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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)


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Nightmare are no fun
We’re agreed.
Yet you love horror
While I lose it
At the very mention!

Strange, then,
How horror rescues you
And you dream
In Technicolour.

And I, safe in fairy tales
Mush and goo
Unfailingly flail
When, finally, I sleep
Screaming, voiceless
Cringing, in a nightmare.

Wanting only to push myself
Back into your arms
And let your dreams
Obliterate my nightmare!

18 April, 2021, Day#18 of #napowrimo 2021

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

One thought on “Rescued

  1. Go to sleep in a fairy tale
    Dream about catching a tiger’s tail
    The tiger turns into a teddy
    Safe, secure and cuddly
    And a mandala presented in diligent detail!

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