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Raining Joy

Day#21 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017! I am so glad I held off till now to post this Haiku (5-7-5), for it actually did rain, however briefly this morning! 🙂

(Here’s how 🙂 )

Trees tremble in rain

Like naughty tots in showers 😀

Simple precious joy! ❤


6 March, 2017



The Reluctant Rain (As Perceived by The Rambler)

Day, Setting: 24 April, 2015; thunder, lightning, the works; no rain

The Rambler muses:

There is something Godforsaken
Where I’m at
(#1- the nasty personal perspective)

Would you rather
The ripe paddy soaked?
Or the fertilizer sacks
Simply drenched?
(#2- The Practical Personal persona)

Heck! There’s water in our well
And lush green leaves throng
Them plants;
Some other place, most likely
Needs some water- more’n us.
pandering-to-others’-whims wala #3)

Well, whaddya know!
29 drops fell this day! Historic!

(Sarcasm alert #4)

How my heart,
It longs to drench in you!
(It’s the she’ll-never-learn-mushy-romantic #5)

Oh well! Tomorrow is another day!
It’ll rain yet!
(Gosh! A Scarlett O’Hara, nothing less!- #6)


The thunder and lightning played
To the fierce challenge of the winds.
She slept, that rambler,
And dreamt of the obvious.


Day, Setting: 25 April, 2015, a cool dawn

The Rambler is glad to report
This rain-rinsed morn
The Reluctant Rain-maker
Ran out of excuses.

And soaked in the aftermath
Of a memorable night of rain.

Dreams do come true!


25 April, 2015

Day#25 of #NaPoWriMo is deeply personal 🙂 as you can see 😀



If I could photograph
Each drop of rain, from whence it fell
Parting painfully from the cloud
Of like minded thoughts in drops

Falling down, down, down
Barely seeing.
Just zinging down.
Of a different sort.

If I could capture
The colours that drop caught,
In tandem with a million others…
Slip into the rainbow then,
And live those emotions.

If only, if only,
I could then save that drop.

From being spattered.

With my eyes, and through my lens
Keep it frozen, right there,
When it deflects, reflects,
Not genuflect to the scheming
Insanity of those who don’t
Quite know,

The magic.

The absolute beauty.

Of how that drop came to be.

15 June, 2014
Online, prowling the www, on FB, and seeing this picture on Jeevan Mohandas’ profile 🙂 🙂

my eyes


Rain – Again (Haiku)

Thundering, roaring
Pounding on mountains, rooftops
Cleansing, raging, rains!

Tried my hand at Haiku, a favourite form of verse yet again. This time to test something a fellow blogger and awesome poet/writer Aareet had developed, as a sort of Haiku-syllable-counting software.


You’ll enjoy trying your hand at creating one!

9 August, 2013