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Easing Out

Tickety-tock, clickety-clock

Clichés count the ways

To ease into familiarity.

Content, into comfort.

Except, one forgets, how

Familiarity leads to

The gentle ground

Of an easy contempt.

It’s perhaps the most oft narrated story.

The one of swampy marshlands

Sinking simple joys

Bleakness of dim lights of indifference

That no amount of pretence can relieve.

Are you stuck in one?

Tell me, do you want out?

Or has the darkness of that comfort

Become habit, and easing out

Is no longer worthy of your effort?

03 April, 2018, Day#5 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018



Owning up. Facing IT.

That one thing-

Limpet-like, IT follows.

You’re dead beat.

So you tuck it

Under your pillow

(Which you pummel

In the hope, IT shall flee)

Never shall that be.

You maybe dead beat

To deal with that

Overwhelming, debilitating

Crippling listlessness…

So, each day,

You lag, limp through.

Avoid, burrow, confound.

Till, finally, you’re that.


There’s no running away from IT.

03 April, 2018 Day#4 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018