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High Five!

Among the first things that Naina (for those new to the blog, please meet Naina, my elder Grandottie ❤ ) learnt, gesture wise, apart from the “bye bye” and “aava aava” (come here 😛 ), was a set of three that began with the High Five, a Knuckle Punch and finally a thumbs up where your thumb and hers met, to seal the moment 😀

So you see, a High Five has much meaning here, for us, in this wonderfully wacky family we are 😀 There have been times when I’ve wondered when this would all spill into the classroom, but then again, it’s always fun to talk the zany language that is NOT expected of you. Now that, I know ALL about 😛

So, errr, where we? Ah we were High Five ing , with Naina, and generally going all over the place, which is pretty much normal on this blog, before arriving at what the title serves to take us 😛 160th word is here, and what this is about shall be revealed. Soon.

Researching into the High Five, brought out these emojis that I’ve not really used, but wondered about. What we normally use to say “Thank you” the hands together wala? that’s a High Five …. Hehehehe… didja know that? I was told that, but now I’m a believer, ‘coz Google says so 😛 Here are the High Five, or Hi5 emojis according to Google devta… 😛

A High Five is a symbol of achievement, and of celebration at the same time. It’s a flush of energy, of love, of displaying one’s elation…

I couldn’t have a better way of telling you of the joy, the celebration and achievement this blog is directing you towards 🙂 A young couple, high on love, laughter, togetherness, walking side by side, partners in crime, a shining example of parenthood, bilkul bindaas and badass with it 🙂 Arjun and Pratibha, my elder son ( of My Sun Child fame) and the lovely, gorgeous love of his life ❤ Five years (plus, really) of a journey is completed today, as they walk further into a commitment and the promise they’ve made to each other 🙂

The ease with which they’ve become who they are is the most beautiful part of how they’ve grown, and are still growing along with their two lovely daughters, Naina and Naira ❤ ❤ Like a lot of they young dads I see around me, Arjun takes his parental duties rather seriously, attending to all the needs of his babies, just as Pratibha does! He daddys like a Boss! Something his wife also does, Mommys like a real Boss ❤

This Grammie ( this eccentric woman here) tries to not hover and advise, but fails occasionally 😛 and yet both of them are extremely patient with her, though the Sun Child briefly sends some flares outta his eyes 😀 😀 Pratibha is the soul of patience, and now with Naina having started school, and with a wee one to manage, does so rather too well 🙂 🙂 She’s been driving her car too, till less than a month before she had Naira, driving Naina to school, and doing the odd jobs, running errands 🙂

What they are to each other, to us, family and friends, is special ❤ Thoroughly engaging, amiable, even goofy (Arjun!!!) on occasion, more than on occasion 😀 really! They don’t lead each other, but walk alongside each other interwined in the love they share with each other, that spills out and spreads and touches those who know them, and love them!

It’s a High Five Moment, this.

Wishing them more love, more laughter, more zany wacky moments, more nurturing moments to cherish, good health, laughter, more laughter to ring out from their hearts, suffused with joy that tags along with rainbows and dreams and simple happy smiles in greetings and cozy togethernesses ❤

Dearest Arjun and Pratibha, Happy Anniversary! May you be blessed abundantly!

High Five, you two ❤ ❤


The Family!




Naira’s 28th day 🙂




Daddying like a Boss!


Mommying like a Boss!


29 June, 2017

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The Magic of Revisiting Innocence!

Mornings of slurpy kisses
Waking to a world
Flecked sun-bright, as you are,
With an impish delight!

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Days of playing, on loop,
Peek-a-boo or
Each game a gurgling delight!

Olichuuu... pidichuuuu :D

Olichuuu… pidichuuuu 😀

Spending hours, harvesting happiness,
From looks, hugs, laughter,

Even tears that fall like
Sweet summer showers!

Each of those hours
Reflecting how it has been
With you and me!
And through her, who is yours



I reap that same harvest
A thousand time over!

