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Of pigtails and Pig Tales :)

There are certain days, certain people, and certain occasions, for who/which this rambler goes sincerely crazy. Otherwise, she’s just… weird. Yep, this rambler is certified… and she’s also oxymoron 😛
Like in the current flavour of the month (hers-movie wise), where I am at, this movie Moana, she (Moana)  asks her Grandma:
Moana: Why are you acting weird?
Gramma Tala: I’m the village crazy lady. That’s my job.
Kind of sums me up, you’d agree 😀 I’ve watched that movie, most of it, at least three times a day, from 25th of this month. 😛 So I know! And when you do too, enough times, and have a faint personal knowledge, you shall most certainly nod your head in total agreement. In fact, you millennials would probably go… tots bro!

Ammoomma Monkeying around 😛

Chalo. But this isn’t about the rambler, though she wouldn’t mind wearing pigtails all over again.
It’s about a wee lass, her grammie’s, her Ammumma’s “cutie pie”,  darling, “kujikutty”, her momma’s “chinnooomaaaa”, her Arjun’s delightful daughter. Naina. Duh. 😀

Pigtails Poser!

That “cutie pie” in pigtails, she’s turning three today. Woah! I tell myself. Three! Wasn’t it just yesterday, around this time I was pretty much worried as hell, because Pratibha had to stay overnight in hospital because of a “false alarm”? When I was all ready to fly across here, on 9 April, because the baby was due only on 11 April? And a few hours into the day, about 9.30 in the morning, I receive a call (expecting Arjun to tell me that Pratibha is back at home!) saying “Amma, a girl!”  It beats me how I found the will (rules and regulations notwithstanding 😛 ) to stay on another week, almost, finish the required work at school, and then head to Nainuland, to hold her in my arms, on 5 April, 2014. Sigh. Sigh… *Wanders off into those memories*… ❤ ❤

5 April, 2014!

Three years of unmitigated fun, ever’growing love, impossible amounts of laughter, all kinds there are, and the omnipresent, omniscient worry and anxiety, that comes when you have every spare inch of your thoughts filled with a prayer for the well being of this tiny, perfect (and you’d do battle with anyone who says otherwise 😛 ) girl who rules your heart. (Every other member of my family is going to go ballistic when they read this – a certain one for sure, but then the subject of this blog is equally all pervading in her influence, so that voice shall also be concomitant to the views expressed herein 😀 🙂 )
Awesomeness needs no captioning! 😛 …⇑⇑
Not to forget the never diminishing sense of wonder and amazement, the sheer pride that threatens to consume you 😛 when you speak endlessly (yes, grammies are like that, they can’t stop once they start !!!) about every tiny facet of this beautiful gorgeous girl! No matter that she giggles and bursts into a riot of laughter to tell you “You’re sho funny!!!” as you try and gracefully eat spaghetti, saying, Ammoomma eating wiggly worms (laughing uncontrollably…) Ammomma eating wiggly worms” She can call you any kind of names, and you’ll beam with joy that is bundle is actually saying those things! 😛
Sample this. A few friends visited on Sunday, and the conversation turned to children speaking. There were toddlers present, ranging from 1 – 3 years old, and we began to speak of how kids pick up language, English in particular. Nainu has never ceased to amaze us with her range and recollection and her apt usage of the words. Apparently, she was using the word “grumpy” (gwumpy, as she says) with understanding. And her mother was saying, “Arre, I didn’t even know there was a word called grumpy till I was in high school!” Yeah. That sums it up for many readers here as well, right?
So how did she manage this? Exposure to language (my pet soapbox topic 😛 ) She, I do believe, is the finest example I could give you on how you could pick up a language if you surround yourself with it, on your own 🙂 She listens to nursery rhymes, and watches a few films, repeatedly, when she isn’t engaged in role playing with her army of toys, cycling around the house in her tricycle, reading from the tiny books she has, and watching videos of her favourite… wait for it….PEPPA PIG AND HER FAMILY!!! The movies range from Nemo, Tangled, Frozen, and now MOANA! (Those who’ve been in my class will now understand why I would recommend movies, quite apart from their sheer entertainment value 😛 ) Also, Nainu has perhaps picked up the linguistically strong genes from her father too! 🙂
Just a couple of days ago, she  received a set of her Peppa Pig toys, the entire family, consisting of  (yes, I know them ALL!!) Peppa Pig, her brother Georgie Pig, Daddy Pig, Mamma Pig, Granpa Pig (who’s grumpy sometimes 😀 ) and Grandma Pig. She took down her Elsa doll, a toy that moves on wheels, singing away “Let it Go!” , placed Peppa’s family on the petal like protruding bits of the doll, at the base, twirled it, singing Let it Go!!, and toppled the whole family to the ground! She did let them go!

