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For You, Gulshan, with Love!

It is always gracious of a reader, on a blog, to leave a comment. The thrill, the happiness that said blogger feels is quite something else. What if that comment, regular as they come for however the blog posts may be, are in limerick form? Not just a two lines, a few words of general appreciation, but a succinct slice of the essence of the post itself? You’d smile and jump for joy too, wouldn’t you, even if you aren’t the blogger? And secretly wish one was sent your way, even if you be a reader of the blog, or the comments :) :)

And when that said Limerick Commenter has a birthday, what virtual gift can one best give her? The joy of her own kind of lines, for a start, right? So here it is… a gift for the Gorgeous Gulshan Gev Bamboat, sometimes Aunty G, too, in the comments section of this blog, and other blogs/updates/posts right on time, each time, for a long time! Shail, thank you ever so much for introducing us in this virtual world :) You are someone I have to meet, Gulshan!

Gulshan Gev Bamboat

Gulshan Gev Bamboat

The Gift (of) (for) Gulshan <3

She’s who you’d call a poetic temptress

Her alluring verses and words never fail to impress!

You’d know her, if here, you’ve been sorta regular :P

Her comments come in, right-on-the-spot-spectacular!

‘Coz they be ultimate 5 liners, her own brand, her specialty, the Limerick Seductress <3


One more, with affection and sweet love, from a young ‘un who’s so taken up with your awesome way of writing, Stargazer aka Malavika, my student :)

‘Tis a special day today, the birthday of a Queen,
A Queen, who over the realm of Limericks reigns supreme.
In her hands, words like quicksilver meld and flow,
At her command, across paper they dance and go!
And many happy returns I wish– to this indeed, wondrous Limerick Queen!

It isn’t that good, and it isn’t really a funny limerick, but it is my first attempt at writing a limerick, and it was really hard to think up an idea!

Anyhow– many happy returns to Gulshan! May her limericks only get better and better! Please do tell her this from me! (Even if it is without the attempt at a limerick.)



Till then, here’s a toast to you…. :) Stay as sweet and cheerful, loving and laughing, and blessed always! Happy Birthday Gulshan! <3 You’re the best :) :) Hugs!

28 July, 2015

A previous mention of her, here :) (LINK)


For a Special Person!


Your grace and humility
The generosity of your love

Your quiet humour
And sparkling laughter

Benediction, that is YOU!

We’d like to say…
How very very much
We admire you
How we look up to you
And how you inspire us
Each day!


Strength of Spirit

And the softness of kindness

Empathy, support, and above all

Unconditional Love!

You’ve been an Angel

And the one single thread

That holds us all together.

May we say, this day

We’re blessed, because of you!

And, for always, we love you very very much!

Happy Birthday Nandini!

Happy Birthday Nandini!

Happy Birthday, Nandini!
May happy times flow endlessly
May health, good fortune, peace
Along with Love, flood your being!

For it is this, and more than this…
In goodness that you are deserving of…

The awesome special person

You are, and always will be
For us all!

<3 Wishes from all who love you! <3

For 27 April, 2015
Written a couple of years ago, this is a dedication to one of the loveliest souls I know – my sister-in-law, Nandini :) Everyone who knows her will most certainly underscore each word here, and add a few more of their own! Long overdue is this tribute to you, Nandini, and no better time than this, when the family is gearing up for more happiness to visit us :) 

Happy Birthday N! You have been the steadfast voice of reason in our rather engagingly mad family :D

Day#27 of #NaPoWriMo :)


The Magic of Revisiting Innocence!

Mornings of slurpy kisses
Waking to a world
Flecked sun-bright, as you are,
With an impish delight!

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Yup! Kurumbiiiii

Days of playing, on loop,
Peek-a-boo or
Each game a gurgling delight!

Olichuuu... pidichuuuu :D

Olichuuu… pidichuuuu :D

Spending hours, harvesting happiness,
From looks, hugs, laughter,

Even tears that fall like
Sweet summer showers!

Each of those hours
Reflecting how it has been
With you and me!
And through her, who is yours



I reap that same harvest
A thousand time over!

Dearest Arjun,

May time pass slowly,
When you’re doing things you love
And fly like the wind
When tasks overwhelm…

May you grow more content,
Yet, more excited and childlike
(If that is ever possible :D )
May you be brought up, right,
By your lovely lass (es) :P

*Touchwood that those smiles always stay that sweet and happy!

*Touchwood that those smiles always stay that sweet and happy!

And may God ever keep
You loved, loving and lovable
As you always have been!

My Sun Child!

<3 Happy birthday from all of those who love you <3

4 April, 2015, for 12 April, Arjun’s, the first born’s  Birthday :)
Day#12 of #NaPoWriMo :) Blog Tradition here :)

From the previous years, this day:


2011, and this 2011 again!
And more if you just click HERE :)


For You, Parukutty :)

What is it, about this daughter
That makes this mother proud?
And happy and filled with quiet contentment?

It fills her too, with a motherly anxiety :P
one that warms, rather than distrubs :D

The girl talk
The secret sharing
The tale telling
The gyan bestowal :D :D

No, not just that.

It’s more. More.

The empathetic listening ear.
The generosity of a heart
that knows only to share.
The innocence of childlike fun :)
The enthralled enchantment in
simple pleasures of life.  :)

That is her. My Parukutty.

And, as she celebrates her first birthday, today,  as my “kutty” (child :) ), all I wish is that the Heavens keep her this lovely, always, this loving and always, but always, this lovable :)

14 October, 2012


I Know You’ll Dance…

(Lee Ann Womack’s beautiful song “I hope You’ll Dance”  is the inspiration for this title :) The video is embedded at the end of this post, dedicated entirely to an awesome dancer, in the family! The one who never sat out a single dance in the course of his life. My second born. Ashwin.

