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He added to her existence as she negated his, from hers. His time divided, as it was, into his own pursuits, knowing her to be the common denominator of his life, and therefore dependable, was never hers in a way that quite eroded the precarious balance she maintained. The progression, quite undramatic, yet consistent, step by step devalued that common denominator, until it quite disappeared.

You know what you get, when a whole is fractured with no denominator, don’t you?

And the Master thought he had solved all the problems, by fitting them into neat identities, pigeon-holed to perfection, not anticipating that his creation would be the nemesis that creations are, to all creators. One step ahead, always heading into resultant chaos.

So it was with them. The carpet when pulled from under one’s feet, is not a pleasant experience, as when the one on top loses that denominator. Forget balancing – finding their own numbers, and places would have been enough.

If the Master so desired.

She handed in her Math paper, with equanimity, a hint of a smile playing out. It was the most daring thing she’d ever done. She stifled a giggle. The only one. She couldn’t wait to see the response on the teacher’s face. Fatalistically, she visualized the explosion, the flurry of calls, the summons to the HM’s room, the inquisition, the referrals, the gentle invasion into her mind, the well-meaning pitiful looks for the wispy, geeky, frail nobody of a girl.

Now they’d take note. A sudden rush of love, for herself, overwhelmed her.

11 February, 2016

february ramblings

Day#11 of #RamblingsInFebruary – this one goes beyond surreal. That’s why these are called ramblings 😛