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So there was this Mama bear
Who’d, each day, tear her hair 😀

Why, you may wonder…
But Ah. She be a Mama bear, remember? 😎

And them bears, particular the Mama sort
Do nothing, but cuddle, and then sneakily snort 🙂

She be nice, and all that jazz
Coolest Mama, her cubs, they say, they has 😛


Now Mama bear’s little cub
He be bherry fond of de pub 😉

Not the honey, as her bigger one
The golu molu rolu polu, nearly one tonne! 😛

The Cubs now know who they be
And are likely to get real tetchy. 😆

Mama bear has none but thems
To weave a write, for they be her precious gems 😛


(Reading the above lines, they be sure to blow kisses
Instead of brickbats that could be near misses
) 😀

But seriously, tetchy is she
When she don’t get her morning tea! :mrgreen:

When there be those who sit and Judges
As if they be Solomon’s courtiers, or their smudges 😡

When Mama bear, she thinks of these
She be liverish, she be wanting, them, to seize 👿

And box their ears, perhaps, looking grumpy
Sometimes, pinch their arms, seeming crabby 😈

But all to naught
For she know, she not ought 🙄

She be Mama bear, not just to her cubs
But to all, for Mama bears, they all, do much much lubbs 😛

So if you do think her Cross, Fractious, irascible
Remember, it could be thee, not her that’s just irritable! 😈

Tetchy? 🙄

Nyet. Non. Nevah.
She’s so goddamned clevah! ❤

You wouldn’t spot her so!
You’d just be caught out, being a Bozo! 😆

1 April, 2017, for 2 April, 2017

Day#2 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017
This one creams it, it terms of sheer nonsense, fun and wicked wicked references. You all know who you be 😛 😛 Yenjaaiii! ~ Mama Bear 😛




The pen is mightier than the sword
But yet, hold that thought, till you’ve sliced
A finger with the vegetables,
And then scream other wise 🙂

All said and done,
The written word, and the spoken word
They are the true weapons
For while a sword just wounds
And bleeds, and threatens and coaxes
And blackmails, and supresses…

The pen, it nudges, quickens hearts
Wounds the soul, after slipping under the skin
Great pain, it wreaks, with no blood spilled
Majesties move, then and rulers crumble
The cowards, with the swords, they flee the word
Or hack the word’er’ to stem the flow…

But does that stop anything?
No no, for the word,
It moves Mountains
That come to the Mohammed
The word, it eases closed doors open
And builds a shield no sword can ever slice!
It heals as nothing can, and gouges too,
A lot worse that that sword can!

So, if that word be all powerful
Should not it rule, and not the sword?

If you ask that, my dear
Know this, the sign of the times
You have NOT read…

The Words my dear,
They do , DO rule
Else you would not be here
Neither would I

Nor would the worst terrorist
Fear those, more, those
Who read, and love the word.

That’s why, you see,
When words strike you
And you need to share…

What do you say?


And words are all I have
Warbled the famous singer

Wordlessly, I concur 😀

On this penultimate post,
For #RamblingsInFebruary
Having slogged, slaved,
But enjoyed it so much

Knowing that even a
Professional Procrastinator
Like this rambler
Is able to read
Greet, and meet
(yeah, yeah, yeah, one more post to go!)
Deadlines 😀

Only because of
The Word.

28 February, 2015

Day#27 in #RamblingsInFebruary 🙂 Well, penultimate … always creates that anticipation- work about to be completed, or reaching the top!

february ramblings


Nerve-wrackingly Near

… the date, today, here.
27, My Dear (says bloggie dear)
Do you hear?

I do, I do, I wail
As words slop out of my word pail
Trying to figure out how not to fail

Just one day left
And my muse stuck in a cleft
And thoughts going pfffffftttttt!

So here, I shall depart
Else I come quite apart;
And go seek some word art

To spruce up sprightly like
Leaving, before out, I psych 😛
Causing you to take a hike!

Be back I shall, soon.
Going now, I am, to hunt a boon.
Rattled like a bleddy loony ‘coon 😀 😀

27 February, 2015

Story of my life, as I struggle to meet the deadline set by Shail, in the #RamblingsInFebruary. But I will, I shall, I can’t not.
Blog ki izzat ki sawaal hai 😛 😛

Day#23 of the rambles 🙂

february ramblings



Burning burning
In the daylight!

No forests, but green pleasant grass
Willows, balls and a whole lot of class

mauka to hit a chakka
And bellow #wewontgiveitback pakka

The Men In Blue
Iced shots right Through

The Spartan three hundred
Equalled their strength as they plundered

The SA bowling, running, hitting
And them doing awesome fielding…

My Oh My! Was there ever a match
When my heart I wore on my sleeve, on a patch?

No sireee! Hot and burning, as they were
As they played, and they simply could not err

Cool Blue
Got the Greens Blue

And us in a fever pitch
But never feeling so rich!!!

22 February 2014

Day#16 of #RamblingsInFebruary, after a deeply satisfying day at MCG, watching India vs. South Africa, which, duh, we won 😀

february ramblings



… in utterances, and actions.

Suddenly, no one is sure of anything

Consult enough experts
Confirm any opinions

And stumble on,
Leaning on another’s shoulder
Led by a blind man’s hand.

Only, let me tell you
That it’s better being blind

Than being so lame.

14 February, 2015

Day#11 of #RamblingsInFebruary 🙂february ramblings