Dearest Arjun,

May time pass slowly,
When you’re doing things you love
And fly like the wind
When tasks overwhelm…

May you grow more content,
Yet, more excited and childlike
(If that is ever possible 😀 )
May you be brought up, right,
By your lovely lass (es) 😛

*Touchwood that those smiles always stay that sweet and happy!

*Touchwood that those smiles always stay that sweet and happy!

And may God ever keep
You loved, loving and lovable
As you always have been!

My Sun Child!

❤ Happy birthday from all of those who love you ❤

4 April, 2015, for 12 April, Arjun’s, the first born’s  Birthday 🙂
Day#12 of #NaPoWriMo 🙂 Blog Tradition here 🙂

From the previous years, this day:


2011, and this 2011 again!
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My Sun Child, Now …

Alert! Long rambling smitten post ahead 😀 Well, it began to write itself last year, but is going online only this year. If you know how much I love to ramble on, I’m sure you will understand when I say this – Reader discretion advised 😀

Many years ago, in 1981, precisely, I’d written about my sun child, one of the very very first rambles that came through me. I’ve done that one threadbare, just about, on this blog, and myother one, A Quest :D. Today, thirty three years after having written that, when I sit down to read it again (I can never tire of the magic it speaks to me 😀 ! I’m biased of course 😀 ), I wonder at some parts of it, which are so so so very him, and some, I think I shall have to re-word for today, the 12th of April. His birthday. Arjun’s of course 🙂 Let’s get to it. Perhaps you’d like to have the original to compare? Click here. And please keep it open to see how it has grown 😀

[Note: Arjun, for whom this is 🙂 was born way after that ’81 write, in ”85.  The miracle is the write itself, how it came, and how  Arjun came to be just like this, esp. as a baby, and a young boy 🙂 🙂 Talk of anticipation :)]

This version goes thus 😀 (April, 2013, please note, when he was busy with a one-year training course)

(His favourite red colour shows the change from the original 😀 )

Sleepy eyes slowly coming to wakefulness
Recognition slowly dawning on his face-
His lips quirk in a semblance of a smile-
And at a shot, he’s out of bed,
toddling around in wondrous rapture.

Sleepy eyes screwed tightly shut

A scowl slowly dawning on his face-

His lips pout, his angelic expression lost-

At a shot, his fist has connected with you,

And you’re left seeing stars!

(This is legend, according to his coursemates, at NDA, and later in the Navy,who have lived to tell the tale, after trying to wake him up! 😛 ).

(4 April, 2014– And just a couple of days ago, he mentioned how his little daughter refused to get up, even with so much of nudging – I gleefully told him that she’s taken after her Dad! 😛 😛 )

His eyes are lit up by the streaking sunbeams he tries to catch-
Vivid at the sight of the riot of colour in the garden-
Tender when he sees a little bird or his
Little kitten purring at his feet.
His diamond eyes never lose their sparkle-
Because he’s a sun child!

His eyes are lit up when visions of Chicken appear
Vivid at the sight online flea market bargains
Tender when he sees his Chinnu begging to be scratched 🙂
His diamond eyes never lose their sparkle-
Because he’s a sun child!

His peal of laughter rings around- Its music to my ears:
It’s enough to bring roof down, too, most times 😀
His gurgle of laughter fills me with a consuming sense of happiness and elation-
Because he’s mine!
Ah! I now have company 🙂 His very own Parukutty 😛 And his darling little fairy of a daughter, Naina, aka Pari, aka Kunji  aka Chutki 🙂

Kunju with his Kunji :)

Kunju with his Kunji 🙂

After watching the crimson-gold sun go down
with a curiousness that nothing can surpass,
he nestles close to me;
And with a satisfied sigh,
his eyelids shut, to capture within
The sun in his hands, and the stars all his to play with;
To frolic with angels in Heaven;
To know every joy of nature.

