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When My Eyes Close

… at the end of each day, I resist. And force them open. I remember that song from Aerosmith, part of the OST of “Armageddon” that I have always loved, “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”.

I know you’ll love this song too. I know we have the mushy forever, that Stephanie Meyer glorified, and Edward and Bella played out. I know we have no reason to repeat those quiet and soulful sweet nothings we always do. I know. You know too.

Yet we do, don’t we? When our eyes close at the end of the day, literally, we still do. And hold those moments a bit longer. Let it linger on our lashes, as they intertwine. I can see you, as you read this you tilting your head, and wondering at that picture. Like, lashes intertwining? Ours? The Physics of it. You’ll ask. I’ll show you, I tell you. When.When? You’ll prompt. Ahan. When. I’ll murmur.

How I love these conversations. Especially when you go on one of your you-only road trips. The ones that you say you want me along too. But I do understand how much you want to do that in your space, in your time, in your heart – which of course carries mine, while staying here with me! You’re going to smile that smile now, aren’t you? And discuss more Physics, with the next call? I love physics, especially our kind, the times we discuss the how of things, ultimately deciding, yes. Yes. Anything’s possible, so long as we two are in on it! I’m going to hit send now. 🙂 Without saying the obvious.


When my eyes open

… it is your message in the inbox I find, after groping for and putting on my glasses. I simply lie back and taste you in words; feel those lashes too. I’ll take your Magic over any Physics, any day love. Don’t you know it too? I’ll look up that song, and even though I don’t know it, I shall save it as your ringtone. Your forever is mine too. Duh. So who’s Stephanie Meyer? Someone who borrowed ours? And took all the money for it? I can hear you laugh, I can! I wish I could touch it too.

This space, this world, this me, dear one, is you too. Because you give it to me. And your world of your music and stories is just as much mine, when you tell them to me; when you sing them in those heartbeats of yours, and in the passion of your eyes. That is education enough for me, in case you wondered. I remember you quoting a line from some poem you loved; strange, or is it really?, that I remember only this much- Give to me the life I love and let the lave, or love?, go by me… then something to do with wealth and stuff, and finally, the Heaven above and the road below me. It stirs something within me, as I remember. Suddenly I want to simply sit with you, and listen to you reciting it to me. Explaining. Your hands thrown up, this way and that, as you emphasize your ideas. The way you poke me when you think I’m not paying attention. You know I’m there don’t you?


The only sound at that moment was quiet laughter, along with happy sighs. She calls him as day had begun for each. When suddenly she opened her ears too. A tap on her door. A familiar song. Not really!


Hi! he says. I’ve come to test the physics of the Theory of the Eyelashes. I’ve also brought you tea.

The Day dissolves into more magical Physics. 🙂

10 August, 2013

Cheat post, this one, for I have been too tired to post any new write. One more day to recover 🙂 Meanwhile, recycling an personal favourite 😀 Thank you for your patience 🙂


february ramblings

Day#7 of #RamblingsInFebruary 🙂


No Fairy Tales, Please

… I’m a non believer. I couldn’t ever stand those saccharine love syrup stories of Cindrella, Beauty or even Sleeping Beauty. If you ask me, they deserved every bit of suffering they got. Really! Why is it that the people who seem to “suffer” by accident of birth, circumstance or exploitation are the ones held up for sympathy and denouement of their situation? Why about that Stepmother, or The Queen, or That Beast… Rumplestilskin, the Witch… they’d worked pretty hard for what they wanted, and we’ve only been told that this is what they wanted.

Yes, I’ve railed against many a “bad” character in the Fairy Tales, and enjoyed their comeuppance too, as a child, but as I grew, a bit older, and found that there could be stories for them being that way, I guess I became a turncoat, much to the irritation of my genteel fable loving friends.

You know there was this guy in class, who’d eye his juniors, the pretty ones (girls!) and devise ways to get an intro’ or corner them for a chat. My friends were out and out hostile towards him, poor guy! He was one of those on-the-verge-nerd+needed-to-get-a-life kinda guy. Obviously, there wasn’t much affection going around for him. Neither did the giggling juniors stay for enough time to be strung up for victory 😀

It became my mission in life, by then, that dratted turncoat I had become, to defend him.

So what, I’d tell my friends, he’s pretty Ok, and he’s not chasing you people!

Exasperated, they’d just give me murderous looks and walk away. I knew I was soon going to have to join him, for these friends weren’t going to stand for much more of this from me! I decided to find out what made him tick. Putting on my best face, sincerely, I caught up with him on the corridor, during lunch break. Predictably, he was lounging on the corner of the eighth grade classes. I wondered, instantly, when a teacher would notice him, and summon him for an inquisition.

Hi, I said, what’s up?

Nothing, he said, brightening up.

Your sister’s in eighth? (Deliberately, that one!)

He gave me a strange look, but his ears turned a bit pink. A cousin, he said.

Ah! I wondered, I’ve seen you here quite regularly, so I thought it must be a brother or sister. (I hoped he’d understand why I asked him only for sister 😀 )

You know, I think she’s absent today, he said suddenly, as he made to leave.

Quickly I laid a hand on his forearm, apologetically, and explained why I was there. Just to help. And wanting to get to the bottom of it. I was astounded at my own temerity. I mean you don’t really tell people you’re watching them watching others! Sigh. I really needed to control my own thoughts and words!

The shock on his face cannot be described. Yeah, he was shocked alright. You mean, you’ve been errr… observing me? His dumbfoundedness at the thought of himself being an object for survey had a tinge of pleasure I thought. Hmmmm, he went, speculatively.

I got the message. You see, I realize how this being a very patriarchal society (my English teacher goes on and on endlessly about it!), a guy being told this would certainly get interested in the one who asked him. Escpecially if that person was a girl. Me.

I stood my ground and said yeah, I have. So what? I’m only trying to help. D’you know people kind of say things about you?

What’s that to you, he was even more astonished.

Well, for one, what you’re trying to do must have a reason. I’m going to take up anthropology later, after school, and I’m starting my research now. Let’s put it that way, shall we? And boss, you’re creeping out a lot of people too! Why don’t you start making friends where there’d be people you could relate to?

He grinned. I wondered how many people actually would have spoken to him at all, him being who he was, and seen to be doing what others perceived him to be. Self awareness is a powerful too. (My English teacher again! She does make sense sometimes!)

I’m sure I’ve been someway responsible (I’m pretty high on self esteem – pun intended! Wouldn’t my teacher love to read that? ) because gradually, the stalker of Class eight became a good friend.

I stretched my arms above my head, my neck too, up and back, my legs out in front… joints creaking ominously from the time spent hunched over the table. Warm hands ran down and up my arms, reaching down then to cup my face, and drop a kiss, from the top, on my forehead. Done for today? One more chapter, I said. You know, I’m at the Class eight corner, just now.

Devil, he said, pulling me up. Let’s graduate from there, to your anthropology classes. Thank me for taking you up on your offer.

My proposal you mean. He rolled his eyes. You certainly are my Prince Charming, he said, quite clearly. Shall we now ride away into the sunset? Or the night? 

6 February, 2016, to 7 February, 2016

Day#6 of #RamblingsInFebruary – getting more nonsensical these days.

february ramblings

Serendipity, it would appear (and it is only now that I discover it, 😀 ) I wrote this (LINK) on 7 February last year. Day 7 there, and titled, wait for it… “Fairy Tale” Honest to goodness that is a revelation! 😀