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A storm in a bottle

Tossed on calm seas

Wishing the pent up fury

Would move the ocean’s floor.

Not to be, not to be.

For, I’ll always, but always be

That larger-than-life-Irony

Turbulence seething

Stagnating in still waters.


02 April, 2018 – Day#2 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018

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A Fool For You

April is here again. And the blog is back on track, hopefully to fulfil yet another #NaPowriMo – That’s National Poetry Writing Month, in blogdom 🙂 There’ll be all kinds that pass for the said genre. Poetry, maybe 😀 So here goes, already a day late, so two posts banta hai having found a sudden fount of words while invigilating a class of 12 students only 🙂 Got them on paper, before they scurried off in the wayward winds of procrastination!

#1 A Fool For You

Play me any way you wish.

Blow hot. Blow cold.

Storm. Rage.

Bruise me, head banging.

Hard. Soft. Punk.

I’ll play along.

For, I know the notes.

You only belt the song.

Almost always missing that

Right note.

And yet, I play along.


You know why, don’t you?

02 April, 2018, Day#1 of the #NaPoWriMo, 2018