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Rain on…

Drop by tingling drop.
Shine, sparkle, tickle and slather.
Rush down, to meet the yearning land
Merge, soak, overflow
As do those emotions, storming
Whirling, tumbling, and then

Rain on, deep in the heart too.
There is too much that is parched;
That is yearning.

So that the scent of fresh love
Might, once again, draw me in
To you.

Online, on a rainy line of thought 🙂
22 February, 2011
It rained and rained, this lovely evening 🙂

Picture, courtesy, Google Images 🙂



It’s Spring-
Wafting music
And fragrance
In the warm air.

Only on the outside.

I wait, like the
Selfish Giant,
for Spring to visit-
My heart;

I wait, for the
Benediction of
A loving thought
that I know
will come.

I’ll wait;
For Spring
will not deny me.


I believe.

16 February, ’08

Re-post 🙂


When Memories Rain

It’s that time of year
When memories
Rain down on me-

Holding your little hands,
Running out into the rain,
Splashing, drenching,
Squealing, howling!

You two just loved the rain!

The years have flown by-
And this rainy afternoon
I sit, wrapped up in
Muffler and socks

At the open window
Feeling the tingling
Spray of the heavy rain,
In the light breeze…

Watching you play with
Other little hands in yours,
Little feet, and broad arms,
Linking and pulling
Squealing and rumbling-
Laughing and hooting!!

I’m glad, you still love the rain!

My heart warms at the sight
More than any woollens can do;

Am I glad, you two still love the rain!!

19 June, ’07

Pic: http://www.thousandfaces.net


To a Single Rose in a Vase

I see you in the corner-
breathing an aura of
colour and fragrance
into a large, sparsely furnished room.

Your quiet acceptance and
Your fortitude radiates into me,
and tells me that
despite the chaos my mind
reflects in my


Life must go on, and
there must be moments
such as this-
of self revelation
which give a richer
meaning to


22 June, ‘83


Picture: My brother’s; worked upon, on Photoshop, very amateurishly, by me!



An awed breathless gallop
Of a stallion,

Its mane lifting clear, erect,
Seen for a fraction of a second
Leaning forward…
Held uncontrollably in the air.

A quiet hush.
A sudden gasp.
A pain in the breath held still
To savour the moment.

And then-

A relapse,
A regression into the mundane.

A sigh in reproach.

7 Sept. ’83