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Sassy Sweet Seven

“Oh! So you can do it and I can’t?”

“Don’t you talk to my Panda like that!”

“When are you going back?” 🤨

“Uhhhhh!!! Arrrrghhh!!!”

Her angelic face
Belies the sass
Sweet Seven (only!)
Is she, but oh my!
Spice and Sass,
Teen-wise, she already has!

“Errm… Ammumma?
How can I be a Youtuber?”

Is her latest quest.

Ammumz is open-mouthed
In awe and annoyance (some
But glad, all the same
She has sass on her tongue
Something she needed
So much
Once upon an aeons-ago time…

Gladder yet
That the now-sassy Ammumz
Finally has a sassy Granddottie!

19 April, 2021, Day#19 of #Napowrimo 2021 celebrates, nearly three weeks on, Naina’s birthday (28 March 🙂 )

Blog Tradition here, that the kids and their kids have a space on their special day! However, Naina’s birthday was a busy busy time and this rambler saved the words for the S 🙂

The art is her inspired 🤗 Her doodles are expressive and epic at times. She has stories for everything she draws! Her stories… Sigh. Soon she’ll be hosting a blog here, I hope! I can’t wait!

I made the mandala for she’s our universe while being in an alternate universe of her own with her imagination! She added a few elements of her own because she wanted to collaborate 😀 but the selfish Ammumz wouldn’t let her touch the mandala. Therefore, here’s a hamster looking cute, a bunny and an owl looking at the mandala, she said! I love love love her spirited responses these days, after I’m done being flabbergasted, of course!


Five and Six…

… double bonanza – of double birthday wishes, because it’s always time, to do the right thing! It’s the 28th of March, Her Day – Naina is six this day (still 28th in India 🙂 as I write this in, all the way across the South Indian Ocean, from a city that is on the shore of the South Pacific Ocean, Sydney, to be precise!)

It’s the first birthday of hers that I am missing, owing to the fact that I am far away, and perhaps even if I were closer, it might have been due to the current stay-at-home lockdown, owing to the health crisis that the world at large faces, wherever they be.

What do I say, of her, whom I’ve probably spoken of, endlessly, in pictures and words? That she’s her own lovely person? Articulate, creative, bubbly, slightly bossy, and at the same time a pushover too! She makes me realize, each day, each moment I spend with her, that life holds such promise, such delight, should we just look at the rainbow, instead of hunting for that elusive pot of gold, at the end; that having fun is what life is about, and not boring stuff like solving problems, and doing homework! 😛

It has been a few months now, that she has become a rather fluent reader! I am not quite sure how that happend, but I sure am pretty chuffed that she discovered the magic that lies in the pages of a book, in the words that form in sounds letters make, and meaning dawns, along with a surge of joy that whooshes with the wondrous wave of understanding them! She’s perhaps one of the youngest confident readers I know, and I thank whatever powers that be, that she discovered it early enough, without even having been coaxed into it! Must be the genes of her parents, which in turn… ahem!! 😀 I cannot not take credit for that even no? A sample below, from January, 2019. She was in Class 1.

I could go on and on… but I’ll let what I wrote on her fifth birthday, last year, speak for me, for it says all I want to this year too, and then some! Happy sixth, Naina darling! You shall ever be the shining star on my horizon, night or day, and I love you with all of my heart and soul! Stay blessed. Stay awesome! ❤


Her Fifth Birthday – A very Woke One!

A random selection of pictures above, from today, when they stayed home and had a cosy time!

Onward now to the blog I had written over a few months, for last year 🙂 

28 March, 2019.

That morning of 28th March five years ago, was, seemingly, another, usual one, but I’d like to think of that update I posted on Facebook as part of my #magicalmornings as the indicator that it was also to be the most special one – the morning when Love whooshed in with the wee little baby gifted to us – Little Naina, who, right now, ain’t so little no more, having just turned five, growing by leaps and bounds, but, at the heart of it all, still that same baby gathered into our fold of uncompromising and fierce affection!

Grandchildren aren’t just an adorable lot of young people who make you feel good. Very often I’ve thought they’re that chance we have at getting parenting right, with copious amounts of love, laughter and LIFE with all its quirks and questions! The parents have the conn (in submarine speak, Denzel Washington ishtyle), but we get to execute our little games and plans, in cahoots with them grand kids.

