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What do you do?

Nopes, not a questing post. But something a little more simple, and very basic.

I have at least 3 posts dying to get out of me, but somehow I am unable to get them here, for a very very silly reason. I need to write them out on paper before I can assuredly put them here. A quirk, nothing more 🙂 I know I have a very good speed at the keyboard, having done a proper typewriting course when I was 15, years ago, after my tenth board exams. And that grounding has served me well, really well. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, lol, I type faster, and more accurately than a lot of people I know. Still, somehow, if I do not write something down on paper, I do not feel I should be writing it down here… 🙂

No, I did not write this on paper. But this is just a silly post 🙂

I wonder if I have compatriots who suffer this rather troublesome condition? Just checking to see if I am the weirdo that I am sure I must be. :D!

You don’t have to put anything down here. Just rambling 🙂

Have a great Sunday 🙂

6 December, 2008

Pic. Courtsey: http://www.concurringopinions.com


For My Parents :)

When God made this world
He made it (I’m sure) for
Wonderful People
People like you-
Mom and Dad 🙂

For all the love
The warmth
Tenderness and joy
You gave us;
The tears, sorrow
You shared with us…

For the lessons you taught us
The strength you gave us
The independence and faith
You inspired in us…

A prayer for you:
That joy will dog you, always;
That sorrow may be a thing
Of the past;
That you may enjoy the company
Of you great-grand children;
That you may be together
Beyond eternity;
That you may find peace
And may it always be with you…


This, and life’s totality
We hope, will be yours, this day

And always…

Our dearest

1 December, 1985


Today, 7 December, is my parents’ wedding anniversary. Just rewinding to an old write, to wish them 🙂 The picture is of them, a couple of days after they got married, way back to almost fifty years ago.