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Tigers – A Dedication

This post is dedicated to the Tiger, and to the students of VIII D, in my school, for their wonderful and wondrous effort in their Project Work, on Tigers. Good Job, all of you 🙂

Truly is... but what is happening is a shame!

Hear Us!

1411. If a number could be tragic, this is one such example. This is number of tigers left, in India, according to the latest census. Still, one must thank God, for there are at least many left. Man’s avarice and greed has not quite conquered it.

Nevin, Ashique, Anjay, Akhila, Sneha, Nirmal, Amal Sojan, Vineeth S, Adam, Vivek, Cleon, Saranya, Reshmi, Aparna, Adhwaydh, Deepthi

Falling on deaf ears!

However, we have stood by, and let this gorgeous creature’s family be decimated. When I saw the awareness campaigns on TV, the Aircel initiative, it brought home this fact rather harshly. I must confess to not having had much knowledge about Tigers, other than the usual general knowledge. Along with how it has been an inspiration to poets, like William Blake, who wrote the utterly fascinating metaphysical poem “Tyger”. But, now, I am more than educated, by my very own Eight standard students, who have done individual written projects on the Tiger, with special reference to Project Tiger and Tiger Conservation.

Ajith, Antony, Inzamam, Aiswarya, Akshay, Arjith, Yamini, Srelakshmi, Oshin, Arjun, Amritha, Ayana, Nimmi, Deveena, Karthika, Madhavankutty, Swaroop

Array of Projects...

I just wanted to share through the pictures here, some of their work. It is not just their creativity, but the way they have sincerely addressed the task on hand, almost lovingly creating their projects, their designs, and the way they presented the whole thing, that stole my heart. Right through this blog, you will find, in block quotes, their names, in random order 🙂

Amal AV, Deepthi, Sruthy, Mridula, Devi Karthika, Govind, Athul, Jose, Rahul, Gayathri, Keerthana, Parvathy, Lakshmi, Avinash, Nithin, Krishnapriya, Thejus, Russel, Sebeno

Paper Quilling Craftsmanship, by Oshin 🙂 Exquisite!

More n More...

The project was given to them way back in November, to be submitted on or before 3 December, 2009. To know that I still had it, till the last week of Febuary, must tell you one of two things… 🙂

One- Ah! The teacher is too darned lazy :P! Utterly imaginable 😛 😛

Two- Aha! The teacher, perhaps, is fascinated?? 😮

I only present these two conclusions 🙂 – the judging you shall do, please! But perhaps you could wait till you have shared in their work?

The pictures, unfortunately, are not very good, as they have been taken with a mobile camera. However let me place on record my gratitude ( 😛 ) to my SB, for his valuable help in this respect! (Adhwaydh too wants this written in the blog: A “Thank you” to the SB 🙂 )

is now becoming a whimper, thanks to us!! 😦 😦

This post is long delayed for many reasons; hectic schedules at school being one of them. Anyway, thanks be to the Almighty, that at least it is here, in whatever form it is :P!

Simple, yet striking... the content inside was exceptional, in its brevity and concise nature

I shall be passing the link to my students, too, when they come back on 8th April, for their results on Open house day. I hope they will be able to read this and take pride in their work! This one is all about them and their work 🙂

Reshmi's neatness

Reshmi's Reference Page, and comments below... The best!

Sneha's Tiger Tail Swishing 🙂

Sruthy's cover page- SB liked it a lot!


Cover Work :)

Cover Work 🙂

**Alert: for the students who are here 🙂 Please do comment if you wish to, but remember the safety rules we discuss in class 🙂 No sharing email, name and contact to strangers 🙂 or on public sites. Here, you will need to give you email id, butyou can be sure it will be safe with me. Do read other blogs, given alongside, under the heading Blogroll… if you wish, of course 🙂 Ok.. end of lecture 🙂 🙂

So here’s to you, Std. VIII ‘D’ 🙂 Wonderful job!

Incidentally… I finally touched 50 🙂 With this blog post, on Overdrive. Feels good!