And is she grand or what!! Both she and her sister are! (At some point literacy and curiosity are going to come together, to read what Ammumma monkey has been writing all these years, and I already sense ruffled feathers when the First of the N sisters and the Second of the N sisters decide to compare notes, of the blogs 😛 )

Continued on 12 April, ’19 – her Dad’s birthday 😀 – because that finicky monster within will not let me proceed to his blog, without finishing what I started, and also because I got to, duh. It’s Naina’s day too 😀 )

On the note of the kids comparing notes, I have ceased to wonder how these babies grow so fast, and I have moved on to thanking the powers that be that they are happy, healthy, growing with kindness and patience (the grown ups they know have it, the second one, they’re well, picking up, let’s say? 😛 ), growing as kids do, with questions, insouciance, mischief, and lots of love. Loads and loads of love that simply grows each day, as much as and sometimes more than they do. That’s the constant 🙂

Case in point, this Ammumma has discovered she’s just a petulant kid too, on occasion, when she has these sessions with Naina! Things escalate (buzzword of the day, check!) and these two, grandottie and Ammumma, and then, bam! Pyrotechnics, all over the place 😛 Like I mean, she throws these orders around, and tells me to never visit her again, that I can walk on them railway tracks ALL the way back to Thrissur…. And me saying FINE! Let your parents come, and I’LL GO! Cripes, thinking back cracks me up and at the same time squeezes my heart, so filled with love, laughter and poignancy, am I 🙂 Of course, a little time later, she sneaks into my lap and tells me, Sorry Ammumma, it’s just that sometimes I’m so ANGRYYYY! I say sorry too, and we hug, long and hard… It gives me redemption, this, for all those times I couldn’t say sorry, or allow my kids to say all of those things, and that is huge. Every such occasion, and believe me, for all the love and laughter and merry making we share, we have our such moments, these little little meltdowns, which actually give both of us a lot of release of pent up stuff!!

Learning lessons each day, we are. May we always do that. And may this carry over into other spheres, for both of us. 🙂

Naina, I guess you and I are soulmates (I hope you do not gag when you discover this years on 😛 ) – there’s this way somehow that we get on the same wavelength (what it says of her mental age and mine is … ahem, rather complimentary for both of us, as I see it 😛 😛 ) – I know we’d have recognized each other, and we still shall, no matter where our souls go next ❤ (Naira, if/when she reads this, at this point, is going to go rather mad, but let’s sail that ocean a bit later 😛 ) I mean, yesterday, when we went out, just Naina and I, to Payyanur town, to Oliver Brown (that’s a shop 😛 ) to get a cake for Arjun, she needed to go, you know GO 😀 I suggested the roadside, but she politely refused saying it’s so Gandaaa 😀 Then she insisted I drive home really fast like Arjun did, because I have to catch a su-suuu 😛 😀 What do I tell you of the uproarious laughter that accompanied us all the way, and I mean all ALL the way home! It’s still a miracle that the su-suuu didn’t leak out with all the laughter! No accidents, of any sort happened that day, rest assured!

Contd., on 2 August, 2019

The writer’s block has decided to let me have a window, rather symbolically, this, and pun intended and all that, on my laptop, 😛 😛 to finish Naina’s long overdue blog, four months on – just to prove that each day is a lovely birthday!

So here goes, darling Ickle Naina (not so much ickle but the icklest you’ll always be, for me! ❤ )

Post 27 April, I can say with all my heart, I love you 3000 and more, and always will! This one is for you, my darling – and it’s never too late to celebrate you, or early either!

God bless, always!

28 March, 2020, a whole year of posting this too!

For 2019 and 2020

I love you 3000 my darlingest Naina! 

Her Birthday blogs:

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This one is FIVE and SIX

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Here We Go ‘Round The Mulberry Bush…

… except we didn’t. We took the Mulberry Bush, and decided to Let the Ducks Out! However, The Ducks and The Mulberry Bush, together with our Wee Delight of  a Gal, rather gave those who were witness, a merry time, and came home, like the proverbial cat with the cream 🙂 Confused, ain’t ya? Doncha worry, if you have the patience to hang around, I’ll unravel this quirky, absolutely-in-the-realms-of-absurd-but-delightful-all-the-same-mystery 😀

There’s no once upon a time here, though I must warn you that the stories here are very much real, and are tinged with the magic of them tales. Serendipity, I call it. It’s a favourite word, hereabouts. Oh oh, there I go again, rambling away. Cut to story…

Naina, my Dil ka tukda, piece of me heart, my grandottie, who is a regular herehere, here and here, (click on them links 😛 ) loves songs, talking, conversations, drawing, and playing Hi-Hello. She was selected for the rhyme competition, of which we were all quite unaware, till a couple of days before it went up 😀 Her parents, as cool as they are, just asked her what she wanted to sing, to which she said, “Mulberry Bush”. Her over-enthusiastic Ammumma Monkey gave her a demo on how one does it, while she lay, lazily, on the carpet, entertained by the grown ups 😛 All the time, she was sub-vocalizing the greeting and the singing and the giggling. 😆 A day before the event, a note is sent in her diary, for a ‘prop’ for her song.