Naina and her Peppa Pig Collection! The Little one in RED is Peppa Pig!

She speaks quite clearly, my wee lass does. She speaks in English too! Which constantly surprises us, because no one has ever even tried to get her to sample the words and sentences. But she tries, on her own, right or wrong, and is quite oblivious to the joy, and the freak out sessions we have (duh. I have… 😀 ) when I hear her! Once in the car, she asks, Where we going? Once she’s had enough of the outing – Leshsh go home!  At play time, in her grandparents home, her Naani’s home, she asked her cousin to  come out, with a Lets go and build sand castles!  in the sand pit they had outside their home! I mean, Woah Woah Woah, not yet three and she says, sand castles?
The mystery was solved as to her acquisition of that when I was introduced to her Peppa Pig, finally, when I visited her last month. That’s a delightful family of yes, Pigs 🙂 Them brainy brainy creatures, cute as buttons 🙂 Complete with excellent, proper English, in an English accent. 🙂 These are kids (Peppa and Georgie)  who question, are curious, and equally naughty! She loves them so much, that when she was asked about her Birthday and what she wanted, she said Peppa Pig – and now she is the proud owner of a set of them figures, a couple of mugs, a backpack, thanks to Nammu Aunty, and a set of 6 small books! The happy birthday party theme? Duh! 😛
(Random off topic diversion – there had been a link, I shared on Facebook, speaking of how Peppa Pig shows create disobedient children, and cause … of all the things… autism! Cripes! How do people even write such things! Thank you Neethu and Rehan for telling me about it too!)
I hope the title is clearer now. I’m a fan of the entire clan Peppa Pig’s too! I love how stereotypes are broken there, how each of those films she loves has so much to inspire, about following one’s heart, of being cheerful, of having a loving family! It matters so very much what children read and watch, so much! And at this point I cannot not tell you how proud I am of her parents, Arjun and Pratibha, for keeping her grounded, and giving her her head in so many matters, letting her decide too, tiny tiny decisions… 🙂 A shoutout to another amazing person in her life, her Class Teacher from her Yellow Class, in Play School! Sheetal, you are a wonderful wonderful, empathetic teacher, who reaches out and helps foster that spirit of confidence in the tiny tots in your care. I know for certain that you shall ever remain her most favourite teacher in a long long long time. (Psst. I’ll tell you a secret – I’m jealous of how she so utterly  loves you, and even runs to you and hugs you, endlessly 😛 But I’m also glad that her impression of teachers will always be positive, thanks to you! The other teachers in her life have a huge image to aspire to, definitely! 🙂 🙂 )

Naina and her Sheetal Aunty  – How a Teacher-Student relationship goes beyond … 🙂


Yes, I’m waxing poetic here, I know, but that is how this grandmother is. Absolutely, completely, uncompromisingly nutty… about her grandottie!
At almost 1400 words, I still haven’t told you ALL about her. An epic sized book wouldn’t suffice, as any Grandparent would tell you, when it comes to their precious bundles of joy! But yes, let’s leave some for the days and years to come, shall we?
(I heard that Phew!! Thank God, we’re nearing the end of the tunnel kind of sigh of elation  😛 😛 )
Naina. That’s who this is all about. My darling, My Sweetie Pie Naina. My Kunjikutty. Her birthday is today 🙂
Happy Birthday, my darling Nainu! May warm marshmallowy moments, and soft sweet and chocolatey (she loves chocolate 😛 ) dreams fill your realms and keep you sweet. May the craziness and naughtiness you have lead you on to be bright and independent. May the stories you hear and the stories you weave continue to enthrall and delight (she’s quite the story teller, and loves loves loves to have you read to her!  Or read from her own collection of books ❤ )! May the colours (and boy oh boy!! you do know almost ALL of them) fill your life with rainbows of feelings, each one precious and each one a journey to your own self. May you be blessed with good health, and this same sunny disposition! And may you continue to enchant us all and keep us loved and loving ❤ ❤
Psst… Thank you to her lovely parents too! Arjun and Pratibha, who’ve consistently given me parenting lessons, all my grandma wisecracks notwithstanding 😛 , for their patience and encouragement, and letting her have her head, or reigning in her over enthusiastic explorations, when occasion warrants it 🙂 May you continue to do your job just as wonderfully…! Blessed be!
Sigh. Sigh. I love you Nainu! Happy birthday sweeti pie!
28 March, 2017
Birthday Blogs for Naina ❤
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A Flood


She gurgles.

