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All the more stubborn
And yet more adamant

Recalcitrant, she sits
Well, if you could call

Lying back on over-sized pillows
Pursed lips, feigning indifference
Expressionless eyes, that
Hinted at molten emotion
Ready to spew from the
Volcano of suppressed feeling

The rumble within
(oh not of hunger)
Indicated the shifting
The steadying
Of deeply etched
Fault lines.

Lines, deepened over the years
From accusatory attacks
That range from the
“How could you!”s to the
“I never!”

Fault lines stay safe
When laved with empathy
Appreciative kindnessess
In the slow, slow spin
Through life.

And we all know
What happens,
When molten emotion
Is cooled-

Upheavals cease
Heat becomes warmth
Serenity pools, clear and sweet
From what once was
Foggy mists of feelings
Quite enveloping-
Sometimes confounding.

The warmth quite
Clears those mists of unreason
And fault lines quieten down

The rumbling ceases.

How can she be

7 March to 13 March (one of those *Class Writes 😛 )

Day#6 of #NaPoWriMo 🙂



This has got to be one of the silliest ever in terms of rhyme, so please bear with this rambler 😀

When words curdle
From their easy flow
It means your thoughts scramble
From feelings that strongly blow.

So letters detached
From words, once attached
Create mayhem in meaning
(And) the rambler in confusion, wondering…

What went sour?

The words?

Or their meaning?

26 September, through to 1 October 😀



I wear music
In notes you’ll never

Or notes
Perhaps, that you could have
But chose not to.

And so I shall touch
That soaring pitch
And watch you fall

Fall once more
In love, listening
To the colours you
Think you’ve painted me in…

And all the while
I wear the music
That my fingers strum
On chords taut with pain.

23 April, 2014
Online, when music moves and words blur;
All because of a song. Thanks to Dan Drake, who who shared this song 



I know. It IS absurd. I’ve even tagged it so. 🙂



A to Zee

Okay. I’m terribly envious. I’m on a roller-coaster of reads, and I wish, I so wish I could too. Do the A to Z April challenge. So I have decided, this day, I shall, and each of those 26 alphabets shall compress themselves into this one itty bitty mega post. Yes. I am an oxymoron. Today. Each day. More so since my little granddaughter has cast her magic spell over all of us 🙂

Let’s start at the very beginning
(I never claimed to be original, please to note 😛 )

A life is made, A word is welded, A blog post is imploding here
But wait, a bit, a wee bit, I promise, there be something more 😀
Catcalls you may make, this curiously empty write you may mock
Do what you will, I’ll take it all, so long as you read 😛
Eccentric and silly I am;  but exit not, till I’m done (I’m a beggin’ you, pwetty please?)
Feel the desperate madness of this blogger who cannot blog 😆
Give in to that plea, made in all earnestness
However nonsensical you think this here’s going to be 😀
I vow never again to bother you this way
Just this once? Pretty please?
Kill time, just like that… you never know what inspiration may strike!
Let these words simply soothe; let those urges to kill me be subdued 😀
Maybe you will, maybe you won’t; (My Meggie has by back, by the way! :D)maybe you’re still here? (Yayyy! *pumps fist* )
Needless to say, I’m honoured by your presence, your persistence, your generosity!
Overwhelmed, actually.
Perhaps your loyalty has been put to test – I assure you it’s
Quite by accident that this inspiration struck!
Reading all those A to Z posts, especially from
Shail whose posts always are thought-provoking, Count Santulan’s. that make you drool :D, Sashu’s that strum your heart strings!
Then there’s
Uma’s words that make a connect and
Vinay, whose stories mesmerize!
Wait, I have more names to mention, but sadly the letters all have been taken!!!
Xanadu is where I am (I got the best bodyguards there, incase you’re after me with stick and brick! 😛 ), now that I’m near the end of the silliest ramble EVER here 😛 ; but Hey!
You don’t have to drop in everyday, now that you’ve reached up till here!

Zee blogger of zis blog is ze very very happy, if you’ve reached here, and reading this line 😆

Take a bow! This is in honour of each an every blogger engaged in the A to Z April Challenge! You guys and gals are passionate writers! Keep ’em words a-coming! All good wishes to you all!

4 April, 2014
Blame it on the fact that I no longer have to be serious! My baby granddaughter has given me the license to talk nonsense 😀 😀



Those words-
They roam – restless spirits
While burgeoning,
Suffocating feelings
Try to pin them down.

The tumult, within,
Of these wandering, wayward
Wanton, vagabonds-

They will not let me be.

I shift.
Bend. Struggle.

And my heart fills.
Chest constricts.

The lull.

The eye of this hurricane
It is too still.

My dearest
You’d better stick around
To pick up the pieces.


22 February, 2014

When papers chain one down, the only thing to do is go bonkers, with writes like these 😀