The parents and her baby sister go shopping for carboard, coloured paper, glue, the works 😛 For the Mulberry Bush, you see! She spends her time at home, playing with her friend Gauri. After they return, and dinner is had and she’s tucked in, the grown-ups make the Mulberry Bush. The artsy mom cuts the cardboard, sticks green paper, and the Ammumma Monkey (me me me ) makes the mulberries by scrunching up bits of coloured paper – magenta and purple. How realistic!!! 😛

The delightful creation is looked upon and admired by all of us, and the next morning sent to school. The event was the following day. I returned. And was informed by the end of the day, that she had come third! Woohoooo goes this Ammumma Monkey, so chuffed at her grandottie. However, Paru said that Naina told her she sang another song, not Mulberry Bush. We both giggled and were sure that this could not be, for Naina has this endearing manner of confusing us a lot, sometimes 😛 Plus, if there were “Judges”, who’d give a prize for a mismatch between prop and song? Naaah! We decided she just didn’t think so much of it! Everybody forgot about it too.

That Mulberry Bush 😛

On Friday, the parents went to meet the Class Teacher for the PTI. Upon inquiring how she was, and how she did at the event, the Teacher gave them the details. Little Miss Naina was a bit worried about performing, so she decided not to sing. Her teacher, gave her some time out, asked her to sit, and later encouraged her to go sing whatever she wanted. So the young lady, with the Mulberry Bush in hand, belted out “Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day”, with great confidence! The Judges were, apparently, ladies from the Naval Station, wives of senior officers posted there. The teacher explained how they were enchanted by her confidence, and her “cute” singing, so they decided she should be encouraged! Little Miss Naina was right after all! Just goes to show one should listen to them keenly. She’s been rather offhand about the whole thing though!

Later that day, her mother happened to attend a meeting at the NWWA, the Naval Wives Welfare Association, at the station, where she went to meet the Principal, who was one of the Judges. She was beyond surprised and decidedly, deservedly proud when those present at the rhyme presentation, gathered around her to ask “Oh, you’re Naina’s mother?!!” She was like, Woah! I’m now, Naina’s mother? All said and done, this wee mite has been charming hearts aplenty, something I’ve been saying with each thing I write about her 🙂

Still soaking in this feeling of pride and love, this morning, as I wake, and look at the posts on Facebook, I see this one, shared by Bindu Manoj (you can find her blog and beautiful writing here, LINK), who finds the most precious of words, to savour! She is a kind soul who accepts people like me hijacking her comment thread with over-the-top commenting and sharing. 🙂 Let me just share here, what she had posted, and how serendipitous it was! 🙂