Her laughter
Tumbles into my


And that

Rush of Love
Floods the most
inaccessible nook and cranny
Of my aching soul.

Sweet, innocent
Of a beloved


The panacea
I can never
Get enough of.

21 December, 2016

This is whachumacll a #pickmeupwrite 🙂 


The Thorough Gentleman

Alert: Almost 2400 words, so. 🙂

As chauvinistic as the title may seem, this is about someone who was anything but. Chauvinistic, I mean. (though of course, it will be another thesis here, as to why the title could be considered chauvinistic- but, no, this rambler is determined to be on track here!)

As a lad, as all young children do, really, he had to markings, forewarnings as it were, as to his greatness in the “gentlemanly” role he was to play. He was, like all boisterous boys, sprightly, lanky, thin, to the point of being a despair to his mom, and, as all mischievous kids do, loved to eat mud, scrape the wall paint off, that too, with his teeth! You’d never guess, too, that he was adopted. He was more family, than the other kids 🙂 – loved, cherished, adored, by others who knew him as well.

As the other kids before him, he was at once goofy, yet he bore a regal bearing, a steady stance, all done in by that goofy grin, so integral to who he was!

That’s Appu, our Appu.

The pictures, clockwise 🙂
From Top left: That was when Ashwin held a stone just above his mobile camera 🙂 Look at his concentration.; Appu in the Kulam, and look at the frisbee 🙂 ; The Gentlemanly pose, undermined by that stone in his mouth 🙂 ; I told you “mine mine mine mine” – all four of them, at Biscuit time 🙂 That would be Kuttan at the far end, then his momma, Paru, then the Black Beauty, Chinnu, and then Appu, with their Amma 🙂 ; And then there is his concentration on that dratted stone again 🙂 🙂 

He came home to us, in 2005, in the month of May, after we bid final goodbye to our other Alsatian, a gentle girl,  elfin, charming, wonderful soul, Ammini (LINK) As mentioned in that blog for her, she had a sort of OCD – she needed to ALWAYS have ball, a Frisbee, a something with her, as a pacifier, of sorts. Serendipity, maybe (yes, I am in Love with that word, to a point of being in relationship with it 😀 ) but Appu had the same, the very SAME trait, except that he would chew on it, and it extended to things like a chewed off stick, a stone, misshapen pieces of things. The fierce concentration on his face while you held the object to throw to him was a sight to behold.

I remember our first meeting, bringing him home from that kennel, settling him in. Memories rush in with these words. It had been barely a month or so, since Ammini had gone to Pets Paradise, and my mother was still recovering from that loss. She wanted to care for another again, and suggested a “boy” this time, feeling he would be less susceptible to ailments that came to the girls, as Ammini had had a cardiac arrest at 6 years, something related to her gender. However, mummy couldn’t have been more far from the truth.

Appu, the moment I laid eyes on him, that dusky evening in that kennel, I knew he was coming home to stay. Scrawny, all arms and legs, tall for his age, he stayed at the far end of his pen and looked on with liquid eyes. It seemed to me at that point, he needed much love and care, for there was an air of neglect about him, and the poignant feeling from more than 11 years ago to that day, still haunts. We lost no time in grabbing him, Ashwin and I, and taking him home, almost immediately. The change in him was almost instant, like he recognized long lost family, which I’m sure is what happened. At home, in an instant, he was all over place, even making advances on our 2 year old beauty, our darling Chinnu, who suddenly became coy and sprightly, for him 😛 (LINK) The rest is history, cliché though it be, for us. Not him, the story 🙂 You shall not be spared the history, of course 🙂

He grew, flourished, and seemed in so many ways, like our precious Ammini, not as gregarious perhaps in the initial days, having a more pedantic penchant for the pensive. Poetic, ain’t that! He’d be most animated when taken for a walk (which dog isn’t!!!) or maybe throw him his ball, Frisbee, or a stone, something, anything, or maybe to take a dip in the pond 🙂 along with Chinnu. A couple of weeks, the first two with us, he spent at my home, and then to his permanent home we went, my parents’ – where he was undisputed Lord of all he surveyed for the next almost 12 years. He, like all our kids, loved to travel, and along with Chinnu they made a great team. But wait.