Now it goes thus:

When the sun goes down, he wakes up 🙂
Readies himself with snack and fruit, 
Fires up laptop, TV on the side
Perhaps a book, and always mindful
There’s pile to study, analyse, write, DO!
His eyelids shut, while he’s on the go
Homework left, project to complete
To dream, he’s off… 🙂 Sigh. Let’s let him be!

And more (4 April, 2014)

When the sun goes down, he sings, he cooes
He tells stories, of how, once upon a sometime
He’d be wide-eyed at stories
He runs around, efficient, doting daddy he is
Changing nappies, singing lullabies
Oh my, a dream come true for him
As he dreams in his sleep of his little fairy
Playing with him 🙂 🙂
‘Cuz, The world’s all his and so am I For he’s my Sun Child!

Ahem. He’s OUR Sun Child (Paru’s and mine 🙂 ), and he now has a Sun Child of his very own 🙂




11 April, 2013.

I’m still amazed by this write, and he is all of that what has been written in the ’81 piece. However, the little baby grew up, still tender-hearted about animals especially, still a bundle of energy, still one to hold dreams, and he did grow up to be someone I’m still darned proud of. Not without mischief though. And certainly not without all the interesting adventures that angelic kids have when they discover less angelic things to do, others than coo and smile 😛 And Arjun, well, he was a revelation! What do I say of him?

How he would charm each and every passerby as he sat on the doorstep of his grandparents home, while we were on holiday, in Kerala. He was barely two, but he knew each and every ‘Maami’s’ name as they passed. And each morning he’d ask them the same thing. “Annamaami evideya pona?” (Annamaami, where are you going?”) And she’d reply, “Ambalathilekk” (To the temple) The next day, he’s ask the same Maami the same question. Seriously. And smile when she answered. Kids!!! All of them were wonderfully patient with him!

How he would pester his grandparents – his paternal, when he was with them, especially his taciturn Paternal Grandfather, who’d speak only a little – to tell him stories. He’d want lonnngggg ones. And so Achchan would rely on the Ramayana, and the Mahabharatha. I tell you, he simply would not sleep, but listen wide-eyed, and interested. And finally the story teller would most likely be snoring 🙂 No one escaped his demand for stories. And when his father would narrate the ‘Adakkapakshi’ story (the story of the bird who lost her eggs in a bamboo thicket and asked for help to recover it), he’d add interesting details like, the carpenter couldn’t help because he was making a cot, or the pigeon could not because he had to attend a Bank Interview at Bank of India. LOL. Those were tales 😀 And Arjun would pick each nuance up. He still does. He narrates the most wonderful made up stories. I must get him to compile them.

How he threw a heavy heavy steel iron box out of my parents’ 4th floor Cuffe Parade flat, one fine morning. He was about three. Luckily  no one was below, or anywhere near. We’d have had a very very juvenile offender in the family then!

He then proceeded to take a couple of my aunts, an uncle, on a merry up-and-down-ride in the lift, pressing buttons like crazy, clapping and jumping in glee 😀 You’d have to understand that travelling in a lift, as it is, is not a happy thing for some. It can be anxiety ridden. And here was this little … well, words fail me… playing the fool. He was just about three, and the others were supposed to be bringing him home after attending my elder brother’s wedding reception. Instead he gave them a ride of their life. The nutcase! 😀

As he grew, he became a voracious reader. That much has been a given. Both his parents, his grandparents are all deeply voracious readers, so he had too, as well. This idea was put to test with the younger one, who simply would NOT READ books. It has always remained a mystery how that could be! He did make up for it, as he gradually got interested, after Jeffery Archer’s “Prisoner of Birth” happened. He’s making up for lost time whenever he gets time. The only problem being he does not get any time at all. Well that’s a story for August 😀

Arjun has had a particular affinity for mother earth. No no no, lest you misunderstand me, I meant he likes to be close to her. As in falling. As in somehow making contact in a painful way and then spraining, breaking limbs. Well, not limbs, leg. The same leg, about 2 and a half times. He still runs, and I still have to figure out how he does it. He’s got a thick skull too. A fall off a horse; several-hug-mother-earth kinds as well 😛 , when he was little, hitting his head, getting stitches over his left eye… well, he has been there, and done that. It worries me, all the time, this affinity he has to scrapes and stuff. I guess I’ll always worry!

