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An Acknowledgement

An unnamed despair
Gnaws my insides.
Desolate and alone-

Unknowing, yet
Unceasing is the


A thick haze of
Self-piteous vapours
Fogs my consciousness;
And all I want
Is to seek
The darkest corner
Of Isolation.


Yet I must acknowledge
That when this ice cracks
And I shall be
Chilled to the bone
In pain,
I shall be glad.

At least then
I would feel
And, once again,

Be Human.

Usha, 16 February, ’08

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What If…

If that moment had been
Delayed, by just that
Infinitesimal second;
I know, I would have seen you.

If that plea had been
Received, just that bit
More openly, all that unspoken
Pain, and questions…

You know, I would have been
A better human.

If my hand had reached out
And held on to yours-
Perhaps you’d have regained
Your footing; and then, for sure
I know, we’d have been blessed.

Sadly, all I can say now is-

What If…

Usha, 7 Febraury, ’08

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Moment lost forever…

A little girl stood
beside her
Arms outstretched.
Demanding, commanding
Carry me.

She looked down
from the curtains
she was pinning.
Not now dear. Busy, you see?

The moment passed.
The little girl stepped back.
Forever. It was one too many times.
Not again, ever, would she ask.

And she. Waiting to finish,
to pick her up and cuddle.
Impatient, finding her, at last –
In the tree house,
busy with her family.

She. Arms outstretched
eyes pleading in apology.

Not now, Mama. Busy, you see??

Usha, 30 April, ‘07

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Billet doux

In a world which
deems it right
that each one maintain oneself-

I am hopelessly yours.

This affliction;
this deep sense of inevitability;
this joy and pain: contradicting and combining..

This totality in giving myself

This they call my insensibility.

Reason, logic, sense of rightness or wrong
fade out in an aura
of an intense purposefulness
to be yours.

For my mind and soul, that I cannot posses
For my body: the only thing I posses-

I give you myself.

My relentless love impales any querulous cautioning
of my mind.

I am


Usha, 30 June, ’83

Billet doux [French] : Love Letter:)