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This one is the… most unweildy?.. one, yet. On this blog you’ll find that such things are possible, especially when you think they aren’t. So, with you kind permission, I shall, umnh, continue. *Fingers crossed* 😁


The end. Ah.

But, that’s where it begins.

Whether you go out

With a sibilant hisssss

Or the unvoiced fricative* shhhh.

All things end.

The price of Mortality

Even if you’re the Bard

Proclaiming living record**

Till Doomsday.

All things end.


Fancy spelling, for an un-fancy closure.

But yeah, things don’t go away.

Thoughts, memories…

Deep in memory’s cache

Deeper yet, into racial consciousness…

Thought, notion, judgement

They grow roots.

You thought

This is it.


Not so.

Even if the glottal fricative /h/

Has been swallowed

You’re here, aren’t ya?

So, here’s to more


Go on

Turn that hourglass, on its head!

05 April, 2018, Day#6 of #NaPiWriMo, 2018


*Phonetic description of the sibilant phoneme that says /sh/

**The Bard (Shakespeare)’s Sonnet on “Of Marble and Gilded Monuments” – he ascribes an everlasting life, for poetry, and the memory of his friend

*** Phonetic description of the /hhhhh/ sound 🙂

Unapologetic, about these references. I loved phonetics while doing my graduation, and the PG courses, so I’m glad the muse brought them along 🙂

Here’s a ready reckoner of descriptions and symbols, if you’re interested 🙂


Finis 😛