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Better than the Best…


Isn’t that a fine ambition to have? More so, when you pit yourself against your own self.

What can you do better than what you do now? They say the greatest challenges in life are made in one’s own mind.

  • Can I now be a better organizer? [Was I one in the first place? Lol!]

  • I certainly can be a better parent, for sure 🙂 :D!! [Which is going to be seconded by the Younger one for sure, silently :P]

  • A teacher? Now when did I ever claim to be one? Nah! I’d rather be a learner like those kids I pretend to teach, forever. Amen!

  • A better citizen. Yes. I must, I Will! Thanks to the innumerable inspiring posts I have read from so many of you!

  • A better disciplined person[Like Rakesh ..:)]. I know I can, so why don’t I? Learn to practice all that I preach endlessly. Actually, I think I have made a rather good start by keeping myself glued to the papers in hand. Though I did break up when I found just a class and a half left, lol! So that is just about 70+ papers yet to get through.

Still, this sombre twilight hour makes me feel a little pensive. I really am not all that Happy New Yearish as I sound. The events of a month ago haunt. The events of a couple of days ago at Gaza haunt.

And yet, one goes on.. The show, life, must go on. And we Actors don roles again, play to the hilt, till curtains fall again!

In the words of someone, on OSO…. Picture abhi baki hai!!

Don’t mind me, I’m just doing something I do better than the best…. Ramble. Lol!

Have a prosperous and peaceful 2009, dear Comrades-in-Arms! Let it be Better than the Best, you’ve ever had!

P.S. This entire post is the direct result of a chat I just had now with Soumya! Thanks Soumya, for being so inspiring again!!! As you always have been!

P.P.S. I typed the whole thing into the Create New Post, without Pen and Paper. Hurrah!!! Progress!!! But then again, this is another silly one.. lol!

31 December, 2008

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

13 thoughts on “Better than the Best…

  1. The title just amuses me in the context of the conversation we just had, lol. Coming back to the topic, its such a wonderful piece of silliness and thanks that I am a part of it someway.What sets you apart is not the way you thrive to be a better mother, a better teacher and etc. but the inbound twilight that plays on for fellow countrymen who have lost every thing. I just hope that the term ‘peaceful 2009’ proves to be true.

    Enjoyed the rambling. 🙂


  2. The one thing i need to do this new year is to learn to concerntrate on the one job at a time…. for a change stop multi tasking !!!!


  3. And Soumya, my dear young philo’, you amaze me each time you leave a note:) The title, well, that is what you are going to be in 2009, you have already promised that 🙂 🙂
    And yes, let that peace regain its position again, in our hearts and nations! Thanks a ton!

    Dhiren, good luck with working on that too 🙂 I hope you’ll be able to revisit a few weeks/months from now and find your self different in that aspect:) Thanks for the prompt note here too!


  4. Rambled along with your ramblings – found resolutions, a tinge of sadness, philosophy and hope. This really is the way, “And yet, one goes on.. The show, life, must go on. And we Actors don roles again, play to the hilt, till curtains fall again”!

    Wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New year.


  5. OSO ! ! ! Well, however much I detested that film, I must say that one line is/was so damn true… It ain’t over till it is over.

    New Year’s Day greetings to you and yours… Hope and pray for a refulgent 2009.

    Peace. Take care. Be well.


  6. Seems I had been looking for inspirations at wrong places.. I should have been on gtalk rather 🙂
    But then, 2009 shall be different, graduating with college, graduating with memories, graduating with more responsibilities.. I guess I can safely say, 2009 is going to gulf me up 😛

    P.S. The silliness, innocence of the post touched me as a hug does.. Thanks for the reassurance 🙂


  7. Couldnt have agreed more. A very Happy New Year to you and your family.May the coming years bring you happiness and peace that you so rightfully deserve:)


  8. Happy New year to you and your family. May 2009 be a safe and a prosperous year !!!


  9. There is another award waiting for you in my page.Do oblige:)


  10. Usha, thanks for the nice, thought provoking post. Yes the challenged mind is the most active mind. If the external challenges are exhausted, throw up one from your inner self.

    And here please accept my fond wishes for a happy new year. Convey ‘dher sara pyaar’ to your little students.

    By the way I have added some more details to my blog post on new year after you left a comment there. May like to have a relook.



  11. Wow,
    I need to learn a lot from you. (Of course WITH the questions in parentheses) I gotta get back to marking them phunny papers too-been putting it off for too long now.


  12. Usha Ma’am

    Thanks very much for a very kind description! My Parents, I’m sure will be very happy as much (perhaps more) as I am!

    I guess one finds a lot of asnwers within oneself and some introspection provides a clear description of what we need to do as individuals and collectively as a society!

    Warm Regards and wishes once again!




  13. Mr Joshi, thank you for your wishes and your views on this post! Happy that the ramblings were not too trivial 🙂

    Karthik, thank you too! Hope the new year is a good one for you!

    Prabhu, I loved the way you looked at the silliness of the post 🙂 Warms the cockles of my heart too, that line does! May the graduation and all that will follow be filled with much success and achievement. Good luck!!

    Deeps, thank you for the warm wishes! And the award. Shall come around:)

    Dhiren, thanks again:) Many wishes for a great year to you and your family too!

    Mr Balvinder, yes I did go through the additions. Warmed by that too! Thank you for the wishes, for the little ones too! Have conveyed them, and got lovely smiles and same to them, from them.. 🙂 Thanks also for the good words for the post!

    Mampi.. lol.. phunny papers? And what comes in the parenthesis is what is the most important, most of the time 🙂 Thank you :)Hope your new year will be bright and joyful too!

    Rakesh, yes, indeed, it has to be introspection that finally brings out the best in one… a rational one at that 🙂 🙂 Thank you for the wishes, and I do hope that 2009 will be all and more of what you hope it will.. 🙂


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