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Of Soul Sisters…

She happened to me
As family does,
Unbeknownst, but
Bound in a way
That is simply

A friend. With whom
Words, silences, proximity, distance
Were mere phases
Of a gorgeous moon.

From darknesses
To pearly promises of blushing dawn,
She’s been the Still Point,
The North on the Compass,
A strong centre of
Unfailing gravity…

Her loved ones know this.
Have felt this.

She’s Earthwoman,
Grounding you in sense.
Growing you in encouragement.
Breathing life into you
When despair strikes.
Nourishing your spirit
As you prepare, exhausted,
To fall my Life’s wayside.

Oh Omana! Please know
How much you mean
To so many of us!

Have we been worthy
Of that affection, of that love
You’ve shared, all along?

May your life grow richer!
May you be loved, as never before!
May the sum of all your blessings
Come back, manifold, to you!

Advance wishes on your birthday, just 3 days away!

And wishing you a fulfilling time as you retire from teaching at the end of April!

15 April, 2021 Day#15 of #napowrimo 2021 celebrates a dear friend and colleague, Omana Vasudevan.

We go back to over a quarter of a century, as colleagues and more, a dear friend, a soul sister! She retires after nearly 25 years, at Bhavan’s Poochatty, on 30 April 2021.

She’s an amazing artist, and poet, writes beautifully in Malayalam, one of the most upbeat, no nonsense, fun persons I’ve been blessed to know! We can talk for hours, then even if we never met for ages, we can simply pick up where we left off – just like that That’s who were are. That’s who she is. A blessing. A soul sister.

Dearest Omana, you will be missed, at school, but don’t you worry, we shall be at your doorstep every so often, for your company ❣️

Lots of love
Usha ❤️

That’s Us!
Still getting done! For Her! ❣️