When he was almost a year old, Paru joined the gang. 250781_4104330176467_1960399793_n  She must have been maybe 2 or 3 months, and was abandoned outside my parents’ home. A “nadan”, nondescript, except to us she was endowed with much grace, beauty and downright friskiness, and song, oh my!! What song!! 🙂 With great trepidation, I brought her home, wondering just how long it would take a hulking 1 year old Alsatian to snap her neck. The damnedest thing happened. He merely sniffed her thoroughly, checked her out, and then she followed him, EVER AFTER. She’d sleep, that impossible tiny bundle, between his paws, be ALL over him, playing, nipping at him, and they’ve remained best friends right through. That was in 2006. So our family grew, the kids were now 3 – my Chinnu, Appu and Paru. Officially, Appu and Paru “belonged” to my parents, but really, they are ALL mine. (remember those gulls in “Finding Nemo”?)

At the end of 2006, 26 December, the 2nd anniversary of the deadly tsunami that struck the east coast, in India, there was a minor tsunami of pups in my home. Paru’s. Seven to be precise. I’m quite positive that Appu was the dad, though we’ve not been able to really confirm, since most of the pups took after their mother, especially the fur and tails 😀 However heartbreaking it was, I had to give away her babies, once they had been weaned, except her alpha male, Kuttan who is still with me 🙂 He’s my baby more than he could ever be hers. So, the family grew again, two at my place, Chinnu and Kuttan, Appu and Paru, at theirs. The girls by now had been spayed to avoid further mishaps 😛

Appu, right through it, was pretty good with the kids when they were young, which is probably why I consider him their dad. However, with Kuttan, there has always been an ego clash of sorts. Like Ashwin once said, he’s like that kid who found out pretty late that his dad had not done right by his mother, so he carries that anger in him! Cripes! Yep, you guessed right. We, as a whole, attribute extremely human reasoning even to them. Heck! We’re right too, always. Told ya, we are one heck of a family! What I’m getting at is, growing up together, the almost 2 years older dad, and his (Alleged) son, Kuttan, always led to confrontations, testosterone displays, and there’d always be a need for referees, not to mention active, get-into-the-fight-and-separate-them occasions. Appu was far more powerful, and Kuttan was no less tenacious. Dynamite, on a short fuse, that was the situation till recently, ever since Kuttan sobered down, and “grew up” 🙂 Appu, all through, except in these confrontations, was the thorough gentleman, with the ladies, with us, with visitors, with anyone, except some stranger, who he discriminated, strangely enough!

When he was about 6 years old he developed the usual skin problems that affect his breed, as they are not really suited to the humid environs of Kerala. Since then, he had been a constant visitor at the Vet Hospital, attached to the Uni here. He’d improve well, then a few months later, it being a fungal condition and subject to weather changes, he would be afflicted again. My mother diligently, and with such devotion nursed him through it all. His hair would be all over the place; the ear infection, a consequence of the skin problem, which would aggravate with alarming regularity, despite the best medical attention, auroscopy, regular cleaning, that would have a discharge and foul smell sometimes were taken in our stride, and he was never banished from the house. He owned it, and us, no matter how he was. Once I remember the panic call mummy made, early morning. It was about his ear bleeding. They live about an hour and half away, but they got here quick and we got him to hospital to discover that is was a maggot infestation, in his ear, and that is why he bled so much. The process of getting him better was a constant, but he held up so well, with such composure and a stoic demeanour all through. He would have associated the hospital with much pain, but there was never any hesitation in going there, though it was always a tough time, holding him down. According to the intensity of attention required, he needed to be sedated, on occasion. Imagine your ear being subject to the kind of cleaning it needed. I must, at this point, commend the doctors and students at the hospital for their vocation, their dedication and their unconditional help, on all the occasions we’ve been there. Exemplary, they were.

The infection took its toll on him. Though he remained cheerful, playful, and ever ready to fetch, his legs began to give way, and he had another major maggot infestation, this time on the left side near his ribs. He was given an anti-parasitic which almost paralyzed him, and yet again, we rushed to the Vet hospital with him. It is nothing short of a miracle, his recovery. It took him nearly two days, to walk again, but he did, and this too, had passed for him. That time, we even considered euthanizing him in case he was going to be paralyzed. It was heartbreaking to see him so still. So he flourished. That was nearly two years ago.

