conducive for her sleep. Finally, all of them would sleep, exhausted by the bickering, and Amma’s stern reprimands – which included a sharp tap when needed!

Amma never knew what made her boy so angry always, especially with his little sister, but gave him a long rope. At least he didn’t attack her as violently as she though he would. There was hope, and it was this that kept her hoping for that miracle, when they would both accept each other.

In this space you read such things that be true. Them miracles, like this one did come true. You see, what they say about True Love is a cliche maybe, but who’s to say cliches aren’t true? You give your kids enough love, and never cut that supply, they find love too, in each other. But you gotta work for it, as a parent, always hoping 🙂

Amma did, watching with joy, as unexpectedly, one night, she came upon this as she was getting ready for bed 🙂


The Siblings-Kuttan and Mia 🙂

Love never fails. 🙂 ❤

Day#9 of #RamblingsInFebruary is a True Love Story 🙂

february ramblings

9 February, 2016