The steel grey Gucci Suit Wala Dancer – Ashwin!

Royal in Blue :) Ashwin!

This one, sweetheart, is just for you. The song, I know, was written with you in mind. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. This is getting to be really enjoyable, the build up each year, to 3 August; and I know this is one tradition I will keep, for as long as words allow themselves to be charmed into this space, for you. :) :) Tradition. For this blog too! )

Right, before I go ga ga all over again, over my Lion Cub, I do want to share those “traditions” :D. It started in 2009, with “The Right Age”, the went on to “For My Little One” (incidentally he’s a few millimetres short of being 6 ft tall :D :D ), to when he flew the coop, in “When Nestlings Fly”, and Metamorphosis and settled in with “Pride”  in 2010 and 2011, last year. And here is where he tells me it’s no fun doing something unless your mom says NO. So it is 3 August again, and, as my kids in school say, “his happy birthday”! :lol:

What can I say, or wish him, that I already have not? Would you believe, I can :D (Ah! and you thought, here she is, quite having run out of more words, will allow us to listen to that song, and be done wishing him! But oh no…!) Oh yes, I can! *gleeful, evil grin on her face, and she anticipates the dammed words waiting to break and flow* … pun intended! :lol:

Boy oh Boy! Am I going to enjoy this! *lifts fingers from keyboard long enough to rub her hands in glee* :D

So here goes… :)

Years before, as a timid, tiny lion cub, you always made me wonder how you’d find your feet. I know, NOW, I needn’t have worried! Your feline sense of balance would help you land, feet firmly on ground, steady as ever.

Today, I want to extract each memory, as if from a pensieve, each shimmering thought strand, playing out a favourite scene of you, of how you used to be, of how we used to be… :) (I wish I had those photos too, to go with these threads :), but could only manage these mobile pictures of photographs from the old albums :) )

Happy happy :)

Shmaille no, pleaaase?

You, Achukkutts…
… your grudging smile, reserved ONLY for family and Anu/Ani, the little girls from the ground floor of the barsati we lived in, in Delhi (Just look at you, above.. :D That is how you were most of time, till you turned about 2 and a half years old :P )

… of how you idolized your big brother, right from the beginning and how you fought so hard with him later; and how I’m accused even now ( :lol: ) of being partial :P :P

At NDA, for Arjun’s POP, Khadakwasla, Pune December, 2007! Love this picture :)

Awww… he would smile only for his family :) proof here!

Stolen from Malu’s collection :) The smiles were getting bigger and more uninhibited :)

Awww… :)

… of your reluctant, first, LATE baby step – so terrified of gravity – after having done EVERYTHING else in record time: turning over ALL by YOURSELF, in 2 months flat! IMAGINE!!! Never thought it would take you over a year to walk!

Achchante Kunjunni :)

… your charming smile; how everyone loved to see it; how hard they tried to make you, and how you just did NOT! :D Ask Chitta :)

… how once you discovered that smile, you showered it with so much joy on all and sundry, and how you still do… Padmaja Teacher (HOD, Social Science) refers to you even now as a “smiling baby” :P :P

… how you made friends slowly, and how they always were forever :D

Ashwin, second from right, along with Abey, Praveen and Hrithu :)

Ashwin Shining :D From an Onam Celebration picture at College. Ashwin in the Centre :)

Abey’s farewell treat? Or Hrithu’s? Standing: Govind, Hrithu; Sitting: Pious, Ashwin, Abey and Cezil :)

…how you make friends so darned fast, these days :D :D

… your Gita Chanting feats, and “Sherwood”, that memorable year, when you wowed me with your recitation! I still wonder at it!!!

… that proud moment, when you and Lakshmi became Vikramsila House Captains, and more so, the jubilant moment, when your house was Champion House!!! Those were days!!!
…how we pored over those Hotel Management courses, and that online test for MS Ramaiah! R.O.F.L.

… and how you went and became an engineer, with the huge rank you had :P :P, with a course you wanted, in a college you wanted! Oh yes! you had your guardian angel watching over you. Still do :) Achamma :)

…. and asking me if you could pierce your ears! High point. :D

…. and announcing you found your soulmate… boy! was I jealous :P :P!!! Not anymore, dont worry, N!! :D :D

Soulmates :)

…and growing wings, trying them out, and sailing out, smooth and fluent, and free…. :)

I miss you. But I know you’ve gotta do what you gotta do, and be where you have to be :) Life’s quirky ways. We know, don’t we, that’s the way we are, and no matter what you’ll always be the baby in my arms,

That tiny head, of the baby swathed in a pink wrap is YOU :D! At Viju’s wedding… all of 28 days :)

from twenty odd years ago, no matter you’re a hulking handsome young man now :) :) Hugs, big huge bear hugs, my dearest!

Clicked by Govind? Classic Hunk :D

Happy Birthday, Ashwin! You should be here, with me, considering this is the last bachelor party you’re going to have, for your birthday :D! May you be just as sweet, just as strong, just as fair, and just as loving, as you have always been. May God bless you and keep you safe, always. May you ever be loved, and may you always find love, in each and every moment of each day… especially when you’re down :) May you always be in high spirits, and may the world take its cue from you, on how to be the best you can! I do love you so!

I do love you! Bear HUG :D

And here it is finally:

“I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Womack :)

And another one, so so beautiful, it made my cry :)

My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

I found them both at this place :)

From 31 July to…1 August 2012
For 3 August, 2012.
Scheduled post :)


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