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A Shower of Haiku !!


autumn leaves falling:
buried seeds look up hoarding
hope to grow anew.

6 April, 07


Story of Life

Dew drops winking just

momentarily, to fade:

Story of life, lived.

12 April, 07



in crystal water –

under the blue sky: a lush

green – paradise mine.

20 April, ’07



cosmic energy:

pent up fury, just unleashed –

a bolt from the blue!

15 May, 2007



Softly falling drops-

touches my soul – harmony!

in a shower to cleanse!

10 May, ’07


Onam – Haiku in Tandem

A celebration
Flowers, hues, spirit of nature
Festival Divine!!!

Richness of colour
Promise of Prosperity
Onam: life relished!!

30 August, ‘07


Sorry, this one is another re-post:) The original is Here. As you will see, there isn’t any change as such, but a re-arrangement, which I just managed to be taught, by my young philo’ Soumya. Thanks, Soumya… 🙂 Time for you to assess my progress, lol!

Haiku is Japanese lyric poetry, composed, usually, in 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables each, on some aspect of nature and the seasons. A very amateur attempt here:) More on Haiku and how to write it, HERE.

The picture for the Haiku “Rain” is a gift from a dear poet, Shalini Devraj. The pictures with “Story of Life” and “Paradise” have been taken by my brother and son, on which I’ve attempted the writing with the help of Photoshop:) The final picture of the Pookkalam [the flower carpet, and this is with real, natural flowers :)] was taken this year, at our home, on Onam Day:), 12 September, 2008. The picture with “Rebirth” has been taken from a webpage on the net:)

Another write, associated to this, is an earlier post, a Senryu, called The Chill. Senryu works like a Haiku, but then again, it is slightly darker in nature:)