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They trail, most loving, fragrant feelings
As they walk this journey , arms entwined
From two to three, more of their lovely beings..
They hold each other – they are one-of-a-kind!


(Net connection is back 😀 )

This in the morning, when no connection existed, was this limerick 😛

A blog tradition pending,
Due to net connection ending
Has prompted this early byte
For today, till I’m able my blog to sight
So to them, Pratibha and Arjun may I wish, happiness and love, unending!


And now this, as I ruminate, and squeeze this in, just in time 😀

She of sunshine smiles

He – Sun child – ever the same

This Haiku – all theirs!


And finally, an acrostic 🙂

Partial to love, pretty much the best!

Awsumm, always there, hands outstretched

Raring to go, never mind where!

(J)ust, jovial, jest-ful, ever, no matter when!

Understated never, uncomplicated, unanimously the friend who’s always there!

(N)atty, naughty, never nasty 🙂

Four poesies on this string, to tell you of her and him
Her is Pratibha, and He is Arjun
And this be the day, to cherish, to celebrate
Their wedding – a gladder, madder, fun-ner one
I’ve yet to attend 😀

May you two always be there for each other, hold each other, through all the walks of life 🙂
Sometimes A or sometimes P, lead each other on, with all the love you have 🙂

Thank you, too, endlessly, for the brightest spark in my life – my Nainu ❤


Happieeeee Anniversary! God Bless you all, infinitely!

29 June, 2016

*does a jig* She made it, she tells herself 😛


The Surprise!

Two more days to Vishu. The ascension of the Sun into Aries, or the Medam Rashi (മേടം രാശി). So goes tradition, the customs and the rites, rituals we have in place, quite apart from the vedic calculations of the constellations, the planets with respect to the positions of the Sun and the Moon. That day, two days hence, is Vishu, the first day of the Malayalam month of Medam. Visitors to this blog have been maximum, so WP stats tell me, on Vishu! Traditions beckons, still, it would seem from far and wide 😀

Tradition is important to the blog too. And April 12th, is one such day to celebrate, in our lives. Mine and others 😀 The ascension of the Sun Child, in the form of a birthday! This year was one big surprise. SURPRISE! No, not as in surprise party. Then? Aha!

The Sun Child, the verse, was born 35 years ago. The Sun Child, my Arjun, four years after the verse was born, the person for whom it had come to be, was born!(I’ve always said just one truth here – the words come to me of their own accord – probably because somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something magical, that I have no knowledge of 😛 – and I’m certain, that it was entirely accidental! That Arjun turned out exactly like that Sun Child in the verse proves the point 😀 )

A certain biography too has been attempted last year on him 😛 I exaggerate of course. But. Do I? Read that epic post to find out 😀 (LINK)

This past year has been special. (Well, which year has NOT been, you ask. Fair point, well made, I’d say!) Consider these wise words:

“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it”, Master Oogway, to Master Shifu. That’s a big turtle and a … errr… I googled to find out that it is a Red Panda or the Lesser Panda or a kind of fox, who are talking about Po, the Dragon Warrior, being one. Such wisdom. At the moment I’m writing this down, my Po is watching that Po, the Dragon Warrior, with all of us lazing in the drawing room and watching Kung Fu Panda, probably for the umpteenth time!

It is serendipitous indeed as to how that one line has been played out as far as Arjun-Po is concerned! He’s always maintained that he’s just going to do what has to be done, and not go beyond, as far as work is concerned. Words, I know, that with the depth of the presence of workaholic content of his DNA, that were quite untrue 😛 He could say all he wanted and whenever he did, but he’d do a fine job of whatever he took up!

Case in point was the amount of work he’d put in – his bit – for the success of the IFR 2016, being part of the organizing of the City Parade, in the first week of February! So the lesson here is what Master Oogway was trying to tell his student – what you avoid, you end up meeting the very same thing 😛 !!

