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The Moment of Reckoning

You held out your hand-
Never spoke a word!

Your eyes just looked grave-
No hint of any fear, or doubt!

Across the table, as you sat
Looking deep into my eyes, so deep..

Willing me to believe-
Willing me to take the chance.

Oh, I knew, alright;
I knew I trusted you.

How could I not!
Such faith in me,
Such love for me
How could I not!

Still the demon of despair
Wouldn’t let go the
Tenuous chord it
Bound me with.

The hand outstretched
I longed to take.
The warmth in the look
I longed to bathe in.

Why did I feel it
So wrong to feel so right?
Why couldn’t I just let
Myself go, and fall in love?

What held me back
In its terror’s sway
I wondered…

A monster of doubt-
Am I worth it?
What is there in me
That could be so loved,
With such infinite gentleness
Such precious tenderness?

My eyes welled up…
How could you be so…
So You?
How could you give so much
Of You?

And how could I not
Take that proffered hand!

I knew I was made whole
The day I took your hand
And placed my trust…
In that outstretched hand!

19 June, ’07

**Yet another re-post. I know it’s not done, but what the heck! I decided to re-cycle anyways, Lol! Thank you for the continued patience, all of you who have already read this one 🙂