The way I’m writing now it seems like I’m going to have a biography down here. As it is, if you’ve managed to read this far, you’re bleary eyed, so I should give you a break 🙂 I need  to write again, the next year too, dont I?

That was on 11 April, 2013 😀

This here is 4 April, 2014. 😀

This post was set aside because, as is always the case, words slithered down thought strings (like this – click! ) and made me do a separate post last year! This! (click click!)

And this here is 11 April, 2014, the final touches to this year’s celebration 🙂

What that write happened, last year, this post was relegated to the drafts section. But, you see, this one’s on Arjun, the first born, totaal Arien, and even the post has that unputdownable quality of his, which is his USP. It had to surface and return, triumphantly like the proverbial prodigal son. 😀

Unputdownable. I’ve said that already, I know. Crazy, yet one of sanest people I know 🙂 Committed. Fierce friend. (Oxymoron maybe, but I don’t know how to put it different 😀 ) A partner in all senses of the word, in any endeavour 🙂 A caring husband, a doting father. A Sun. Indeed, who shines so much love into all our lives as well 🙂

A little boy at heart, as he always will be, I know, growing himself up with his little daughter!

I’ve reached that point where my heart is overwhelmed. What do I wish more, than love, life, joy and happiness for him, lots of sleep (hee heee heeee… 😛 ), lots of chicken and fish, lots of happy times, and the most especially the warmth and togetherness of his family, his Parukutty, his Naina, and the rest of the gang!

Love you Arjun. More than you could ever know. All of us.

God Bless. Always.

11 April, 2014, for 12 April, 2014

Blog Tradition here has posts celebrating loved ones  🙂 Arjun’s, are here in these years. If you aren’t yet exhausted by this one, perhaps you’d like to read them? 😛 Click on the year, and be zapped further 😀

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Love, and More… :)

I’m a die-hard romantic. Dyed-in-the-wool mush and goo addict that I even have a category for it 😀 And this is why. Each time Love finds a way. Each time I’ve seen love at work, I know it’s just another miracle, living out it’s daily routine. But a miracle, nonetheless 🙂

There is this guy. He is a romantic as well, but hides it well. He had the words, the heart, and sometimes I’ve felt, so very much, the need to be loved, just for himself, for what he is, not what he can be. And found it. Just like that. Love found a way. 🙂 🙂

And she? Just another girl-next-door, you might think. Or a paragon of all-that-it-takes-to-make-dreams-come-true? Way beyond 🙂 But I shall not pigeon-hole her; suffice to say she’s a beauty, inside and out 🙂 🙂

The story? Now, that’s straight out of the Romantic Comedies, and the Mush and Goo he loves, just like I do 😀 Imagine this: her brother’s marriage; he’s the best man. (Oh yeah. Right. You KNOW). He’s at their residence a week in advance, DDLJ ishtyle. Helping with the preparations, ferrying the groom’s dad and his friends around the place. Taking ‘her’ around to do shopping/ beauty parlour visits. He’s generally the Man Friday. And people are ‘talking’ about him and her. Everyone pooh poohs the idea. Her mother, her brother, the groom ie… 😛 And of course, the two. I mean, seriously. And that was not a cover-up. Sounds like that film you saw?