This year, from over two months ago, the old ear infection reared its ugly head, this time robbing him of his hearing. He responded to signals, so beautifully, so beautifully that one wondered why he needed the danged sounds at all. But he was weaker, the skin condition far worse, despite the best kind of care, brushing, medication, bathing, anything mummy could do. Till that day on 30 October, 2016. The three days prior to it, he along with Paru and Kuttan were being cared for by my parents’ help, who loved these kids as we do, as we had to attend my niece’s wedding. The call came, on the evening of the wedding, that he, yet again, had a severe wound on his leg. Maggots. Couldn’t get up. Can’t hear.

It was time for the decision. All the more since my mother was also suffering along with him. We were, all of us, watching him hurt, shake his head, fumble while walking, and all the while, ALL the while, holding a stone in his mouth, or maybe a scrap of his Frisbee, or a stick, something. OCD, remember? Just like Ammini.

So we decided. We’d help him onwards to be with Chinnu, who’d been gone three years already, to be with Ammini, gone 11 years, and Malu, and Kunji, our cats… It was time for him, and we’d help him. So with the medicine provided by a vet my brother knew, my mother and I went on, as no one else could. A Sunday. No vet. Appu had to be patted awake, for he did not hear the wild, ecstatic barking of the mother-son duo greeting us.

All the way down, there was this lump that grew and grew, choking all sense except the focus on purpose. So once he was patted, petted, fed, along with the other, who were sent into the house, we lay him down near his favourite spot in the front compound. He lay, quiet, but sensing something, so my mother had to hold his head, and our help his feet. I administered the injection. I could not let anyone else take that away from me. Even though, forevermore, I would remember; I do wonder at the strength, that comes with its attendant guilt, on how I could play God. Did I do the right thing? I’ve asked myself and still do, with a regularity, as involuntary as breathing, but yes, I’ve finally learned the answer does not matter. What matters is that he found a way out of his pain. In the few seconds it took for him to sleep.

I lay beside him, Lay my head on his side, only to be fascinated by his heartbeat. How it grew, then softened, whisper soft, till he was at peace. A few seconds. But those beats will stay with me, till mine go with his. That much I know.

When Chinnu went onwards on angel wings to Pets Paradise, I could write, almost in a day, for her. With Appu the dam was firm and strong, welling up with more words each day, each heavier, laden with a million memories, delightful ones, each of them, till that last beat of his heart, whisper-soft and tear-drop heavy. Yesterday, it was a month, and it hit me, then. Suddenly, there he was, as he always is, in my sleep, his heart-beat is the rhythm that rocks me to sleep or drums me awake sometimes. This time he was there, so clear, in front, asking for his stone to be picked up and thrown.

Appu. I heard myself. And he wagged his tail, liquid eyes up, then fiercely down, on that stone, that I picked up and threw, with him bounding after… Away, away, happy puppy that he was deep down inside.

Appu. You understand, I know. You’re happy, I know. I won’t say sorry, my Appoosseee. Not now, not anymore. I can’t, can I? Not when you’re in peace, and not when you’ve lived such a loving and happy life, and given us so so so much of love and joy! I know we’ll meet up at the Rainbow Bridge, and in another lifetime.

We’re family. We’ll always be. You’ll always be mine ❤

Appu, The Thorough Gentleman
(January 2005 to 30 October 2016)

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This, from my Meggie, made it much easier.


Sigh. It did make things better

1 December, 2016


If your pet could talk what would it say about you? Part 1

february ramblings

Alert: Long, long post 😀 After all, I’m going to talk, and so are my pets! Brace thyselves, if you intend to read on! 😀

I talk a lot to my pets. In fact they aren’t “pets” at all; they’re my kids, and if you don’t talk to your kids, well, you aren’t any good at all!! 😛

I’ve subjected them to endless diatribes on all and sundry issues, problems, rants, and coochikooed them too, all the time. When I go “Tuuuuuutttssss.. chinnnnsssss… ” in a long breathy, happily pitched tone, all hunkered down to get them to tuck their heads under my chin, and wrap ourselves around each other, I know it’s pure bliss! The kind of unconditional, unquestioning, infinite and consistent love you get from them is like nothing else 🙂 Ok, so you get the drift. I talk, as in TALK, a LOT to them.

