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Are they!
Exquisite petals
Scented with innocence
Coloured, spritzed with
Sweetness, sass, spice
Smiles that shower confetti
Of pixie dust, fairies, gnomes, goblins
Happy denizens
In stories they live.

They smile, the world is joyful.
A dark cloud upon their brow
And the very ground trembles
Beneath …

O sweet child, of my child…

Thank you
For the second chances
You give

So that I may
Love my child
Just a bit more
Because of you!

Grand! That’s
You! You! You!

Children of light, love, laughter!
May you always be so!

7 April, 2021 Day#7 of #napowrimo 2021

An ode to my beautiful Grandbabies Naina, Naira and Dhruv. N2D