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Limitless, Shail’s Sky :)

Shail Mohan's Photograph

Shail Mohan’s Photograph on her Blog, Shots and Captures. Click on picture to  go to the blog 🙂

The Sky is an ocean too …
Dying to be, more ….
Like the seas,
Sometimes blue,
Or is it emrald
A touch of stormy grey?

It has no waves, sadly
And yearns so much …
And then on wings of wishes
They come;

White, cottony, frothy
Selfsame, those waves…
And lap the edges of that
Nothingness, which remains

Quiescent, waiting.

Gently around the edges
Slowly spreading out…
So that, soon, it shall be
Blue no more …

26 April, 2013
Online, after yearning, here too 🙂
And thank you Shail, for the endless prompts you give this writing challenged rambler 🙂 by way of your wonderful photographs!