A Quest on Overdrive … :)

An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)



In her house,
The thumb ruled.

The thumb rule was simple.

He ruled. Even the roost.

Her mother’s, hers,
Even her grandmother’s heads
Were just thumb-pin heads.

Place thumb. Push. Hard.
And they’d stay, where the
Loam of conformity,
That filled the house,
Was soft and yielding.

One day, the thumb-pin
That she was, decided to look
At the world.

The pointy tip peeked
From under the broad umbrella head
Loved what she saw, and
(no surprise at all, if you knew her!)
Turned topsy-turvy 😛

Such joy, she’d tell you,
Such joy!

And when He saw, horrified
That one dared point out(ward)
In typical fashion, knee jerked,
With his thumb…

Only to feel the prick
And see the bubble of blood form
Pull his thumb back…



Never ever taking that
ONE for granted, ever again.

There are thumbs, everywhere
Looking for pins to push.

Perhaps, it’s better to be neither.

Let’s just be we.

7 April, 2018, Day#7 of the #NaPoWriMo, 2018. This is the weirdest one yet, no? That’s what comes of trying to get a Muse under your thumb. 😛