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Is that what you thought about me?

No, not really, but one hears, you know.

One hears, yes, but you listened?

Well, I oughtn’t have, I know…

Damned right, I should say!

But, really, given what’s happened,

And what will…

Eh? Really! So what WILL?

I’ll simply go on being me, to you,
Even if you hear otherwise.

No matter what?

No matter what.

No riding into the sunset.
We’ve got lots to do by then!

Told you. So just listen, to me, won’t ya?


The eavesdropper of this conversation was intrigued. She’s yet to make a story of it. 😀

february ramblings

Day#8 of #RamblingsInFebruary 🙂

8 February, 2016

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