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A Thousand Full Moons


… is believed to be what one is blessed to have lived through by the time one reaches the ripe and wise age of 84. You now celebrate a Shathabhishekam. So goes the folklore. 🙂 Mathematical calculations et al with tell you something different, as my father is fond of saying… he says before you reach your 82nd birthday, you ought to have completed the 1000 full moons wala anniversary 🙂 However it may be, for the purpose of revering our elders and perhaps for celebrating their being with us the 84th birthday is considered to be the culmination of having been blessed to live through a thousand beautiful full moons. I love that thought actually – more than calling it what it is, I rather like the full moon analogy 🙂 There is magic in it… 🙂

Magic that was seen at work today, 29August, 2014 when we came together to celebrate my father, whose birthday it was this day, according to our Lunar Calendar, the ‘nakshatras’ and raashis of the Malayalam Calendar. Daddy has a blessed birthday each year, when the entire Mallu Land, everywhere celebrates the occasion – it falls on the Aththam nakshatram, in the month of Chingam – the day that marks the onset of the Onam Celebrations each year – we say “Atham pathth, Onam” – meaning, ten days from Aththam, is Onam 🙂

For a change, the blog tradition comes with news of the celebration, instead of the anticipation 🙂 There wasn’t much by way of doings but more by way of being together. It is always a rare occasion when my parents’ three children are able to be with them, at the SAME time, and happily we made it happen this time. What would have been awesomer yet was having all the grandkids too, and the great granddaughter too – another occasion for that, as my FB and family, and SB and family were badly missed. More to look forward to, when we do get together, ALL of us 🙂

It was a real celebration more so because it was quiet, intimate and cosy 🙂 Just under 80 people, but it seemed like a lot more – probably because each one was quite filled with affection and respect for my father, and a whole lot of it spread and added cheer to the occasion. Joy share is always, always, joy doubled, and likewise, sorrow shared is most certainly sorrow halved 🙂 The occasion is testimony to it all 🙂


So, to the Birthday Boy 🙂 And that he is. A boy, I know, still at heart, who enjoys the good laugh, the mischief in his eyes when he gently, subtly sometimes pulls a leg or two 🙂 Simple enjoyment in things even now. But it most certainly wasn’t always this way! The responsibilities of life and living, taken on very early in life, did not leave much room for simple pleasures of life – there was much to do, much to study, ladders to climb, a family and an extended family to take care of – in the course of it all be committed and dedicated in the service of the nation – having been in the Indian Navy, since a young lad of seventeen. 1942 – a “Boy” in the Navy, slowly working his way up, by dint of self propulsion of hard work and focus, all the time spreading the knowledge he himself acquired to others as well 🙂 That sense of giving, if at all any of us, his children, have is because of our parents – Daddy and Mummy – who live that ideal of humility.

As young children, we were a bit scared of Daddy, and an awe too – he had a serious mein,  – a perfectionist he was, and still is 🙂 And expectations of us were high- almost always never achieved by me, though my brothers are of a different breed altogether when it comes to achievements 😛 Remember me? The HAM of the sandwich 😛 😛 So it was easier, I guess for me, as it seemed okay to perform under par, most times 🙂 🙂 But then, this is typical, na? Daddies of the before before days were more or less like this 🙂

However, after his first grandchild, my FB, arrived, well there was a SEA change 🙂 And now, when one thinks of how much more he has opened up, there is a sense of wonder in way it happened. Arjun, my first born, has single-minedly gone about shattering facades of stoic, serious people – my father-in-law too… who never would speak much, became so very talkative, after Arjun arrived 🙂 So too with Daddy 🙂 Ah! The wonder of a grandchild to undo even the most taciturn of grandparents 😀 😀 Saw THAT happening right before my eyes 🙂

From then there has been no looking back! Daddy, the person now, is such a talkative soul 🙂 we say that no one is spared – workers who come to our home, auto/car drivers – anyone 🙂 I think it has to do with finally being okay with removal of masks as well 🙂 🙂 You need to have on sometimes, and then when you finally understand you did not need it al all… well, what a revelation that is!

