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… is also where you may find it most of the times 🙂 So let me guess what you’re probably wondering, given that this rambler has made a habit of taking the long way to getting to the point.

A friend? A heist? An opportunity? That house you spent an age hunting? That kirana you were told about where you might get narangamittai?? Alright, alright, I’ll let you into that direction where I’ll ultimately get to what I want to say, except that I might not, given how much I get off the track 😛 😆 And yes, I shall try and control the urge to spread smileys like they fell off an 18 wheeler, on the corner of my page. Pakka. See, I’m not grinning, though I so badly want to!

Back to the blog. And the roundabout route. Around the corner, most times, here on this blog, is where you find love. Love. Loads of it. Even in the angst there is that. And I’ve been thinking, as this has been the chosen theme (whether it stay chosen you’ll know by the 29th day! ) it’s bound to turn up sooner or later, again, and all over again 🙂

Yesterday, in Chapter One, (LINK) She peeked, and he was enveloped 🙂 Remember the physics of light, and how light can bend? What if they were at right angles on that metaphysical corner?


Chapter Two

She’d always known about him. Not known. But felt.  Unassuming, yes, but with a quiet ferocity of steel running through the line of his sight, as he engaged in various activities, in conversations, in debates, in jokes shared with mutual pleasure, in the circle of his many close friends. She was the extrovert, and always thought him to be the introvert, no matter what debate he got into. She’d never been able to catch his eye, ever. Except for brief, casual acknowledgements in general discussions.

It wasn’t that he was shifty-eyed. He just did not notice. Deliberate? She gave a mental shrug. It didn’t matter, but it rankled. Inadequacy wasn’t in her and he made her feel that way. Something not quite there. So she was determined to make him “see”.

No less than the Apsaras of yore, she set out, with that determination to warm the steel, and sneak a smile, in fun, out of him. The direct approach seemed best. So, one day, at the end of the English class, she walked up to him. He was turned the other way, laughing at some wisecrack his neighbour made.

Hi, Pratap, I was wondering if you’d be interested in the debate that’s coming up. Ma’am said we could form a group here, and…

Oh, hi, errr… Lekha, which debate would that be? His smile had sort of frozen. If she didn’t know better, she’d say he felt awkward. But she’d seen him and his easy camaraderie so this was surprising. Hmmmmm, she thought. Interesting. 

The one during the anti-corruption week. Ma’am said she’d wanted the class to be represented, in one of the teams, and everyone’s fed up of the corruption topic, so I can’t find anyone who’d join. You want to try? Sneaky, sneaky, nonchalantly, that one. She was dying for him to say yes.

Now Pratap was at the corner, wondering if he should turn. Lekha had caught his eye and fancy, quite earnestly for a while now, and in typical adolescent fashion, he did what the guys normally don’t do. Made this grand attempt at feigning disinterest. He did not reckon with a similar interest from the object of his own. (The rambler writes, Imma dyin’ to use a smileyyyyy!!!!!)

Oh. Okay. What’s the plan?


Finis 😀 Sometimes, all it takes is two short chapters, and the story is told 😛

Day#2 of #RamblingsInFebruary 🙂

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2 February, 2016

Chapter ONE (LINK)