When I came across this prompt, of a long ago, from Plinky weekly prompts, it caught my eye. It brought me to the other side of the whole thing. In our genteel perception of our own selves, how often we pride on the “knowing”, that we are so nice, so good, so different from others in the way we treat people and animals around us :D! Well most of the time it is true, believe it or not! Still, I wondered. What would my family say? My kids, well, I already know!!! 😛 And we’ll go in that another day perhaps! This one’s for my babies: all of them who’ve been part of my family 🙂 Let’s give them a chance each!

Please also note the arrogance here. That I assume this is what they would say :D! Since they will never get to the comment box, I shall fearlessly advance a level beyond 😆 !

I’ll stick to the chronology of my legion… errrm… my family. Please bear with me, because I am tripping down memory lane, and revisiting all of those members who are now in Pets Paradise too. (If you desert the post at this point, I shall understand, given the imbecility of the rambler who is going to do maybe a mushy ventriloquist act 😛 😛)

Judy was our first dog, a mixed breed, and we adored her! She travelled with us, by car to my grandparents’ place during the vacation, and we left her there, since they wanted her. Sadly, one day she took off all of a sudden, and met with an untimely end in a hit and run.

Judy: Oh! That little girl, rather chubby you know, with long hair, always oiled? Oh! She understood a lot of things. She was sweet (I swear, says Usha, I am not condesplaining… Lol.. pl. refer to Shail’s post on FB, using that word.. She had shared this “…the term is “condesplaining”. This occurs when people tell you what you feel and think because what you actually feel or think is inconvenient for them. It happens more to women than to men. Go figure.” (Christine Reece) I’m not, I swear!!!)
Ok, she had this habit of singing, (yes, singing), that was rather painful, because she was loud, and rather unmusical, and she thought she could sing Vicky Leandros, the Bee Gees and the Abba songs howsoever she wished. Well, that was the only problem really 🙂 She hugged real nice, but her younger brother was way better! He really understood me, and was my constant companion! (That does it! Thanks Judy, you see we got a lot of your siblings to get a byte from, so we’ll talk later, ok?? )

Brownie, the cat, was special. He materialized one day at our home, and stayed on. I must have been in the 7th or 8th, when we shifted our house about 4 km away, near Mekhri Circle, to a place called Rajmahal Extension. We took him, but in a couple of days, he went missing. A day later, he was discovered at our old house! It is probably true what they say of cats, and their comfort zones being places, not persons! He spent the rest of his days there.

Brownie: Her? she was alright. Great petter and under the chin scratcher. Nice lap. She was rather plump you see? Chubby and nice. (God! not again! Thanks Brownie!!)

Bunny was a Black Labrador, and the Apple of our collected eye 🙂 He came as a sprightly energetic pup, and remained the same, right through his almost 7 years! He and my younger brother were inseparable, they grew together, more or less. He’d travelled with us too, by car, to Kerala on more than one occasion. Once as a pup, his tail had been cut, and there he was black, with a white bandage around his short tail 😀 Folks at our native place, where my parents are, right now, used to call him ‘aatinkutty’ – a kid (goat’s 😀 ) Bunny was special. Really special, and when he was about 6 ish, we got another pup, Dusty, a German Sheperd, light brown gifted to us by a family friend 🙂 Dusty sadly left rather suddenly due to a stomach infection 😦 He was such a baby!

So, what would Bunny have said? Her? Very warm, cuddly, and a talker. Gosh! The things she’d tell me about college; I ought to have told her parents! Though she couldn’t be as much with me, as her brother, it was the best, being with her, driving too! She wasn’t told, when I had to go to the Rainbow bridge, for a whole three months you know, ’cause she’d feel so sad, and she was going to have a baby too! But when she knew …. even I couldn’t bear the tears that came! I’m glad that she got someone just like me, later in life 🙂 

Bunny left us about a month after I got married, and went to Delhi. On his most favourite person’s birthday, my brother’s birthday. I wasn’t told till a couple of months later, about four months, almost – no internet, skype, only letters and telephone and no one wanted me to worry, knowing I’d break down. Bunny’s in a happy place I know 🙂

This post has been drawn up from the drafts of three years ago, 8 January, 2012, to be exact 😀 Part 2 will follow 🙂


