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Never the way

It’s supposed to be.

Straight? Narrow?

Sometimes, too much.

Other times, blurred lines

Being lost in open space.

Pigeon-holes and square pegs

Dress-ups, for all nighters,

Revelry, all alone.

Or Wallflower prominent

At ’em raves.

The only balance I’ve ever found

Is while riding my bike.

Wind in my hair 

Dust in my wake…

Then’s when, I’m never odd.


16 April, 2018, Day#15 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018

The muse, I know is sending them #smh signals 😛 at the way the writes pretend to be verse. She knows its worse 😀



Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

6 thoughts on “Odd

  1. Evens of odds make them even
    (Is that the origin of ‘EvenSteven’?)
    ‘Tis good to be odd
    None of us can be god
    But then, either, we can’t be demon!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I want to break this façade
    Even at the cost of being called odd
    Always wished to take a path less trod
    For i never can be a pea in a pod.

    Wind in my hair and dust in my wake throws up a pretty picture of gAy abandon.

    Liked by 2 people

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