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Because you loved me…


These words, hauntingly beautiful, and profoundly meaningful touch me today, as I think of the wonder you have been, in my life. You, Arjun, and you Ashwin 🙂 And what better day than today to tell you both this, I thought, when Arjun’s special day is here! Again, so happily again 🙂 🙂

The lyrics are here, sung in the inimitable magical loveliness of Celine Dion’s exceptionally tender voice: Because you loved me…

On Youtube, here it is:


My Sun Child
Each moment of your being
Has been a wonder of a journey
Lessons learnt with you
Joys shared with you…
The tremors of tears, seemed less shattering
When held close in your love…
And the light of your eyes, they blotted many
A dark day’s travails

On yet another threshold you now stand
The brink of another discovery in life
New paths to traverse, new passages to chart
New voyages to set sail upon!

You know, don’t you, my dearest
You’ll still be held by the hand,
You’ll still be pushed forward, each time you hesitate 😀
You’re still going to be kicked in the backside
And you’ll still be hooted out, and hounded each day
Each darned day, with all our love,
Of those who will never never let you go 🙂 🙂

Love you very very much, Arjun!
Happy Birthday, dearest! God Bless, always!


A pleasant discovery this day, was that even though there is zilch activity on this blog, I found that the WP stats mentioned it got 157 hits yesterday. The search terms, for the past few days have been associated with “Vishu”, and so curiosity led me to google it. Bingo! This curious cat turned into a smug, delighted cat :P. Combing her pretty whiskers, and frisking her lovely tail, she shares this with you, that her blog and Nikhil Narayanan’s blogs are on the first page of google, when you search for “vishu”! Oh thank you, thank you, for those admiring looks as well 😀 :D!

So I took a screenshot, and here it is 🙂

My blog on the first page of google search for “vishu”

Thanks to all of your words for, and reads from, this space. I have been lax in my replies. Now that school work is almost out of the way, for another 3 weeks, I shall get responsible on my blog too, and be a good hostess, and reply. Thank you for your patience!

Vishuaashamsagal, to each of you.

12 April, 2012

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

29 thoughts on “Because you loved me…

  1. ..and wonderful wishes for the special day to Arjun!! And to the celebration of your love 🙂 (and listening to the song as i type this)…

    “Lessons learnt with you
    Joys shared with you…”

    Wishing you many more lessons to learn and joys to share – and add to the joy of the ones reading 🙂

    “New paths to traverse, new passages to chart
    New voyages to set sail upon!” – and wishing you many more paths to traverse, passages to chart and new voyages to sail – Happy Journey to all of you! 🙂

    and wish-you Vishu wishes in advance 😀

    my sister’s birthday is on Vishu day as well 😀

    and as an after note – made me extremely happy and smiling to read this post and follow the links to other posts within… made my day! 🙂


    • David, heartfelt thanks to you too, for always leaving your quillprints behind, each time a new ramble here, appears 🙂 And for making my day, reading more from here 🙂 🙂 Thanks too, on behalf of Arjun, the first born 🙂 Vishuaashamsagal, and birthday wishes to your sister! God bless you and yours 🙂


  2. …and yes, it was delightful to see the Google search results!! Congratulations!! 🙂


    • Thaanksss 🙂 It went upto 440 views yesterday alone 😀 :D! That is entirely new for me, so pardon the glee 😀
      And right now, today, at about 425, its recorded 408 already :-o! Woah!


  3. Birthday wishes to your dear one,Usha. Through the unique expressions here I could feel the joys, worries, responsibilities and rewards of motherhood.
    And Vishu wishes too to the whole family 🙂


  4. This is so heartfelt


  5. Wishing Arjun a lovely day full of happiness and sunshine 🙂
    that poem Usha ..its just so beautiful And i am a bit emotional eyes just welled up…


  6. Ushus, you and Solilo are the two people who I think of first amongst my blog-buddies whenever Vishu is round the corner :). And this time too as always I think of you two and and your Vishu post, one of my favorite posts ever 🙂

    And the song that you’ve shared, its so very soulful!

    You’re not alone Soma, I welled up too after listening to the song 🙂

    Ushus, do wish Arjun a very very happy b’day from my end! Wishing you and the two wonders of your life all the happiness :). Love and hugs!

    Vishu aashamsakal!


    • Awww… Deeps, that is touching! I miss having Solilo’s blogs to read too, and her down to earth funny repartees! Thank you for the wishes, and for remembering 🙂 Vishuaashamsagal to you and your family too!


  7. that was one lovely poem .. so much loved it !


  8. What a joyous occasion. Many happy returns to your Sun child 🙂 Lovely, lovely poem. And soulful song too.
    BTW Usha, there are two of your posts coming up on googling Vishu 🙂 Happy Vishu to you in advance 🙂


    • Shail, thank you, on behalf of the Sun Child 🙂 And wishes to you too, for Vishu! Kanikonna poov kittiyo?
      Two posts, when you google? Woah :D! It has to be the most overwhelming of two days, in blogdom for me 🙂 Thanks again, Shail!


  9. Happy B’day to Arjun. Very beautiful poem Usha.


  10. (Belated) birthday wishes for Arjun. Hope the year ahead brings him pleasant surprises!
    Congrats for the Google fame. Way to go, Usha Di. 😀


  11. Oh even if I am on a break I keep getting spam and comments on the most popular posts due to Mr. Google. 🙂


    • Reema, thank you for being here. Well, spam is universally a companion, whether one wants it or not, I guess :D! Mr. Google, as you so nicely put it, is always on the job, isn’t he? Lol


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