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Love is in the Air!



Spring has come again-

Wafting on the wind
Is that familiar ache-
Of loving and yearning…
That poignant hush
That brings with it a sweetness.


Hearts meet, hope and build
Nests, in the wildernesses of dreams!
Couched in the same certainty;
The security of togetherness-

Where, yet again, I and you
Meet and melt, into us…
into that circle of completeness…

29 March, 2010

For Devesh and Bindya, and all those in love 🙂 May God keep your nest safe, warm, and loving always 🙂

Pic. Courtsey: http://www.collecto-mania.com/Circle%20of%20Love/486930.jpg

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

14 thoughts on “Love is in the Air!

  1. So beautiful! Always a pleasure to read your work, maam!


  2. Like-minded,between them their souls they bareOr wordlessly into each others eye they stareVying from their partners for love and careEnamoured they say LOVE is in the air.


  3. Thanks aayushi 🙂 PRG… :)You take commenting to a new level of pleasure-Each one you leave behind is a treasureWords, rhymes and rhythms they measureFor us to savour at leisure :)Thank you 🙂


  4. Lovely poem mom, id say tht ur saying things tht are running through their minds. Realy i too wish em a happy life together. And by the way… she is soo awsumm ur gnna luvv her.


  5. Arjun, Thank you 🙂 Wish them the best always too 🙂 Cant wait to meet them as well!


  6. Beautiful.Melted reading this one, gawrgeous read!


  7. Oh! there is a saying, no one makes it look more beautiful than Sachin playing a straight drive, his favorite stroke. So, need I to say anything more? :PLovely.


  8. Soumya… 🙂 🙂 Humbled!


  9. Thank you Gopinath Sir!


  10. devesh—-to begin with 'bows' traditionally ,for the blessing and ofcourse an elated and soothing read …this means a lot seriously …..bindiya was numb for 10 min ,after reading. love you and hoping to meet you soon….got tons of gash to talk to you….and btw i lied your elder son is a jerk:)………i hate him


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