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The Moment of Reckoning


You held out your hand-
Never spoke a word!

Your eyes just looked grave-
No hint of any fear, or doubt!

Across the table, as you sat
Looking deep into my eyes, so deep..

Willing me to believe-
Willing me to take the chance.

Oh, I knew, alright;
I knew I trusted you.

How could I not!
Such faith in me,
Such love for me
How could I not!

Still the demon of despair
Wouldn’t let go the
Tenuous chord it
Bound me with.

The hand outstretched
I longed to take.
The warmth in the look
I longed to bathe in.

Why did I feel it
So wrong to feel so right?
Why couldn’t I just let
Myself go, and fall in love?

What held me back
In its terror’s sway
I wondered…

A monster of doubt-
Am I worth it?
What is there in me
That could be so loved,
With such infinite gentleness
Such precious tenderness?

My eyes welled up…
How could you be so…
So You?
How could you give so much
Of You?

And how could I not
Take that proffered hand!

I knew I was made whole
The day I took your hand
And placed my trust…
In that outstretched hand!

19 June, ’07

**Yet another re-post. I know it’s not done, but what the heck! I decided to re-cycle anyways, Lol! Thank you for the continued patience, all of you who have already read this one 🙂

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

20 thoughts on “The Moment of Reckoning

  1. Oh yes i remember this .It left a mark on my heart the very first time i read itdeff one of my favs 🙂


  2. Shalu, thanks for reading it again, and staying on to tell me:) Delighted!


  3. good that you are reposting the old ones.. I’ve n’t read thoseloved these lines the most”Why did I feel itSo wrong to feel so right?”nice work


  4. Praveen 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words! Have to keep myself employed with such writes till I get that shot of adrenalin.. lol:)


  5. Alright, this time I am speechless! This is my favorite for sure! Beautiful :)I have always admired the beauty of those relationships where one helps the other succeed. A stranger goes on to become such an important part of our lives. When success kisses our feet, finding ‘admirers’ is no big deal. But what about the time, when we are a ‘nobody’ and someone comes up and says, “I will be there with you while you chase your dreams”. How reassured and protected would that feel!Ah…This poem echoes that sentiment so beautifully, so perfectly…:)


  6. UP,I understood every word of it.I have improved in a day, or you posted a poem for people like me :D-NikhilPS:I can’t read any more poems from the net.I am exhausted building buddhi


  7. Tara, Oh my Oh my!!! Thank you ever so much for all of that! Blessed that you saw it thataway! Thankssss!!!Nikhil, :D! Good work! And don’t worry, ksheenam maari kazhinju sharmaichhaal madhi, for the next time:) Whenever, in your time:) Thank you for letting me know of your progress, Lol!! 😀


  8. How could you be so…So You?How could you give so muchOf You?those lines juz stole my heart!! 🙂 lovely as ever!!


  9. very wholesome…..touched a chord somewhere deep within………:)only u can evoke such feelings…..:)


  10. When I see the emotions coming out of words, am I to live the moment or am I to praise the words?Your words had that effect on me. couldn’t comment earlier as I took on a QUEST to find THE answer! If you know of the answer stir me :)P.S. Chance and incline permitting have a look at http://shylockspeaks.blogspot.com/2008/03/when-he-was-alone.htmlBTW you are put up on my blog without askance of course. Hope I am not in for a beating Maam!


  11. My first time here. Enjoyed reading these lines. Intense, meaningful and yet simple! CheersRakeshhttp://almostsunday.blogspot.com


  12. Hi Usha,:) I have felt this zillions of times… But I always reached out for the outstretched hand .. And your words assure me I did just the right thing.. 🙂


  13. :)I have felt this zillions of times.. And for some reason or the other I always reached out to the outstretched hand.. And your words now strongly assure me that I have been right in doing so .. 🙂


  14. Sasha… 🙂 I know, you really love this one! Thanks for telling me again:)Sunita, thank you for those lovely words.. always a treat to hear from you!Prabhu Dutta Das, 🙂 I so look forward to the teasers you bring in here:) There are no doubts as to my answer… live the moment, for sure.. 🙂 As you know it:) But I’ll take the praise as well! Thank you ever so much. Wl certainly drop by at that site very soon. Thanks for sharing it!Rakesh, as I said on your blog I am really glad to have you, and your words here! Thanks for sharing your link; it’s given me great joy to read some of your work too! Thank you!@Me… it’s always right when one gives in to that instinctive “rightness” even if there be a hint of doubt..:) It can then never be wrong:) Glad you connected with this write, and thank you for telling me too! Thanks so very very much!


  15. So much is said in these four lines!!!’Why did I feel itSo wrong to feel so right?Why couldn’t I just letMyself go, and fall in love?’Glad you re-posted this one :)!


  16. @IHM, thank you 🙂 You read so well between the lines too!!


  17. really beautiful…so intense…touchy…emotional!!specially loved these lines:Why did I feel itSo wrong to feel so right?Why couldn’t I just letMyself go, and fall in love?andI knew I was made wholeThe day I took your handAnd placed my trust…In that outstretched hand!lovely!! 🙂


  18. Priyanka, thank you, all over again! You really made my day!!


  19. “feel it so wrong to feel so right”.. this guilt, I really know what u r trying to express here.. coz i have felt it, when things r going right, there is some voice that says, this is not yours to take, the joy.. do u deserve it? Scary but true. so very true.


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