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Naughts and Crosses

Three lines down

Three across.

Evenly spaced.

(The spaces are important, you see:

You forget that, most times.)

Lines drawn, you begin the game.

Helps, if there’s a partner

Double guessin’ ain’t much fun!

Even if you are many persons in one!

I naught, you cross

Three times, each,

Covert, overt, anticipating

Never putting them where expected

Or even where you want to.

It’s not my game

It’s what you are playing…

And yet –

Did we lay out a line of three?

Or did you cross my naught

Or maybe your line of crosses

Came to naught, when they intervened.

Cubed with naughts and crosses

The gridline is a grim graph

Where victory is a formula

You have no clue about

Yet you play, knowing full well

Them naughts and crosses

Could be more, maybe less

But, heck! The do teach you

A thing about being at the

Right place, at the right time

Bearing your cross,

Even if, inside, you’re naught 🙂


14 April, 2018, Day#14 of #NaPoWriMo, running two days late 😛