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Better than the Best…

Isn’t that a fine ambition to have? More so, when you pit yourself against your own self.

What can you do better than what you do now? They say the greatest challenges in life are made in one’s own mind.

  • Can I now be a better organizer? [Was I one in the first place? Lol!]

  • I certainly can be a better parent, for sure 🙂 :D!! [Which is going to be seconded by the Younger one for sure, silently :P]

  • A teacher? Now when did I ever claim to be one? Nah! I’d rather be a learner like those kids I pretend to teach, forever. Amen!

  • A better citizen. Yes. I must, I Will! Thanks to the innumerable inspiring posts I have read from so many of you!

  • A better disciplined person[Like Rakesh ..:)]. I know I can, so why don’t I? Learn to practice all that I preach endlessly. Actually, I think I have made a rather good start by keeping myself glued to the papers in hand. Though I did break up when I found just a class and a half left, lol! So that is just about 70+ papers yet to get through.

Still, this sombre twilight hour makes me feel a little pensive. I really am not all that Happy New Yearish as I sound. The events of a month ago haunt. The events of a couple of days ago at Gaza haunt.

And yet, one goes on.. The show, life, must go on. And we Actors don roles again, play to the hilt, till curtains fall again!

In the words of someone, on OSO…. Picture abhi baki hai!!

Don’t mind me, I’m just doing something I do better than the best…. Ramble. Lol!

Have a prosperous and peaceful 2009, dear Comrades-in-Arms! Let it be Better than the Best, you’ve ever had!

P.S. This entire post is the direct result of a chat I just had now with Soumya! Thanks Soumya, for being so inspiring again!!! As you always have been!

P.P.S. I typed the whole thing into the Create New Post, without Pen and Paper. Hurrah!!! Progress!!! But then again, this is another silly one.. lol!

31 December, 2008



Let this be –
The Time of our Lives…

A second after midnight
When they say, the Year
Will be born-

And each second hence,
In a different place, on this
Longitude and that-
Each moment, for nearly a whole day
A New Year Dawns!

Giving thanks for the
Blessings of a year’s worth, past

Remembering and grieving and mourning
All who have faced Life’s Grim Battle
And won themselves Hereafter;

And, from there,

Surging forward
With the Hope
From the eternal Fount
Of the Soul…

Knowing that we
Shall never forget.

But move on
With memories, evergreen,
In our heart,
Voices strong
Conviction firm
Belief eternal,
In the Religion of Humanity
In the Perception of Peace.

Once Again!

Here’s Wishing you all
A Wonderful New Year!
Hoping too
That it brings
Much Love, Luck, Joy
Peace, and Excitement
Energy and Extraordinary
Delights in Slices of Sheer Life!!!

31 December, 2008

Picture courtesy: http://www.kidsforsavingearth.org


Merry Christmas!

As I continue to struggle with time, that seems to simply not wait for me, the laggard :), I am, however, glad that it gives me the briefest respite, to just drop in here, and let you all know that I am so glad you are still here 🙂 It makes my world, however real or virtual a much much more lovelier place to be in.

Thank you for the wonderful gift of YOU 🙂

And so to a promise that I kept to myself; that I would somehow make time to just wish you all:

A very very Merry Christmas, and the bestestestest and choicest greetings and wishes of the season…!!!

Hope it is a wonderful day for you all, with your family and friends around you.

May God Bless us all!

25 December, 2008

Picture, courtesy: dkirkeeide.blogspot.com


Yuletide Greetings!

A Very Merry Christmas, all ye who drop in here!!
May All you wish for this yuletide, and all to you, so dear

Be with you, close in your heart, and forever near;

May trouble never darken doorways, and bring to you any fear!!

A wish for you all…

That this yuletide is filled with much joy and cheer
For each one of you, and your families, be they near or far

May Peace reign again, and Goodwill fill every heart!!

And, May God Bless us all…
This Beautiful Day

And Evermore!


25 December, 2008

Picture, courtesy: http://www.mccullagh.org


By way of Excuse… :)

It’s been an age since I sat at a page like this : Create New Post 🙂

And it makes me feel so good, because this is one, like the previous one, that I am typing directly into the blog post! *Pats herself on the back*! Excuse me for that 🙂

Now, to a bigger list of excuses:

I have been deeply remiss in not acknowledging the comments all of you have left here. This one, is just to remind you of the last comment I keyed in with the previous post. My feeble excuse of not being able to find time to spend here, and and on all your wonderful spaces too.

It’s that time of the year again. The tenth class Pre Boards have started. The deadline to return 51 corrected, and commented upon answer scripts is Monday, 22 December, and I have barely started!! Each day, from day before, I have been collecting bundles, of the Seventh Standard, Ninth Standard; and today I shall get the Sixth Standard’s, tomorrow the Eighth Standard!!!


The brighter part of life is that the Elder One is home on leave, *beaming* and I’m having such a good time, I forget to be guilty. Lol! I like that feeling. But then he is going to leave home on 26th 😦 Then, well.. I refuse to think of it just yet! But for sure, that day the tsunami will strike again, this time flooding me with misery, and Guilt-for-all-the-papers-ignored!!!

And with the elder offspring here, for the short duration of 3 weeks, family visits are a Must. Living in the native heartland which abounds with much glorious vegetation and scenic splendour, not to mention Hordes of Relatives [the collective noun is in place, as far as some are concerned, lol!!!], Visits are a ritual that cannot be ignored. And so time flies again…

Finally, it’s the fact that the Younger One has finished his Semester Exams, the Elder One is here, and there in only ONE computer at home, none of us having graduated to laptops yet ;), I’m always the one who gets no time on the machine. *Wistfully gazing*

So… do excuse me 🙂 I shall be back, that you can bet upon!!!

For now, it’s au revoir. The answer scripts of the tenth standard beckon… And to the grindstone goes this grinning gremlin of a teacher!! Kids, here I come…!! [I can actually visualize them cowering, lol]

Okies, am off, else I shall degenerate into worse witticisms of the wacky sort!!!
Have a great weekend, and a Merry Christmas, all you wonderful people!

[Time, and opportunity permitting, hopefully I shall be able to wish you all again, at Christmas too 🙂 Today is one such rare opportunity 🙂 Am on leave, hence the luxury of time!!! And with the Younger One off to college, and the Elder One washing the car, could not let this opportunity be!!!]

19 December, 2008