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A Shower of Haiku !!



autumn leaves falling:
buried seeds look up hoarding
hope to grow anew.

6 April, 07


Story of Life

Dew drops winking just

momentarily, to fade:

Story of life, lived.

12 April, 07



in crystal water –

under the blue sky: a lush

green – paradise mine.

20 April, ’07



cosmic energy:

pent up fury, just unleashed –

a bolt from the blue!

15 May, 2007



Softly falling drops-

touches my soul – harmony!

in a shower to cleanse!

10 May, ’07


Onam – Haiku in Tandem

A celebration
Flowers, hues, spirit of nature
Festival Divine!!!

Richness of colour
Promise of Prosperity
Onam: life relished!!

30 August, ‘07


Sorry, this one is another re-post:) The original is Here. As you will see, there isn’t any change as such, but a re-arrangement, which I just managed to be taught, by my young philo’ Soumya. Thanks, Soumya… 🙂 Time for you to assess my progress, lol!

Haiku is Japanese lyric poetry, composed, usually, in 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables each, on some aspect of nature and the seasons. A very amateur attempt here:) More on Haiku and how to write it, HERE.

The picture for the Haiku “Rain” is a gift from a dear poet, Shalini Devraj. The pictures with “Story of Life” and “Paradise” have been taken by my brother and son, on which I’ve attempted the writing with the help of Photoshop:) The final picture of the Pookkalam [the flower carpet, and this is with real, natural flowers :)] was taken this year, at our home, on Onam Day:), 12 September, 2008. The picture with “Rebirth” has been taken from a webpage on the net:)

Another write, associated to this, is an earlier post, a Senryu, called The Chill. Senryu works like a Haiku, but then again, it is slightly darker in nature:)

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

25 thoughts on “A Shower of Haiku !!

  1. I guess I should hire you as my teacher for Haiku writing, if ever time pits my hopelessness against my incapacity! Just wondered how was the Mirror missing in the glasses of life? The dew dying to rebirth and the mirror reflecting to visualize!


  2. Prabhu, Lol… I do pray that such an occasion might not come your way. Either that you feel incapacity or be hopeless! But that page referred to here, is indeed hugely helpful. The homepage, as well… ahapoetry.com. And it’s not only Haiku but different forms of lyric poetry, especially of Japanese Origin that you’d find about, and help with there!All the same, thank you for the honour of the request, lol! And I do like the way you connect some of these separate Haiku, and then wonder about the Mirror… ! It leaves me wondering too.. :)Thanks for dropping by so promptly; honoured!


  3. Resonance of colorsMisunderstanding to Re-friendsOnam: Life in smooth gearP.S. Till I gather energy to put out the old posts again as new posts, I shall resort to my own P.Ss ways! If you happen to read hindi(english fonts) check this..http://shylockspeaks.blogspot.com/2007/04/zindagggiiiiii.htmlSenryu in elongation :P. Teacher you highly overestimate my skills. I pit my hopelessness against my incapacity everyday!


  4. Hi Usha,Lovely lines as always.. 🙂 And thanks a ton for the explanation on Haiku.. 🙂 I never really understood what it was till I read your 5-7-5 explanation.. 🙂 Will try my hand at it sometime.. 🙂


  5. Prabhu, sure thing.. wl check that out, though I cannot guarantee that I shall understand all of it :D!!Hmm… maybe you’d like work on the syllable count a bit, if you’d like to transform that delightful verse you left here, into a haiku:)@me, thank you 🙂 Look forward to reading and enjoying your haiku too!


  6. Ah usha maam.. I remmeber ur once saying how much u love dew drops!it sure shows here!Dew drops winking justmomentarily, to fade:Story of life, lived.My fav of all the haikus u posted here 😀 And i got to thank you to have taught me what Haikus are.. thnx :)- Meena


  7. Beautiful 🙂 Thank you so much for telling us about Haiku, I will try and write some Haiku, though I seriously doubt if I will be so good! The photos are really beautiful, very aptly placed! I particularly liked the Story of Life and Rain photos, really good ones!In short, enjoyed every bit of it! And yes, Happy Diwali to you and your family! Have fun! 🙂


  8. I was aware of haiku’s before… but not much..i was more interested in reading japanese manga… comics..lol…but well now i have a clear idea what a haikku means.. the first one appealed to me the most…sautes ma’am..:)


  9. wow…haiku is cool stuff yaar…and good write too…as usual..3 line thing is tough man…hail haiku..hail haiku.. 😉


  10. Meena, thank you 🙂 [I wonder have I been calling you Anu, all these days? Sorry.. :)]Tara, am glad you like it:) I really enjoyed writing the haiku. It’s very challenging actually, and can be a lot of fun.. Do try! I look forward to a few haiku on your blog too! And thank you for all those kind words!@the army guy, thank you for dropping by in here:) Honoured to have your views! And I guess when time and inclination permit, do try a few of your own too! It would be nice to read a few army haiku .. I guess they’d be senryu though, lol!Sandeep, thanks! Indeed, Haiku are very very cool.. and you’ll find out when you actually try to write some.. :D!! Hehehe! Have fun!!And yes, Hail Haiku!! Lolzz !


  11. hii usha, read ur comments on yembeeyae…nice to have found ur blog…will read more n comment..i liked this haiku…will try…but it must b difficult putting thoughts in 3 lines na…nice!!


  12. n yes…these pics so nice too…good u have a photoblog!


  13. Priyanka, it’s so lovely to see your words here! Thank you for visiting, and leaving your views on so many of the writes! Honoured! I did so love the story, and the poetry you have shared on Sandeep’s blog too.. 🙂 Thanks a ton!


  14. Hi Usha – Came here via Indian Homemaker’s blog and I’m glad I did! Your beautiful pics and poetry were a pleasure.Corinne


  15. I loved the piece and picture on paradise, for that is truly my idea of paradise. Thanks also for the writeup on Haiku! And, yes, that’s a wonderful Pookkalam! CheersRakesh


  16. Corrine, Thank you for that gracious note, and the warm words! Just briefly visited your page, and I am captivated by the content and the profundity there! I hope to be able to spend sometime there, soon!Rakesh, thank you! The picture with the Paradise Haiku is the view from my parents’ place taken in the monsoons, a couple of years ago. It’s a cherished picture for sure.. for there is no place like it!! Glad, so glad that you found it appealing!


  17. wooww…tht was gr8I like your haikus more than your normal peotryso profound..u shud write more of these..loved each one of those..and that wud be the 1st haiku ever on onam:D


  18. Praveen, good to hear from you too.. 🙂 Well as you can see, the new post is also about Japenese Lyric Poetry, lolzz.. 🙂 It’s kind of catching, and so I pulled a few from the collection I have, and put them here. But it certainly is tough work making the Haiku.. 🙂 Thanks for the appreciation; and yes, I don’t think Onam has ever been a theme for Haiku before !!!


  19. umm.. what does it matter @nameP.S: I know its confusing.. as it happens we both chose the same cartoon character.. she is remembered with that on orkut and I am on blogger 😀


  20. Meena, 🙂 Thanks for understanding! In fact I did go by the orkut name, Lol!


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  23. Wow you write very good haiku.


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