What my Grandmother Told Me
– Alice Hoffman
My grandmother told me my first stories, fairy tales about the village in Russia where she grew up, where the river turned to ice all winter long, and wolves howled nearby when she went out in the dark early morning to cut ice to melt for a pail of water.
She told me these stories on buses in New York City; in my small room in my family’s house, where my parents were always fighting; in her store in the Bronx near Jerome Avenue, where she kept a hammer near the cash register just in case a robber appeared.
She supported her family, and when my parents divorced she took two buses every Sunday so she could clean our house, something my mother never considered doing. She told me that women should always be able to support themselves, that secrets were best kept to yourself, and that you owed your family your complete loyalty.
But she also told me what turned out to be the most important information anyone ever told me: I was special. I was unique. I was beloved. I mattered more to her than anything.
If you have one person who believes in you, you can make it. Your spirit is lifted by real love and loyalty. And if that person is your grandmother, then you are extremely lucky. Nobody loves you like your grandmother can, beyond all reason, despite the facts. Whether or not you are gorgeous or brilliant or talented or special, you are all of those things and more to her.
And the truth is, that’s all that matters.
My comment below: 🙄 😆
Oooh. This is all the more meaningful, being a grandmother, quite apart from having one of the best!
Thank you, Bindu ❤
Sharing this!
Can’t resist, but put this down here. Naina had a ‘rhyme competition’ at school, last Wednesday. She’s pretty articulate already, as I keep saying, endlessly, about her. The teacher has asked us to send a ‘prop’ for her to use/hold. Very last minute. She was consulted about what she wanted to sing, and she chose ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’ 😁 So there we were, her Mom and I making a small kind of cut out of a bush, sticking green paper, and rolling purple and magenta scraps into mulberry bunches and sticking it on the bush. There was just a demo by me, because we had decided to let her enjoy what she wanted.
I left the next day. Last evening, Paru, my DIL, calls to tell me about the Parent Teacher Interaction they had on Friday, when she was informed about how Naina got the third prize. She held up her ‘Mulberry Bush’ and merrily launched into ‘Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day’!!! 😇🙈😍😋
The Judges (wives of senior officers there/Principal) were charmed by her confidence, I’m told. I’m glad that they didn’t really make it about what rhyme but also looked at how the babies went around doing it!
It matters so much, I know, what is told to them – she is, they are, very very special, and are loved.
Somehow, a grandparent, being one generation away, being as responsible, I know, but still being more invested with adoration and less consequence of responsibility, I think, direct responsibility, is better ‘able to’ transfer that love without worrying about ‘authority’ and hierarchy.
Sorry for hijacking this comment thread 😛 (I’m still chuffed about it)
She’s kind, I told ya, because she said she loved stories like this. And this Ammumma loves them more, so she got to tell you the same twice! 😀
Anyway, for those of you who have wee mites at home, this is what Naina said she would do, while at home, for which the Mulberry Bush was made: 😆

The Mulberry Bush Song goes like this (I know, Iknow, you know, but let’s just become kids again?? 😛 )

And… TaDa…This is the one she finally sang :

I love the ending of the Ducks wala song though 🙂 And she does sing it really sweetly. Sorry, I couldn’t record it – anyway I ought to leave something to your imagination, no? 😆

At the end of this nearly 1500 word long post, I think I’m the only one left here. Be that as it may, I’m known to talk to myself too, so I shall 🙂 If, by some miracle, you are still here, thank you, dear reader! I must applaud your patience, and your kindness! God Bless!

Ruchi, here is Day#2 of received_246327922693605.png 🙂 🙂

2 September, 2018, Day#2 of September Musings. Fingers Crossed 😛



Oh Mahnnn…

she exclaims, quite unconsciously, this being her constant epithet, when something does not go the way she wants it. The first time I heard it, a couple of weeks ago, I did a double take, and hesitantly asked her parents about what she has seen/heard, for her to use this danged expression. I was wondering at that point, if it would lead to less desirable expressions that her peers and she would find easy to absorb. Yep, typical overbearing elder mode here 😀 I was assured that whatever she watches/hears is supervised. And then a while later, that same day, she invited me to watch one of her favourite videos with her. It dawned on me then, YouTube Kids has quite a few of these videos where the girls talking seem to use this a lot. A lot. And that is how it crept into her expression 🙂

(Long long post alert* 🙂 )

And that is simple one part of it all.

Over the past four years, this rambler continues to be awed by this girl. The one who owns her heart as no one else has, or ever can, I know. It’s like me dear Meggie (LINK to her blog) says of how your first born will always hold the lion’s share of your affection; the first grandchild will also be the one who will always have you open-mouthed, in awe, at the way that tiny being keeps making you proud, and simple grows the love within you, in ways you think is beyond you. 🙂

So is it with mine. She does, all the time. Naina. My Kurumbiiii… The one I can talk to, endlessly, the one with whom I’m the child almost all the time, the one who I even quarrel with, with her asking me at the end of it, Ammumma, you don’t like me? – and me saying, Whaaat? I’ll always love you my darling! Because that is the fact!

Oh Mahnnn, I want to say, how can I not?! The best part here being that I can say that and she will understand! At two years, she joined the pre school they have, next door, and she was the littlest girl in the school itself (the admissions are given once they turn two. And they are admitted to the play school on 1 April. So One has to be two to join. She turned two on 28 March, a couple of years ago, and was just in time to join. I was extremely hesitant, and wondered how this wee mite would even spend the two hours she was to, without being traumatised. I mean, she could talk but her speech was yet to be clear and articulate! But given her cheerful and upbeat nature, she quickly took to school and its routine easily and went on to become quite at home there. All thanks to her first teacher, and the helpers there – Sheetal Aunty as she was known, and the “Amma”s there. The previous blogs for her, (ONE, TWO, THREE 🙂 – Links at the end of this piece – if you do get to the end of it 🙂 ) all have mentioned her ability to be the ray of sunshine wherever she goes. She is after all an Aries born, just like her father 🙂 my Sun Child! 