This has also been special in the sense of how the birthday has been celebrated! I doubt he’s had one in which, as he admits, he was surprised! By his mother 😛 Who planned and executed the perfect surprise by turning up at his house, without informing him or his wife 😀 Their classic expressions – Pratibha’s overwhelmed, and Arjun’s underwhelmed – are now going into our family history. I guess I can’t up this one for a long time to come! Don’t want to either. Some things, as that Master Card ad goes, are priceless! This is one of them 😀

Happyyyyyyyyy, as Nainu says – which is enough for her, and therefore for us- to Arjun! Today, 12th of April 🙂 It’s been a quiet sort of day, for one could not improve on the surprise, close to midnight, when he finally returned home from sailing! But that is fine too! We’ve had a couple of friends over – those who were in cahoots with me, in planning and executing my surprise 😀 Which almost did not become 😛

Still, as Naina says, “‘o gya, ‘ogya”- Ho gaya, ho gaya. It has been a lovely, satisfying day 🙂

Happyyyyyy Alljun! May this year unfold and bring to fruit your blossoms of hopes and wishes 🙂 Each one of them, starting with your 100 day challenge to lose weight! I’ll watch and wait, before I do something like this 🙂 May you continue to be blessed by the love of family and friends, and have a rainbow, yours alone, with all you need from the pot at the end.

The biggest surprise of today? That this blog post was posted just in time 😀 I did not think I’d be able to do it, but I did, and just under 900 words!

Love you infinitely!

Here’s to you Mr. Awesome 🙂


12 April 2016

Post Script: Special mention must be made of Riddhi, without whom this surprise wouldn’t have been as effective! She played out her role like a pro 😛 She picked me up from the airport, having assured me kindly that she is there for me 😛 That she did not have her own car, and had to borrow Arjun’s was kind of added effect in the history and drama – needing to create a perfect excuse for Pratibha not guessing why she needed it 😛 Woh bhi work out huaaaa 😛

So Hi5 Riddhi, and many many thanks! I do hope to be able to return this favour by helping you out in a surprise too 😛


PPS : The previous years’ blogs are here 🙂 This one is the 6th! Not bad, this journey has been!

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Awesome Three-n-some

He loves the name Awesome
He’s even customized it some
To, if I’m not mistaken, awsumm 😛

Mr. Ausumm :D

Mr. Ausumm 😀

She’s rather a bit more than that 🙂
Awesomer, and I’m not talking off me hat 😀
Though, if you know her, you’ll understand what I’m at 🙂

Mrs. and Ms. Awsumm :P

Mrs. and Ms. Awsumm 😛

And theirs is the best ever
A wee princess, an awesome smasher
Of a gal, with an out and out smoulder 😛

The three liners here, symbolize
I’m a-hoping you’ll realiize
That three is the number to advertise 😛

Simply awesomely three... and counting :)

Simply awesomely three… and counting 🙂

Three, the years they’ve been one 🙂
Three sparkling years in the sun
Three they’ve become, still a loving unit of one ❤

So what I’m at, with this rambling runaway verse
Is a wish, all more than awesome, both his and hers
For their third anniversary, they’re wished all the love in the universe 🙂

With more to come, with each new loving day
More to celebrate, more fun and games to play
And togetherness, laughter, love, success, with you to stay

Happy third anniversary, Arjun and Pratibha :)

Happy third anniversary, Arjun and Pratibha 🙂

God bless you two, no three 😀
With more,so much more, of love and sweetness, and joy ❤
For nothing else more, are you two deserving of…

Trivia, that I find fascinating with the number three 🙂

Arjun’s lucky number is 3
A three legged stand is the most stable…
Pratibha’s lucky number is 5, Naina’s 1, add them you get six, half that you get 3 😛


The number 3 symbolizes the principle of growth 🙂

Arjun and Pratibha may you grow lovelier and stronger, and more peaceful yet, with the soul childlike, and ever young.

For your third anniversary, on 29 June, 2015 ❤ , wishes from ALL of us who love you 🙂

29 June, 2015

Blog tradition post 🙂

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The Magic of Revisiting Innocence!

