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Curtain Call :)

It’s been a great day out,
And the show was great
Wasn’t it?

Wearing words
Flailing quills
Battling notions
Breathing emotion

Tumbling in
And then out,
At the end of this
Fine fine day,

I take the Curtain Call
To say Thank you
Thank you, and
Thank you 🙂

I dip a curtsy
I make that bow too
I am charmed by you too
You see 🙂 🙂

For I should not be here
Saying these silly sweet nothings
If it weren’t for you
And all your Wonderful Somethings!

*Waving flying kisses*

Thank you dear visitors
And readers
And blog hoppers:)

God Bless and
God Speed!

19 January, 2009


In thanks for all the honour of the awards 🙂 Do drop by and pick up yours, if you haven’t already 🙂 🙂