DAy#22 of RamblingsInFebruary – not really a cheat post, because I am rambling here too 😀


In the glow of a Silver Sheen…

… bask a beautiful couple. A made-for-each-other-couple 🙂 A couple who’ve been inspiration epitomised and role models not just for their generation, but even ones to come 🙂 Much like another couple, who celebrated their golden years together just three years ago 🙂 (link)

You’ve met the ‘him’ of the couple here. (link). An out and out brilliant, efficient, mean-machine 😛 And doncha worry, that is going to make him more happy than anything else; the last epithet, that is 🙂 🙂 I’m referring to my elder brother Viju, here, who, in 2011 received the Nao Sena Medal for Dedication to Duty. I won’t add more and embarrass him – I’ve already sung a paean on that earlier blog post 😀

You’ve met the ‘her’ too, of this special couple, on that self-same link, where I have mentioned her being the warm support and backbone of the family. My elder sister-in-law, Anuradha; Anu to all of us, even my kids! Anu is a special brand, a one in a million empathetic and bubbling person! Always at hand, to lend a helping hand, a kind and patient listening ear, to take initiative, to spread cheer, and energize even the most lethargic 🙂 A child at heart, and a mature kind soul who does not hesitate to reach out, should you need support. That’s Anu. Altogether, a paragon. Absolutely, and with it, the proud possessor of a mellifluous voice, which she has passed on to their children too, Archana and Arun!

Through the years they have been together, they have built from strength to strength, in terms of values, in terms of how to learn lessons from life, in inspiring others to do the same. Both of them are deeply spiritual, practice yoga, and meditation, and that is what you see in the glow on their faces, even today. Through thick and thin, whether for friends or family, you will always find them, just a call away, just a blink of an eye away. Such empathy, in these days of nuclear existence is a myth, most often. But they, though their generosity of the spirit, and presence in times of sore need, underscore humane values best learnt by doing.

As an Officer and a Gentleman, Viju is one of the best; as his wife, just as visible, and participative in his life, and career, Anu exemplifies the cliche, which is very true to her – behind a successful man, there IS a woman. Please do NOT mistake this for a mere sexist remark – this goes way beyond, because I have witnessed how they are equals and partners in everything that happens for them, and for us, as their extended family – which extends beyond, to each person whose lives they have touched.

Anu and Viju 25 years ago, Aug. 31, 1988, Cuffe Parade :)

Anu and Viju
25 years ago, Aug. 31, 1988, Cuffe Parade 🙂

Anu and Viju, last year, still a gorgeous and happening couple :)

Anu and Viju, last year, still a gorgeous and happening couple 🙂

Curiouser still …

It is also the day when my younger brother Vinu (mentioned with this link), and his wife Tripti, also celebrate their wedding anniversary! Lovely isn’t it? Vinu, the third Officer and Gentleman in the family (The First, being my father, of course 🙂 ), and his wife Tripti are again path-breakers – and extremely involved in not just their work spheres, but in the well-being of everyone whose lives they have touched. Vinu, like Viju (and me 😛 ), are all known as ‘terror’ s in business 😀 True. Very true 😀

August 31, today, is when my elder brother Viju and Anu, his wife celebrate 25 years of togetherness 🙂 and Vinu and Tripti, their sixth. They too bask in that silver sheen of happiness!

May the silver glow gift slivers of happiness and health, and comfort and togethernesses, always. God Bless!

Anu and Viju, Tripti and Vinu, along with Arjun, at his wedding 28th June, last year

Anu and Viju, Tripti and Vinu, along with Arjun, at his wedding 28th June, last year

Wishes come to both of you from all of us:

Dad and Mom, Anu’s parents, Tripti’s parents, Kuttan, Indu, Manoj and Mahesh, Kalyani, Karthik, ME, the kids, Archie and Arun, Arjun and Ashwin, along with Pratibha and Neeti, and of course, Appu, Paru and Kuttan; and Blackie and Goldie; and moving further to our innumerable Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, et al – and on behalf of All friends and well-wishers 🙂

It’s a beautiful day, and it just gets better, doesn’t it? Loads of love to both couples… wishes, prayers and blessings too (I know how MUCH you guys like my mush and goo, so I’ll avoid the punchlines here :P)- Have a blast, whenever and wherever you can 🙂 🙂 You do light up so many many lives just being you! Stay blessed!

29 August to 31 August, 2013

For 31 August, 2013