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The now is a story

Far away, out of reach

Of yester-eve.

You were there

In my arms

A smitten twosome

Like no other.

Arrogant, in love.

They say, don’t they, that

Pride does go before a fall.

So it was. We fell, when you did.

And what a fall is this!

A heartbeat’s pause.

A breath half drawn.

A blink of

Teardrop tipped lashes

That’s all it takes to become a memory.


Smitten we are.

Still. I know.

Reaching for the other

Still arrogant

Knowing, so certain,

When it’s time

We’ll find each other’s arms.


25 April, 2021, Day#25 of #napowrimo 2021

Today’s is free hand 😬😍
And this is Naina’s. A mandala fell from the sky, she says, and all the *critters* are waiting to get it, some surprised, some eager, some waiting to drink it! ❣️🥰 Her stories are like no other!