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Tantalizing Tanka!!

Tanka, like Haiku, is again a form of Japanese Lyric Poetry.

[As you know by now, 🙂 ] A Haiku works with 17 syllables arranged in 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables to each line, and evokes an aspect of nature and the seasons, with the last line holding the punch so to speak.

A few haiku here, in my previous post!

Tanka on the other hand gives the writer more space to work with – 31 syllables, arranged in 5 lines of 5/7/5/7/7 syllables each. Tanka is an older form of the lyric in Japanese… dating to 13 centuries ago, while Haiku is just about 3 centuries ago..

Tanka was mainly written between lovers, as society had accepted the fact that a man’s dallying with another woman, other than his wife was normal!! After the man departed early in the morning, he would send a Tanka to his lady love with his message of love..

I hope you enjoy these Tanka, and that you will try some of your own!

Morning After…

A fiery blush

warming your palm under my

face, on the pillow-

the morning after the night

before – in our crimson dawn.

20 April, 07

(Picture from : http://www.betweenthesheets.co.uk)


Death Smiles

[Tanka in Tandem]

The beautiful rose

Tall, vain, proud- but now slain, lies

Picture-perfect on

The coffin of her mistress,

Whose hand fed that vanity!

Death waits and smiles in

Irony – the beautiful rose

Tall and proud, now his

Prize: another soul to take

Away – unexpected Gift!

30 April, ‘07
(Pictures from : scholez18.blogspot.com ; http://www.guardian.co.uk)

A Note on the Lover’s Bedside
[Tanka in Tandem]

Love, I leave you now-

your hair spread over pillows

soft ; your body in

wanton pleasure, covered by

satin sheets white: Oh! pure grace!

So that my heart – yet

again whetted by your thoughts;

my breath savouring

your promises, beckoning

delights; returning to you!

10 May, ‘07
(Picture from: http://www.dallas-sleep.com)


Me in You!

What’s it about you

I love most, you ask and wait;

O Love, don’t you know?

Not passion- not body sweet!

But me, in you, held captive!

16 September, 07

(Picture from : http://www.chiselstudio.com.au)


Breeze of Love

Thoughts of you blow a

Gentle breeze, running fingers

through my hair, your way!

Whispering, a feather touch

Vow; our love of yester eve!

16 September, 07

(Picture from : http://www.prlog.org)