Ok. The wedding is done. The relatives departing. Friends also. And he. But once he’s back at work, even before that, when he spends quality time with his other best friend, Jyo, and his brother, he, while talking, makes THE REALIZATION. This is it. And calls the groom-turned-new-husband. Her brother. Then her parents.  After speaking to her 😀

And she? Well, errrmmmm…. she too. It grows on her, what she is missing. Who, rather 🙂 He calls, after her brother speaks to her. They talk. There is still, of course, the matter of asking her father. That too, soon enough. And, all the while his mother wonders :D, what’s happening! Is it the sane choice? It’s Two States playing out. Only this time, it’s the South Indian Bwoy and the North Indian Gal. But what the heck, she revels in that sorta thing. As does her other offspring 😀 😀

He doesn’t call his mother. His friend does. Her brother, to give the ‘good news’, his privilege he calls it. The mother is rather puzzled, confused, and dying to talk to her son. At that very point in time, her son loses his mobile phone. Dang it! She, the mother that is, is NOT going to say anything till she’s spoken to the lover boy. No sireee! Within half an hour, she gets a call from a new number, from, of course, her son. She says she’ll get back, as she’s in the middle of work, and cannot talk.

Nail-biting nervous hours later, they talk. He talks rather. She queries as to the state of the ’emotion’. Love she believes in. Infatuation? She knows that too.

Knowing, soon enough, that it’s the real thing, she’s at peace. But no matter what she might have thought, no matter at all, it is their life, she knows, and knows too that they would take what decision they did, responsibly.

They did.

And with all of our blessings, they got married. Last year, today. 29 June.


29 June, 2012

Today, they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The first, I know, of the many they are going to count. As they will the blessings and prayers that come to them from all of us. Me mostly. 😛 And Ashwin and Neeti, and their granparents, Ammai, G’amman, Kiran, Lakshmi, Appu, Paru, Kuttan, Chinnu (from Pet’s Paradise 🙂 ), other family, friends, and all those who love. 🙂

Ammumz, Mush, Viju n Anu, Vinu n Trips , and of course, Ash, with Me :D

Ammumz, Mush, Viju n Anu, Vinu n Trips , and of course, Ash, with Me 😀

With younger two, too - who had a few more months to go :) Ashwin and Neeti :)

With younger two, too – who had a few more months to go 🙂 Ashwin and Neeti 🙂

That’s the US 🙂 above.


With Kiran and Lakshmi

Ammai n Gopimman :)

Ammai n Gopimman 🙂

Arjun, my first born, and Pratibha, my Parukutty, here’s the biggest, most lovingest hug ever, from me. And yet another never-ending stream of prayers and wishes, to flood your life with love, joy, togethernesses 🙂

Arjun has been sailing since the first week of June, and has just returned in time, just in time, to be with Paru for their first 🙂 How glad we are for that!


At Ashwin and Neeti’s Reception 🙂

My darling Paru and Arjun, you are so dearly loved. Stay blessed. And lead each other as you have in your relationship, with equanimity, scaffolding each other, walking side-by-side, with the sun shining out on you always 🙂 Or at least soon after any squall that comes 🙂 🙂

May you be the best you can, to each other. God Bless, always.

28 June, 2013 for 29 June 2013



Dearest Arjun

It’s that time of the year again. 12 th of April. Your birthday. Your first one, as a ‘family’ man! I still can’t get over how you now qualify to be called one (that’s a very Malayalee usage by the way!)

It’s the fourth year, I think, that I’ve been doing this (oh yes, and in case you want to catch up on any you’ve missed, click on Blog Tradition, on the menu bar and find them. Shouldn’t be too difficult, considering they would all be on 11th or 12th April 😛 ); adding a slice of nostalgia on the cake of celebrating birthdays and occasions 🙂 ;wanting to do this. Something to remember, to savour, to rejoice in, to celebrate and all of it, because I’m so darned proud to call you my son.

This year, I almost went back to the time you were born, and started writing of each special, interesting, zany, fun thing you did. I realized I’d never finish  And that I’d lose each patient reader here after the 500th word. I came to my senses, saved that post as fodder for another time… hehehe, and finally started over again 🙂

Arjun at 28 days, then 5 months, with Mush, and Ammumz and that Classic one with the telephone :)

Arjun at 28 days, then 5 months, with Mush, and Ammumz and that Classic one with the telephone 🙂

I want to remember how special a year this has been, right from this day. Your birthday, last year. And to continue the blog traditon, let me ramble on some more!

