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Second Chances

If you’ve ever been told
Winning isn’t everything,
Winner or not,
You’d have probably scowled 😀

So where does winning take you?
To fame? Throw you up to gut screeching joy?
Or gloat and brag and preen?
Perhaps line your purse
Or maybe help you hitch that ride onward?

I know the best thing about it
(Errrm… not winning ie)
Is you get another shot at it.. 🙂
You’re lucky, you know
You get to do it differently.
You get to say things you never would have.
You get to find yourself.

Yes, winning is good.
But if you don’t, maybe
You’ll get that other chance.
And boy! Second Chances matter.

Go on, and take that chance.
Believe. It’s a miracle waiting to happen 🙂

second chances

8 April, 2013, online
Sashu’s Update on FB, which read: “Always, always believe in second chances. It could be the best thing you’d ever do – for others as well as for yourself. :)” is the reason for this ramble 🙂