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Vishu, all over again!


I’d planned things for this year. Carefully gathered resources and gyaan, and kept a Vishu Kani Ready, to impress even the most traditional of people. At my own home, of course, where my son and his wife would come, for their first ever Vishu, after they got married; and we’d all happily see the elaborate arrangement, soak in our own glory of having created such beauty, and simply revel in the moment.

You know what they say about plans, right? I tell you sometimes I think I live not from moment to moment, but from cliché to cliché! To cut short a story you certainly don’t want to read on a lazy Sunday morning, and that too on a Vishu Pulari (a vishu morning), they could not make it, and, here it comes, another cliché… I was at their place visiting, because it was my son’s birthday a day before! The best laid plans of mice and men got a new shape. I decided to stay on. And we had the time of our life, re-creating the resources with the gyaan available 🙂 So we raided the Gujrati Market nearby for the stuff! Except for the jackfruit that was unweildy, and anyway would not be used afterwards, we got all the other items on the list.

We should have done the arrangements before we went out to my son’s friend’s place for dinner. But, the last minute people that we are, we did not… and airily declared to ourselves that we’d have enough time 😀 So, twelve midnight dawned, and we still weren’t home 🙂 We did, soon after, and got to work.

Even the Vishu Kani was hatke. It is supposed to be in a wide bottomed brass vessel, called the uruli, which you’ll find in the very first Vishu post I had done here (trivia: it’s the post with the max. hits on this blog 😀 )… my mother’s effort entirely. I had the uruli ready in my house, but could not hop over and get it here, since it would mean a journey worth 6 hours.


Instead, we got a clay uruli, that Pratibha, my daughter-in-law can use later for some other purpose either in the kitchen or even as a bird bath 🙂 And the rest of the items, were just the same. Except that it got assembled three hours before it was to be viewed 🙂 Well, what matters is the spirit of the whole thing right? 🙂

So Vishu Aashamsagal to each and every one. May the new year bring you peace and prosperity. May you find more wonderful things to smile about. And may we all be blessed to be more humane.

More, on 14 April. One of the most wonderful people I know celebrates her birthday- Elsie Abraham. One person who makes me understand the temporal nature of our own difficulties, a person who continually brings sunshine and laughter into the lives of everyone she touches. A soul of integrity. And one of the truly warmest persons I know. Every student in our school, who have (grrrr… typo! ) has been blessed to have been in her class would stand testimony to this as well 🙂 Happy Birthday dearest Elsie Teacher. May good health and peace and happiness hound you 🙂

14 April, 2013

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

11 thoughts on “Vishu, all over again!

  1. Vishu Aashamsagal to you and your wonderful family, Usha! Be happy always!


  2. Happy Vishu !

    Happy birthday to elsie!

    Do we get to see more pics?


  3. Vishuaashamsakal to you Ushus. May you have everything you dream of for you and yours. lots of love.:)


  4. This filled me with happiness and nostalgia.
    And the last paragraph really captured me. “brings sunshine and laughter into the lives of everyone she touches” – what a tribute to Elsie teacher!
    Vishu and Pirannal aasamsakal to you and the teacher respectively 🙂


  5. A very happy Vishu, even though a week has passed
    there were a lot of near and dear I missed
    to wish on the day that was blessed
    Need I be embarassed
    Not really, for most know it is not uncommon that I messed. 🙂


    • Govind, vishuaashamsagal, belated yet again , to you and yours too 🙂 Thank you for yet another wonder of a piece of verse. No no no… messing up is my thing, not yours 🙂 So yes, there is absolutely no need to be embarassed 🙂


  6. I remember last year your post on the Vishu day was a big crowd puller even showing up on Google 😀 …. i clearly remember that day…

    And April 14th, i can never forget – is my sister’s birthday too!!

    Much belated wishes to you 🙂


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