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My Progress Report for 2013

Open House Time on all WordPress Blogs, ain’t it? And here’s mine, and yours too, if you’re a visitor here, or one of those who leaves behind your precious words 🙂 Thank you, for your time, your affection, and the wise words you’ve gifted the blog and blogger! Hope you all have a great, safe and successful 2014 too!

So, without much ado, let me hand you over to the Research Department and the stats helper monkeys of WordPress!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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You give, and I take.
An even deal or not-
That’s how it’s always been.

Till when I knew
That only taking
Meant I was losing.

And giving, well,
As strange as it seemed
Made you richer…

The homily wasn’t lost on me.

And happily enough,
We still have time
To approbate a new deal.


24 November, 2013

Pic courtesy Google Image search 


Quest, interrupted

What if.
What if?

Which one do I mean, I wonder at all those crossroads I’ve been down, where, from the place I’m now at, I think of the roads I did not take. Happily enough. Or wonderingly. Well, I must be honest, and say this too, unhappily enough, sometimes. And while I’ve believed in the ‘Right here, Right Now’ song and dance, and counsel all and sundry, very generously too, I get that my faith falters, occasionally.

So I slip back into the quicksand that my past is, given the heady moments I can lose myself in, on slow and lonely days like today. Barely talking at all, memories triggered by a stray line in yet another romantic nonsensical story which is just about all I can digest. I know I’m losing it, letting go of the ties of today.

Fifteen years is a long time, and it’s suddenly just a week ago as well. Damn. Wallowing in the eighteen months we had together back then… so long, and yet so short. The day I was sent to clarify the entries in that register, to the day, a month on, when we, together, found them doctored; weathered the fall-out of the company almost going under; survived, despite all the efforts to put us down, away. The close proximity of those days brings the scent of nostalgia dangerously and tangibly a breath away. Double damn.

I’ve moved on, I told you, as you did too. Those were days of sheer giddy-headed madness; probably the perceived danger added to the already cliched fires simmering. Your quick smile, the way you tilted your head when you looked, pointedly at me, daring me… oh my! How young you looked! Not that I ever felt guilty. I still don’t. I know you had no regrets either.

But I do, today. I wanted to have taken that road, all those years ago, with you. All those years would have been all the better for being with you. How does that matter, you’d ask, perhaps. Holding a figment close to one’s heart, it definitely isn’t the same as the real thing, dear one. Duh. Your response.

I find myself smiling, when I should actually have lost all that. The email I am reading, right now, tells me so. You don’t smile, do you, when a friend from all those years ago, with whom you’ve desultorily kept in touch with, informs you

remember Aditi? You two were certainly close, weren’t you? And anyway you’ve already heard I guess. She was in that accident that was all over the news channels, that bus accident in Hyderabad

So. I’ll hold that duh as well, close, as I rattle about in this empty existence.

17 November, 2013




Dry, flaky, thin and long

So unassuming –

Quietly, it lay.

Knowing, with baffling certainty

Someday, one day

It would be chosen.

Today. It was.

Allowed to finally free itself

It long and drab form

Transferring, transforming

Fragrant in release.



Filling, fulfilling, its destiny.

It burns. Gladly.

You know that.

Because you sense it.

That joy.

In the fragrance of its soul,

That quietly permeates, often,

Into your own.

Undated (about a year ago, in 2012; discovered while hunting for something else, entirely 😀 )

Picture: Google Image search for ‘incense’ 🙂


Positively Glowing

… pretty, precious, and permanently upbeat 🙂

That’s our Parukutty!

From the day she’s come into our lives, a few years ago, she has charmed everyone with her unputdownable optimism, and the lucid innocence of her ways 🙂 No matter what the weather, the sun shines out of her face, and her manners! The one thousand wattage of her smile, the peal of laughter at the drop of a hat, the uninhibited manner of her speaking in Malayalam, to all and sundry, without taking offence at our notoriously clannish mallu brigade – she wins hearts as if it is all she does! She does. She truly does.


There she is with that brilliant smile all aglow in the sure knowledge of herself, and how much we love her 🙂

Today we celebrate, along with her, yet another lovely day – her birthday! Though miles away is she from me, and the rest of her extended family, we hold her close in our hearts, as always, wishing her life’s best; loads of love and happiness; the certain surety of hands that will always be outstretched to help; that she knows how very much we love her!

And yet again, it is celebration too, as she and Arjun herald news that the stork shall visit them, and us 😀 😀 ! The happiness we too share is boundless as theirs is, as we along with them await the little one’s arrival, wishing that Pratibha and Arjun have an easy time 🙂 So, yes, it’s official, here – Arjun and Pratibha are going to have a baby 🙂 🙂

That is to add to the already numerous lovelinessess of my dearest DIL (my heart, yes, literally 🙂 ) – and Arjun’s of course! 😛 Do join me in wishing that they have a safe passage to the little one’s arrival, and that all of them remain healthy and happy, and well beloved!

Love you my dearest Parukutty! I know this is delayed by a few hours 🙂 What to do, the internet speed here is atrocious – in cpl!

God Bless you abundantly, my dear! Hugsy wugsy! And loads of kisses!

Happy Birthday dearest gurl! Have the best of years ahead!

14 October, 2013