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For the longest time ever

I looked for you.

Then, up to you.

You were all that, that,

So much of it.

Overwhelmed, I wondered

What have I done, to deserve you!

Wrapped close, closer still…

The arms simply wouldn’t let go.

Slowly, I began to look,

Over your shoulder…

Edging out, I began

To look away.

There was much here,

I could not afford.

Why must choice be so costly?

Why. Oh yes, ask away

Smirked my inner voice.

Your heart’s caged,

But, tell me, do you want to be free?


I’m stumped for clarity

On that answer.

Captive or free,

Love, or even what passes for it,

Has hollowed out a niche….

But whenever I look

Why can I not glimpse

The Hallowed Us?


08 April, 2018, Day#8 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018

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