When school started, I wondered if her ability to communicate in English, which she has acquired by way of exposure to some delightful movies, the books she has read to her by her parents, and her funny grandmother, 😛 , would kind of be lost in the acquisition of other languages, primarily Hindi, because that is what most of the kids communicate in, when the class is comprised of children from different language backgrounds. But thankfully, she has maintained that level she acquired! No mean feat 🙂 And that amazes me, even now 🙂

I’ve been here with her for the last two weeks plus, and each day I continue to admire something more about her, the way she articulates. Oh Mahnn is what I want to say, while conversing with her. Bath times are the best, after play times, of course. Bath times take a long time too. You must realize that taking a bath is serious business, and mostly, for her it’s a communal thing.

Naina, lets go take a bath!

Ohhkaaeeiii Ammumma, let me get my bath toys.

No , no, there isn’t much time today! We’ve got to be quick. 

Ammumma, that’s not fair! My ponies have been waiting to join me!

Ammumma gives in, DUH! So we visit her toy room (it’s practically a toy godown now!) and figure who the lucky ones are. Once she’s got them, we get to the bath basics. Dunk them in water, all the while talking to them, for them, among  them, and to Ammumma in between 😛 There is never a break in the flow of the conversation, which is fast paced, fluent, and in EnglishOh Mahnnn I think! So these friends of hers are diving, swimming, jumping from bucket to mug and back again, splashing, flying… and talking ALL THE TIME!  When the Ammumma is sure that ALL of them are likely to catch cold with the amount of time being wet is considered, she orders them… oopsie, HER out. So one by one each of them staggers out from the bucket to the mug. Except one. (This happens EVERY single time! 😀 )

But Ammumma, Flutter fly is being naughty today!

Fffllllutter who? What? 

Ammumma, Flutter Fly, she doesn’t want to come out of the bucket!

Ammumma is getting impatient; she’s half wet already, her grandottie is completely wet, even her hair, and the chances of catching cold alarmingly rise, but she has to let Flutter Fly  decide she needs to come out 😛

Ammumma, Flutter Fly isn’t behaving herself!

Tell me, dear readers, how does one deal tactfully with that, and being awed by the proper use of words by this wee delight? 😀

Ammumma decided to reprimand the said pony, and sternly tells her that she won’t be allowed to join Naina’s bathtime EVER again!

Oh Please! Ammumma, I’ll jump out, I pwomise! This was in a high pitched Pony-voice  😀

On the way out, Naina jumps to the said pony’s defence and says Ammumma Flutter Fly is ‘kaared of you (consonant clusters are still a difficult area for the grandottie 😀 ), you ‘ckolded  her!  It’s not fair!

Ammumma gives up! This is bathtime. Each day, a different motley group of ‘friends’ join in, and there is ALWAYS ONE being that is naughty and will NOT jump out of the bucket! But yes, I don’t think there s anything the Ammumma Monkey can do about it 🙂

She has these ‘knock knock’ sessions too, when she comes in as a Salon Lady, the Furniture Person, a Doctor, and makes house calls. We are to join in the conversation. At the end if we were to giggle, oh my, Oh Mahnn , we’re in for it! It’s NOT funny! She fumes! 

And her puh-tend games, oh my oh my! I’m just puh-tending Ammumma is a favourite escape route for many a mischief she plays 😀

She’s curious, and if she hears a new word, she won’t let you be, till you explain it to her. The other day I remarked that she was observant. She asked. I said she noticed things, details, and spoke about them. Soon, that became part of her register 🙂

I love how I can conduct a ‘gwon up’ conversation with her, and make sense of it, both to her and myself. Oh Mahnnn I tell myself, she’s such an articulate soul already!

I worry too, about how she might not be understood, or make herself understood to others, the kids, maybe, the teacher, others like her Naani, who would find it difficult to follow English. But she had that covered too. With her less fluent Hindi 🙂 She knows to who she can speak in which language for optimum communication. I know you’ll wonder why I’m so chuffed about this ,when, probably, most kids can do so… I am so, precisely because most kids I’ve been around, as adorable as they are, do find this aspect a bit difficult. Yes, she has them strong linguistic genes, as I mentioned in last year’s blog, but with it she knows how to use it optimally too! That is a wee bit of maturity along with ability, wouldn’t you say?