Mornings of slurpy kisses
Waking to a world
Flecked sun-bright, as you are,
With an impish delight!

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Days of playing, on loop,
Peek-a-boo or
Each game a gurgling delight!

Olichuuu... pidichuuuu :D

Olichuuu… pidichuuuu 😀

Spending hours, harvesting happiness,
From looks, hugs, laughter,

Even tears that fall like
Sweet summer showers!

Each of those hours
Reflecting how it has been
With you and me!
And through her, who is yours



I reap that same harvest
A thousand time over!

Dearest Arjun,

May time pass slowly,
When you’re doing things you love
And fly like the wind
When tasks overwhelm…

May you grow more content,
Yet, more excited and childlike
(If that is ever possible 😀 )
May you be brought up, right,
By your lovely lass (es) 😛

*Touchwood that those smiles always stay that sweet and happy!

*Touchwood that those smiles always stay that sweet and happy!

And may God ever keep
You loved, loving and lovable
As you always have been!

My Sun Child!

❤ Happy birthday from all of those who love you ❤

4 April, 2015, for 12 April, Arjun’s, the first born’s  Birthday 🙂
Day#12 of #NaPoWriMo 🙂 Blog Tradition here 🙂

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Two to Three

… is the way we count, when we count right 😀

And yes, you can be sure that I know at least that MUCH of math 😛

Now you all want to know, I know, what went from two to three? Not me, even though there is too much of me – MPD, as one of my former students has very clearly, in unambiguous terms, established! But this one isn’t for me, or on me, and if at all, it is only to the extent that this is part of my blog tradition, one that my first born said I probably would not have the energy to do, since I’m into doing so many things I have taken on, and therefore, spread very thin! (I wish it would really thin me though 😛 )

One hundred plus words, and I still have not told you. Typical. And I teach (??) kids to write succinctly. Talk of irony. I’m only saying this here, because I know for sure they are probably thinking that on the other side of the screen 😛 😛 Ok, Ok, I’ll get to it, without further delay!


Arjun and Parukutty , my first born and his beautiful wife, celebrate their second anniversary today, 29th of June, along with the ‘three’ they have now become, their gorgeous, darling daughter, Naina 🙂 

Naina, and her parents, Arjun and Pratibha :) She was two months :)

Naina, and her parents, Arjun and Pratibha 🙂 She was two months 🙂

Arjun and Pratibha, wonderful kids and friends, to their families and friends have slipped into parenthood with the ease of ones who’ve been there, done that – not just once, but over and over again 🙂 🙂 Particularly delightful is the happy mother, unhesitant, unnerved, cool and easy in the way she simply connects with her Chutki 🙂 Oh my! And what do I say of Arjun? How beautifully comfortable he has always been, from the time she was born! None of the usual doubts or discomfort 😀 A lot of young men these days, I’m so happy to see, are absolute pros when it comes to handling little babies! That’s an awesome ‘thumbs up’ from me to them!

Happy Anniversary you two 🙂 May togethernesses be your touchstone – in all that you do, as you have done, so very beautifully all these days 🙂 I love that there is no demarcation of duties in your partnership, and that both slip in well with the things that need to be done 🙂 That’s a tough call for anyone, even in this day and age, but you both have been exemplary in that, as well 🙂 Hugs, big big big bear hugs, and a close close one to Naina my Kunjikutty 🙂 That this partnership of love that is blossoming with you both, is more so because of the wonderful temperament and demeanour you both have – when one goes a bit over the top, that invisible thread is there to calm, and and to bring one down to Earth 😀 I love that, I so love that about you 🙂

I think the most precious gift you could have, ever, is already there, in that adorable bundle of giggling and hooting joy that both of you hold close to your hearts 🙂 She’s celebrating her third month anniversary too, having completed it yesterday, the 28th of June!

For now, here is my heart, full of love and prayers and blessings for you three, for a great great year ahead 🙂 And may you rock on together, for many many many more years of togetherness 🙂 Here are Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton singing it for you 🙂

God Bless y’all 🙂

29 June, 2014