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New Beginnings

Now that’s tautology
If you know
What I mean.

A beginning is
New, ain’t it?

A fresh start.
Even if it’s a journey
Made before.

(Like the New year
A birthday
An anniversary?)

The players
The components
The frame,
Unchanged, maybe?

But Time
And Space
And persons
They acquire
A sheen.
A dimension.

That shifts,
Ever so subtly,
The direction,
The very centre
Of gravity.

So here we are
Symbolically, a witness to
Colour, profusion, joy
Harvesting memories,
To sow a glade.
Solitude’s bower.

A new year.
It’s upon us.

This space, this verse
Wishes each of you
Beautiful new beginnings
Golden harvests, Peace, Prosperity!

We remember with gratitude
Dr BR Ambedkar,
Hoping he never pales
Into whitewashed history…

Wishes to Elsie Teacher
In Heaven’s fold.
Oh! How dearly we hold you
In our hearts!

Harvests and sowing
Is what today’s about!
Here’s wishing
That our farmers
On the frontline
May be blessed
To go back to
What they’re meant…

May we all be blessed
This Day.

14 April, 2021 Vishu, Elsie Teacher’s Birthday (LINK), Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s birthday, Harvest festivals and Day#14 of #Napowrimo 2021 🤩

Vishu aashamsagal ❤️
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