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Spring is in the Air

For wont of repeating a title already used here, Love is in the Air (LINK – dedicated to a young newly married best friends couple of the elder son 🙂

So, to Spring. The season, which begets new life, new breath, new ummnhhhnn… feelings, shall we say, and not use the “L” word yet? 😛

The Basant Rithu (बसंत ऋतु), Ponn Vasantham (പൊന്‍ വസന്തം), as we see it in or “know” it in India is the time when there is blossoming, and fragrances of sweet sweet emotion in the air. So why am I waxing lyrical about the season?

For one, I do that pretty well – ramble, sometimes lyrically, sometimes wax nonsensically too 😛 A second reason is the way the season sprang on me this morning – when I actually thought of breathing new life to this space, that has been rather badly neglected. Thanks to Shail’s invitation to join her in the “February – a month of ramblings” mission again, this year. The #FebruaryFlows, or the #RamblingsinFebruary (LINK) was the first ever challenge I managed to complete – so it is with the past success in mind and the hope that the words will visit, when I have time on my hands (and that I have time each day 😀 ) that this year too, I shall spruce up, and let Spring into this garden 🙂 🙂

february ramblings

Sigh. The thought of Spring, the knowing of February, and the L word pops up! How can it not! So, it is with Love: Khalil Gibran puts it so well, in “Song of the Rain”

So with love –
Sighs from the deep sea of affection;
Laughter from the colorful field of the spirit;
Tears from the endless heaven of memories.

I’ll let the tears and memories wait for now. It’s the beginning of the Love Story here. Stories. These are going to be my ramblings this month I’ve decided for now. I hope I don’t change my mind, but if I do, I’ve already told you I might 😛 😛

Chapter one is a Haiku 🙂

She peeked through lashes

Eloquently silent; Love

Enveloped him!

Lets see if the Spring Season with spring a few surprises, spur me on with this story, nascent in thought, wispy tendrils of the narrative slowly forming, perhaps to blossom, for real 🙂

A toast, then to The Season. Spring. The Flowering of Feelings. Gently leading into Love. For Love!

Anniversary Wishes to a beautiful person, and her equally wonderful partner through Life. Nandini and Gopichettan, may the togetherness of your days find more meaning yet, as you voyage on to new adventures and happinesses 🙂 🙂

1 February, 2016

The sequel is here (LINK)

(Under 500 words! *pumps fist in air* 😛 )