I found some of your old pictures, and lovingly went over each memory, only to find that it IS possible that love continues to grow exponentially 🙂 It’s the only thing that does, other than debts unpaid, with interest accruing fast 😀 Not a fine choice of comparison there, but then I know you’ll appreciate it 😀 You always do!

Poses, poses :D

Poses, poses 😀

Thank you for telling me, “I got your back”, and then going on to do the same, each time we faced an obstacle in the minefield that was last year. I can now laugh a lot of it away, but then, at that point in time, it was very hard to hold it all together. You were the reason, the glue… and that makes me want to sing the ‘Faavicoll’ song. To re-word, “Tere photo ko seene se mein lagaa loon, Faavicoll se” 😛 ! A big huge bear hug to you, Kunju!!!

Bada Bhai, and Naughty Bhai Bhi!

Bada Bhai, and Naughty Bhai Bhi! And a little girl bhai bhi 😀

Thank you for the parenting I so badly needed.

Thank you for telling me it’s ok to mutiny, and engineering it so darned beautifully, I did actually manage to do some of it.

Thank you for the lessons in philosophy you live – though I fail to see the rationale behind it, I simply know it works.

You’ve been through fire, and back, and yet, you’re still soft marshmallow inside, crumbly soft, yet with that thread of steel, I sometimes detect. I know I’ll never have that strength you carry, but I rejoice that it is there for me, if at all I need to draw from it. Thank you for that.

Thank you for the laughter riots we have, especially when Ash begins his Spelling Bee sessions 😆

Thank you for being everything for Ashwin too, and for all that you will ever be. And for being another duplicate brother to Neeti :P!  I think you’ve parented all of us admirably 🙂 This here speaks of the Ram Lakhan the brothers are 🙂


Ashwin and his 'bro'"

Ashwin and his ‘bro'”

Arjun, the duplicate brother to Neeti :)

Arjun, the duplicate brother to Neeti 🙂

Thank you for that 20 m long VGA cord, and the wonderful time we had setting up stuff around home.

Thanks for being the Alpha of the Fantastic Foursome 🙂 How wonderfully close you have been to the others, and ensured that it stayed so!

Awesome Foursome!

Awesome Foursome!

Thank you, evermore, for Parukutty. You had to pick a gem, you couldn’t not otherwise, could you? We’re together, all of us, because of you 🙂 Thank you… 🙂

Arjun and his Parukutty :)

You still have the sunniest nature I know, and the most generous as well! Each year I grow prouder of you, not because of anything else, but that you are slowly finding yourself. And when I think you’re there, and have found the Po Inner Peace, you go and do stuff like this 😀

So you, Arjun!

So you, Arjun!

Seriously, Arjun, sometimes I wish you’d never grow up! But then that’s the way you are, 11 years old! Remember? And I’m 12. Amen to this. I don’t suppose we’ll ever grow older than that, no matter what 🙂 Let’s shake on that 🙂

There is so much more I want to add, people I want to bring in here, but I guess I’m already overwhelmed and over the top :D.

What did I forget? Ah.

Happy Birthday my dearest Arjun. I know it’s a cliche…what else, to be doing this year over year. But this one’s a special one.
I hope you are blessed to be able to lose more weight as time goes by, and soon. Help!
I pray that the secure hands of those you love will always be there to guide, support and help you along.
I wish you all good health, and peace, and happiness, and loads and loads of fun 🙂
I know that with Paru by your side, and her hand in yours, you two will walk together, and meet destiny with a smile, and a roar of laughter, no matter what… 🙂

I wish you love. Always. And a day a after forever.

I do love you so.


11th April, for 12th April, 2013