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Dearest Arjun

It’s that time of the year again. 12 th of April. Your birthday. Your first one, as a ‘family’ man! I still can’t get over how you now qualify to be called one (that’s a very Malayalee usage by the way!)

It’s the fourth year, I think, that I’ve been doing this (oh yes, and in case you want to catch up on any you’ve missed, click on Blog Tradition, on the menu bar and find them. Shouldn’t be too difficult, considering they would all be on 11th or 12th April 😛 ); adding a slice of nostalgia on the cake of celebrating birthdays and occasions 🙂 ;wanting to do this. Something to remember, to savour, to rejoice in, to celebrate and all of it, because I’m so darned proud to call you my son.

This year, I almost went back to the time you were born, and started writing of each special, interesting, zany, fun thing you did. I realized I’d never finish  And that I’d lose each patient reader here after the 500th word. I came to my senses, saved that post as fodder for another time… hehehe, and finally started over again 🙂

Arjun at 28 days, then 5 months, with Mush, and Ammumz and that Classic one with the telephone :)

Arjun at 28 days, then 5 months, with Mush, and Ammumz and that Classic one with the telephone 🙂

I want to remember how special a year this has been, right from this day. Your birthday, last year. And to continue the blog traditon, let me ramble on some more!

I found some of your old pictures, and lovingly went over each memory, only to find that it IS possible that love continues to grow exponentially 🙂 It’s the only thing that does, other than debts unpaid, with interest accruing fast 😀 Not a fine choice of comparison there, but then I know you’ll appreciate it 😀 You always do!

Poses, poses :D

Poses, poses 😀

Thank you for telling me, “I got your back”, and then going on to do the same, each time we faced an obstacle in the minefield that was last year. I can now laugh a lot of it away, but then, at that point in time, it was very hard to hold it all together. You were the reason, the glue… and that makes me want to sing the ‘Faavicoll’ song. To re-word, “Tere photo ko seene se mein lagaa loon, Faavicoll se” 😛 ! A big huge bear hug to you, Kunju!!!

Bada Bhai, and Naughty Bhai Bhi!

Bada Bhai, and Naughty Bhai Bhi! And a little girl bhai bhi 😀

Thank you for the parenting I so badly needed.

Thank you for telling me it’s ok to mutiny, and engineering it so darned beautifully, I did actually manage to do some of it.

Thank you for the lessons in philosophy you live – though I fail to see the rationale behind it, I simply know it works.

You’ve been through fire, and back, and yet, you’re still soft marshmallow inside, crumbly soft, yet with that thread of steel, I sometimes detect. I know I’ll never have that strength you carry, but I rejoice that it is there for me, if at all I need to draw from it. Thank you for that.

Thank you for the laughter riots we have, especially when Ash begins his Spelling Bee sessions 😆

Thank you for being everything for Ashwin too, and for all that you will ever be. And for being another duplicate brother to Neeti :P!  I think you’ve parented all of us admirably 🙂 This here speaks of the Ram Lakhan the brothers are 🙂


Ashwin and his 'bro'"

Ashwin and his ‘bro'”

Arjun, the duplicate brother to Neeti :)

Arjun, the duplicate brother to Neeti 🙂

Thank you for that 20 m long VGA cord, and the wonderful time we had setting up stuff around home.

Thanks for being the Alpha of the Fantastic Foursome 🙂 How wonderfully close you have been to the others, and ensured that it stayed so!

Awesome Foursome!

Awesome Foursome!

Thank you, evermore, for Parukutty. You had to pick a gem, you couldn’t not otherwise, could you? We’re together, all of us, because of you 🙂 Thank you… 🙂

Arjun and his Parukutty :)

You still have the sunniest nature I know, and the most generous as well! Each year I grow prouder of you, not because of anything else, but that you are slowly finding yourself. And when I think you’re there, and have found the Po Inner Peace, you go and do stuff like this 😀

So you, Arjun!

So you, Arjun!

Seriously, Arjun, sometimes I wish you’d never grow up! But then that’s the way you are, 11 years old! Remember? And I’m 12. Amen to this. I don’t suppose we’ll ever grow older than that, no matter what 🙂 Let’s shake on that 🙂

There is so much more I want to add, people I want to bring in here, but I guess I’m already overwhelmed and over the top :D.

What did I forget? Ah.

Happy Birthday my dearest Arjun. I know it’s a cliche…what else, to be doing this year over year. But this one’s a special one.
I hope you are blessed to be able to lose more weight as time goes by, and soon. Help!
I pray that the secure hands of those you love will always be there to guide, support and help you along.
I wish you all good health, and peace, and happiness, and loads and loads of fun 🙂
I know that with Paru by your side, and her hand in yours, you two will walk together, and meet destiny with a smile, and a roar of laughter, no matter what… 🙂

I wish you love. Always. And a day a after forever.

I do love you so.


11th April, for 12th April, 2013

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

23 thoughts on “Reciprocation

  1. Happy birthday Arjun! Hope you have a blast! and there is cake being smeared on your face, loads of gifts, food with friends and family, and an enjoyable weekend to follow up with..


    • Thanks Hrishi! Would you believe, all of that really happened!!! Especially the cake smearing, something that I’m not very fond of! Not because of anything else, but that it’s wonderful food wasted. 😦 Still, he had , and we did too, a great time!!!


  2. Abbah


  3. Heart-warming 🙂 Love to Arjun ❤ Birthday Wishes!!


  4. So nice to go through those cherished moments of a happy family. Birthday greetings to Arjun. God bless the family! 🙂


  5. Aww a mothers heart 🙂
    love ya Usha 🙂
    hey those cutie pies grow up so quickly!!
    enjoyed looking at the pics from their childhood and whoa the handsome dudes they are now..
    wishing Arjun all the happiness, love, and luck in the world. May god bless him:)


  6. Ushus this is one of your most heartfelt posts ever. the love of amma shining through for her little one and how! all the pride for her cub ever so visible…and the cub protecting the pride eh?:) blessed is this pride… …..touchwood. many , many wishes for you and yours not just for this special day but all through life.:)


    • Indy, you know how it is. When it comes to the kids, I can only wax eloquent, not just mush and goo, but all of those scrapes they get into 😀 Thank you for the wishes, so very much! Hugs!!!


  7. So touched…some tears pop out now ! The mother in me has gone mushy mushy !
    So well explained how we draw strength from our children…I love it Usha !

    “Thank you for the parenting I so badly needed.” – Double like on this one. Now I feel like telling this to my daughter 🙂

    ((Super tight hugs mommy)) – you’ll feel it better in person 😀


  8. I have got a happy feeling now, reading this post of yours Usha! Smiled at seeing your Arjun in a girl’s dress! I have got one photo of my son in a girl’s dress! He makes faces whenever he sees the photo!

    So many happy memories….He was Kunju and he has got a Kunji now! My son was called Kunjoos when he was a baby! Some people in the family address him like that even now…again, he makes faces!

    Arjun sounds like a pillar of strength for the family! God bless the whole family, Usha.

    My whole hearted love to the new baby, Kunji too!

    Your sons are blessed to have you around to give a booster on every birthday! You know to express your love in beautiful words! Great!


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