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No longer alone…

(A forced 55 er!) 🙂

The wedding guests had departed. Three days after, life was excruciatingly normal, yet again.

An empty nest. A busy husband. A bereft homemaker.

Now what? She thought… Live, or exist?

A week later, at an NGO, animatedly in the midst of young girls, laptop on lap, she sat- life she had grabbed, with loving hands!


It’s Women’s Day, and despite everything that is happening around us, I did want to think of the optimistic side of it all. How more women, as they grow into their empty nests do seem to be finding ways to live, not just exist. Kudos to such beautiful persons, everywhere! Starting with my mom 🙂 🙂

And to all you feminists, women and men, let’s celebrate The Woman 🙂

On a lighter note (but I do like the message it gives, at the end 🙂 🙂 ) may I share this picture that I received, in my inbox a couple of weeks ago?

7 March,2010


Meeting Me

The sea calls out to me-
As I walk beside its waves;
Washing away imprints I leave-
Temporal, I know I am, yet still…?

In my arrogance, I wait
And as the tide ebbs-
I walk again, pressing close,

Digging in my heels, causing
Tiny wells and pools-

I gloat, and look in askance
At the sea.
It still calls, unperturbed.
It calls, mesmerizing,
Melting away my dregs of self.

And I surrender.
As I knew I would.

The sea calls-
As I step in,
From the water’s edge…

To meet the endless, limitless me.

15 May 2009

Pic Courtsey: http://thehighsign.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/humoresque153.gif