And then to top it all, she goes right back to being the kiddish kid she is, not the gwon up I sometimes wonder she could be 😛 And she asks for ‘godi” – or to be carried. And I heave a sigh of relief 🙂

This past year, she became an elder sister, and while she still wants attention, she knows the little one does too, and helps much, so much with giving her that. Naira is as much her baby 🙂

The other day, she carried one of her toys around, and told her mother that she, the toy, had a baby in her tummy 😀 She also said she’s going to get the baby out by making a C on her tummy and getting it out 🙂 Another of those little videos for kids she’s seen. I am certainly looking forward to questions on how babies got to get placed inside the tummy and what answers we might have to give 😀 In fact she’s already decided that only Mummys get to have babies in the tummy, and not daddys, though her daddy might be an exception 😀 Intriguing, most certainly, this is!

So, Malayalam? I know a lot of you might wonder at that. Well at the moment, she knows ‘adi’. Workable knowledge like that is enough. Because finally, it’s all about being able to communicate, right? She’s got that pat 😛

Each time, each birthday, when I feel my heart is filled with love that it might fair burst, I find a capacity for more. She’s entirely responsible for that.

For keeping the child within alive.

For letting me know that sometimes puh-tending also is just fine 🙂

For never ever giving up on those that don’t behave!

For telling me that talking talking talking is the way to do things 🙂

For helping me understand that my framework of expectations needs to be set aside, and we can frame the rules, as we go along 🙂

For still loving me, with that supreme knowledge that I love her as much, if not more 🙂

For helping me appreciate my own offspring better, and understanding that a lot of things I got wrong, they;re doing right, by their kids.

That redemption, finally, is what your grandchildren give you.

She gives me that. I know I can’t have been all that bad, when I wake to her smile, and hold her close, as she sleeps, trustingly, in my arms.

She keeps me sane, that’s what she does. In a world gone crazy, she’s the brightness, and the cool shadows too… to rest this heart 🙂

She’s four already, today 🙂

Happy Birthday, my dearest darling Naina! You make our world immensely enchanting, you, you, you… 4 sometimes going on 14 m-m-m-millenial 😛

I love you, gurl! ❤

This is one of the videos I saw her watching, with much concentration, and interest. The best part is, she follows each of these conversations, and her articulation is very close.

28 March, 2018
Naina’s four ❤

PS The Grandparent Manual essentials, discussed in her Blog, when she turned TWO, still hold good, even if wee Naira has made an appearance 😀

Her Birthday Blogs are here 🙂

ONE-2015 (LINK)
TWO-2016 (LINK)

Nearly 2000 words! 🙂




(/deɪˈnuːmɒ̃/- /day-nu-ma/)

There was this gurl
This wee dainty pearl
Her Poppa’s delight
Her Momma’s bright light!

And, her Grammie’s beautiful enchantress!

Who loved them wee pigs;
Such wonders, though at them, others digs 😛

Peppa be the star piggy’s name –
Who by now has acquired much, much fame ❤

She loved them so, this wee lass, this gal,
That she brought them home, as the best pal,

A child could ever have, to play, to learn, to grow
No matter that others, in gale strong force, wanted upon them blow!

But like the wee piggys and the big bad wolf at their door
This wee gal, and her parents dear, with Grammie’s fount of lore


She learnt from them, played with them, and showed that lot
It’s not always what they say, but what you do with what you got

That makes a difference, and not quite make her wicked different
For, with her Please and Sorry and Thank you, Everyone, she be more coherent

All well beloved phrases, she was taught, by none other than Peppa Pig’s family
And this, my dearest readers and friends, is what we need to accept as a homily 🙂

Stories far and wide do spread, in fact and much more we dare…
But know we must, what we do join and share, must have meaning to spare

Else we be just as foolish, as them that make mad claims
For in doing so, we ourselves do shames!


This rhyme is in honour of my Grandottie and her fondness for Peppa Pig, which was the theme for her birthday, recently concluded. Sadly, there is a link that is doing the rounds on the internet of how this particular show, Peppa Pig is said to cause disobedience in children, and more horrifically, autism. That it is baseless and poorly researched is to be mentioned here! So here is my two cents, in verse, with love, for my dearest sweetie pie, Naina, and her sweetie pie, Peppa Pig ❤


4 April, 2017

Day#4 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017

Here’s a link to a few episodes! I assure you that you shall be charmed by Peppa, George, Mama and Daddy Pig 🙂