Daddy has been an inspiration throughout – whether as a role model, an instigator of better practices in living, in being organized, and the sheer ability to do so many things – from sewing, to wiring, to carpentry, and now at this age, working on excel sheets on the computer! And of course, how NOT to be a CID episodes TV addict 😀 😀 Well, each of us has our undoing, don’t we? 😛 😛

Daddy you are the best though! To rehash the Bard’s words on Cleo

Age cannot wither you, nor custom stale
Your infinite variety: other men pale
When seen beside what you have achieved
Become shadows, true, of what you are, and wish perhaps
To beyou when they be this wise, and this blessed in years 🙂

Birthday Wishes, Daddy, from all of us, in this picture, and the ones who should have been here too – Arjun, Pratibha, Naina, Ashwin, Neeti, Appu, Paru, Kuttan, Mia, and the ones before, Bunny, Ammini, Kunhi, Chinnu ❤ ❤

The Family Wishes You, Daddy :)

The Family Wishes You, Daddy 🙂



Daddy’s Eightieth Birthday, here 🙂

My Parents’ Golden Anniversary, the same year, here and here 🙂


29 August, 2014, for 30 August, 2014


And today is yet another Happie Happie DAY 🙂 My precious DIL ❤ ❤ celebrates HER birthday! Happy Day, Neetikutty!

Hers, here and here 🙂

Birthday wishes, dearest Neetikutty!

Birthday wishes, dearest Neetikutty!

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

18 thoughts on “A Thousand Full Moons

  1. ‘Happy Birthday’ to your Dad and to your DIL!


  2. Happy returns of the day to your Dad and Neeti. 🙂 Two Virgos, eh?


  3. Here’s wishing your father a very very happy b’day, Ushus! Was a pleasure to know him through your words 🙂

    And many happy returns of the day to Neeti too!


  4. Absolutely loved reading this post on your Dad and loved all your emoticons too Usha 😀 😀
    Wishing your Dad a happy birthday and my namaskarams to him as I seek his blessings today 🙂
    And of course, happy birthday to Neeti 🙂

    Sometimes, we love our dads more when they become grand-dads, right ?? They open up a lot and they are a lot less serious – probably life’s tensions are much less at that age. I’ve seen that happening with my dad too…

    Such a lovely family pic…love the mallu saris by you all ((hugs)) 🙂


    • Thank you Uma 🙂 The change in both these dads, my own and my father in law, were really remarkable 🙂 The mundu veshti, or set mundu as they call it too, is the Kerala Saree thing as you can see 🙂 Thank you for the kind words!


  5. Many many happy returns of the day to your daddy and DIL.. god bless. .

    Reminded me when we celebrated my granddads 84th tooo.. Beautiful ..

    Please do extend my regards to him.


  6. A Happy Birthday Weekend to your family! 😀

    ..and special wishes to your Daddy and your DIL!

    Waiting to read many more!


  7. Wow! What a wonderful occasion! Birthday wishes to your Daddy and Neeti!!


  8. Grand children always change people, soften them, bring out the babies inside them. Now, he has got a great grand child too! And new addition to the family, Mia too to enjoy! The picture you posted of Mia sitting on his lap and ‘reading’ the newspaper is still before my eyes! Our best wishes and namaskaarams to him and wish him many many more full moons in the coming years! Our wishes to Neeti too! God bless the whole beautiful family!


    • Sandhya thank you so much… yes, he’s moved up one, with the arrival of our Kunjikutty… and now with Mia Malu Kutty too 🙂 Always makes sure to ask of Mia when he calls now!Taken a real fancy to her 🙂


  9. Happy happy birthday to both of them once again.your Neetikutty and That taciturn gruff man . Who holds a sea of emotions inside (I still remember when you wrote on mine about my dad …many similarities there) the arrival of a grandkid makes the difference eh?:)) love the pics , both of them. Blessed be . Touchwood.


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