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First post, post New Year’s, 2009!

Thank God, for small mercies, like being able to breathe the air of freedom from paperWORK – which is going to be shortlived anyway! But it’s a breather, nonetheless.

Happy New Year, once again!

I held back from posting earlier, because the corrections dragon had fair consumed me, and secondly because of my quirky self wanted a renovation of the workspace here, before making a post. Browsing around for that perfect template helped me learn again, a cardinal law:

Perfect templates, like perfect people, don’t exist. You need to work on getting the perfection. Lol!

So what it really brought me to was a sort of pot of gold during the treasure hunt. A set of valuable web pages, for an HTML code illiterate, and an almost-complete-ignoramus,like me :D. At the end of experimenting them on a couple of test blogs I created, I have almost acquired these grandiose assumptions and delusions of having become a “techie”. Smirk away, dear experts, but I shall enjoy that brief time in the spotlight I have shone on myself, with a singular audience of Me again!!!

As usual I digress.

I wanted to share these links here, so that if there are others as troubled as me, who’d like roomy blog spaces, with three-columns, and quick edit icons, and comment forms embedded below post, which normally does not work with custom templates [other than what blogger gives you when you create a blog], I can assure you that these work.

1. All of bloggers classic templates in 3 columns here :

The problem with these templates is that features like Quick edit [the pencil icon that takes you immediately to edit post] and comment form embedded below post are not visible. You need more codes to work in, which you can take from here.

2. There are three links here. And you can go on from them to others available there for more innovation 🙂

These are all from Blogger Buster, a webpage that has many more interesting widgets and features.

I certainly would recommend these pages. It requires the commitment and patience that only a blogaddict can have, lol, and the fount of patience I discovered from an eternal spring within was a revelation of how much of a blogaddict I have grown to be. [IHM, you really knew what it was all about!!!]

So here it is, the fundas 🙂 It would be better to try it out on a test blog if you have the time and patience and inclination, else you can just save your template and carry on, gently, gently.. 🙂

It’s worth it. Your blog’s worth it 🙂 🙂

7 January, 2009

P.S. Lots of awards from many of you generous souls, remain to be collected, which I would like to assure you I shall, and also tags to be done. That should keep me occupied for some time, till my quill sharpens itself to spout sense again:)

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

18 thoughts on “Back!

  1. I am first !! yay yay !!! happy new year !!!

    Now let me read the post !


  2. Yay Yay! This means, Dhiren, my blog is still being read, and that is wonderful news.. Made my day!!! Thank you!!!


  3. Interesting lets try it !!


  4. Dhiren, you should. It’s really interesting too! And fun!


  5. intreating read Usha………….


  6. Wow you learnt how to do ALL THAT!!!!?
    I am going to try! Love the space below and the three columns! And I am tying it on a test blog first …. sounds soooo exciting, I think we are all techies in making :)) heh heh Lol


  7. Wow you learnt how to do ALL THAT!!!!?
    I am going to try! Love the space below and the three columns! And I am tying it on a test blog first …. sounds soooo exciting, I think we are all techies in making :)) heh heh Lol


  8. Sapna, thank you for your visit and your warm words too!

    IHM, lol, in the excitement of wanting to post a reply immediately I published the replicas of your comment. Doesn’t matter. I’m excited that you are, honest 🙂 🙂 It was fun all the way and I am only sorry that I couldnt do it sooner because of all the corrections I had. Endless hours of commitment are needed, but you certainly wl enjoy it 🙂 I found quite a few 3 column templates at finalsense.com too, if you are interested. The best thing about these links is that you can modify any template, like I did for my other blog too. 🙂 Enjoy!!!


  9. That is here final sense

    Do try this webpage for templates:) The pink flower is enticing:)


  10. looks interesting…I’ll read it in leisure and apply it on my blog gently and slowly when my daughter is sleeping or creating less havoc at home!
    Thanks for sharing the info,Usha:)


  11. I am TORN between WordPress and Blogger. *sigh*. I should still try, in time. For now, let me pull up my ‘gentle’ side. 🙂


  12. Deeps, yes do try it 🙂 And well such information, when I came by it, was a joy to discover, so I could not help but share it here too! A pleasure to do so! Thank you!

    Rukhiya, well personally, wordpress seems to be more tighter and professional, and they have way more fancy stuff.. 🙂 Have been trying to get a calender from somewhere, but to no avail:( Lol Gently does it when you experiment. You dont want to be singed now , do you? Hehehe.. 🙂


  13. and atlast it happened..the long awaited comeback..:D
    we dont want to see the techie in u..we want to see only the writer..we dont care if your blog template is just plain simple white..we care omly for your words..so concentrate ur energies on giving us more gems:D..although u r allowed the liberty to experiment with templates for 1 hour every day..


  14. Wow so much of techie stuff being bandied about with so much of finesse and ease!! I am dumbstruck Usha. Let me check out what you are talking about. I am worse than the curious cat. I will try it out on my Cool Cancerian blog! 🙂


  15. Praveen… lol; now don’t begrudge me that moment of achievement, :D! Though of course, all I did was change the same Scribe 2 column to three column, from that link, and then work in the changes… 🙂 But an accomplishment it certainly is!
    The words are getting hard to come by, playing hide and seek,so I must keep myself busy somehow na? Thanks for being magnanimous though in that one hour you allow me.. LOL!

    Shail, you should try it! It gives you an edge, and a confidence that yes, being illiterate isn’t the end all of blog existence.. lol! Thanks for the appreciation of the changes 🙂


  16. Congrats ji,
    highly impressive///
    but all links apart, I loved the humor and the gentle warmth that I found in this post.
    Keep it up,
    Love to read you.


  17. Mampi, thank you :)That is heartwarming to hear too!


  18. Many Congratulations on these awards! You deserve them all!


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