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This is …

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…Boss Baby, hereabouts! The title will easily be understood by those who know said Boss Baby (a better version of the Movie, even if the vocab and dress code may differ 😛 ) The original title of this #blogtradition was Boss Baby, which is, yes (I hear you loud and clear!) cringe-worthy and cliched; hence, this is…. so, just so.

It’s always the little things, isn’t it, that strike you, about a person you should have met way way earlier?The yearning, the long long patient wait, to meet him, in person, was finally quenched on 13 February, 2022. Meeting Grandbeta Dhruv, at almost 20 months of age – when he arrived across oceans, continents and a hemishpere 😀

Grandparents, doting and otherwise (there’s a story for another day, right there!) go overboard when it comes to the grandkids. The once strict parent is a puddle of joy with the grandchild – I speak from experience. Whose? Duh…. 😛 And yes, I know this to be true of most grandparents I know. From the moment I held him (very very very briefly on that said date!) my heart has grown bigger that I thought it would! I still don’t rank very high in his affections, but I do get to hold him longer and closer, and that, in itself is blessing enough! 😀

This is …. is Dhruv, to those who know him well! Inherently curious, a quick study, getting more mischievous and articulate by the day, his favourite phrase is still This is… and we get to finish the statement! He might take his time to articulate comprehensively, but for now, this works just fine, so why bother to say more, is probably what he thinks, I think! 😛 Ah! Time enough to say more, and then have your folks tell you to put a lid on it 😀 😀

Dearest dearest Dhruv
Here’s wishing you happy happy times and rides in Ckaaaaaa ….s
Here’s wishing you more sunshine days, and the company of loved ones…
Here’s to you, who gives such joy in your toothy grins, in each act of mischief, and each word you utter!
Here’s to you, darling Dhruv, a toast to you, for good health, ever-lasting love, laughter and happiness, in the colours of a gazillion glowing rainbows!

The Ckaaaaaaa…..s

Happy Birthday Dhruv! Welcome to the terrific Twos!

All my love

Achu aka Achamma!

15 June, 2022

Link to his first birthday blog – Click here

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