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Tigers – A Dedication


This post is dedicated to the Tiger, and to the students of VIII D, in my school, for their wonderful and wondrous effort in their Project Work, on Tigers. Good Job, all of you 🙂

Truly is... but what is happening is a shame!

Hear Us!

1411. If a number could be tragic, this is one such example. This is number of tigers left, in India, according to the latest census. Still, one must thank God, for there are at least many left. Man’s avarice and greed has not quite conquered it.

Nevin, Ashique, Anjay, Akhila, Sneha, Nirmal, Amal Sojan, Vineeth S, Adam, Vivek, Cleon, Saranya, Reshmi, Aparna, Adhwaydh, Deepthi

Falling on deaf ears!

However, we have stood by, and let this gorgeous creature’s family be decimated. When I saw the awareness campaigns on TV, the Aircel initiative, it brought home this fact rather harshly. I must confess to not having had much knowledge about Tigers, other than the usual general knowledge. Along with how it has been an inspiration to poets, like William Blake, who wrote the utterly fascinating metaphysical poem “Tyger”. But, now, I am more than educated, by my very own Eight standard students, who have done individual written projects on the Tiger, with special reference to Project Tiger and Tiger Conservation.

Ajith, Antony, Inzamam, Aiswarya, Akshay, Arjith, Yamini, Srelakshmi, Oshin, Arjun, Amritha, Ayana, Nimmi, Deveena, Karthika, Madhavankutty, Swaroop

Array of Projects...

I just wanted to share through the pictures here, some of their work. It is not just their creativity, but the way they have sincerely addressed the task on hand, almost lovingly creating their projects, their designs, and the way they presented the whole thing, that stole my heart. Right through this blog, you will find, in block quotes, their names, in random order 🙂

Amal AV, Deepthi, Sruthy, Mridula, Devi Karthika, Govind, Athul, Jose, Rahul, Gayathri, Keerthana, Parvathy, Lakshmi, Avinash, Nithin, Krishnapriya, Thejus, Russel, Sebeno

Paper Quilling Craftsmanship, by Oshin 🙂 Exquisite!

More n More...

The project was given to them way back in November, to be submitted on or before 3 December, 2009. To know that I still had it, till the last week of Febuary, must tell you one of two things… 🙂

One- Ah! The teacher is too darned lazy :P! Utterly imaginable 😛 😛

Two- Aha! The teacher, perhaps, is fascinated?? 😮

I only present these two conclusions 🙂 – the judging you shall do, please! But perhaps you could wait till you have shared in their work?

The pictures, unfortunately, are not very good, as they have been taken with a mobile camera. However let me place on record my gratitude ( 😛 ) to my SB, for his valuable help in this respect! (Adhwaydh too wants this written in the blog: A “Thank you” to the SB 🙂 )

is now becoming a whimper, thanks to us!! 😦 😦

This post is long delayed for many reasons; hectic schedules at school being one of them. Anyway, thanks be to the Almighty, that at least it is here, in whatever form it is :P!

Simple, yet striking... the content inside was exceptional, in its brevity and concise nature

I shall be passing the link to my students, too, when they come back on 8th April, for their results on Open house day. I hope they will be able to read this and take pride in their work! This one is all about them and their work 🙂

Reshmi's neatness

Reshmi's Reference Page, and comments below... The best!

Sneha's Tiger Tail Swishing 🙂

Sruthy's cover page- SB liked it a lot!


Cover Work :)

Cover Work 🙂

**Alert: for the students who are here 🙂 Please do comment if you wish to, but remember the safety rules we discuss in class 🙂 No sharing email, name and contact to strangers 🙂 or on public sites. Here, you will need to give you email id, butyou can be sure it will be safe with me. Do read other blogs, given alongside, under the heading Blogroll… if you wish, of course 🙂 Ok.. end of lecture 🙂 🙂

So here’s to you, Std. VIII ‘D’ 🙂 Wonderful job!

Incidentally… I finally touched 50 🙂 With this blog post, on Overdrive. Feels good!


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

17 thoughts on “Tigers – A Dedication

  1. the teacher has reached her vacation eh !!!!!

    lovely initiative and its most important the kids understand the importance of nature and the rules of co-existence… !!!! 🙂

    way to go kids !!!!!! 😀

    p.s. I just saw in the blog roll… a smile against my name 🙂 but…. before it a four letter word !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

    Dhiren 🙂 Thanks a bunch for that 🙂 And yes, the blog roll…. hehehe… the bhai part na? Don’t worry too much about it 🙂 Your readership shall improve with it 🙂 🙂 Thanks also on behalf of the children 🙂 REally appreciate it!


  2. By posting their work here, you’re going to make your students feel important and proud…as they rightfully should! Kudos to each one of them for their imaginative work.

    Thank you Gopinath Sir 🙂 They do deserve to feel proud; and that is why I have shared their word 🙂
    And this will make them feel more important. Thank you, on their behalf as well, and for the encouragement you give


  3. Dear Children,
    We are a species incapable of peaceful co-existence,
    capable of destroying everything with raw impudence:
    but you with your teacher whom you hold in reverence,
    can definitely bring about the much wanted difference.

    I salute your efforts. Keep the fire burning. All the best.

    Govind 🙂 🙂 🙂 *beaming as brightly as each of the kids her will, when they see your note*
    Thank you!

    A salute to your verse too. They are the ones, with our guidance, to make that difference!


  4. This touched my heart. The work is commendable. My salute to the teacher and the students. If the kids become aware of the nature and the universe we live in, if they connect with it from within then I think more than half of our work is done. Absolutely floored by the effort. I am all for nature conservation and wrote about blogger’s initiative for save tiger campaign . If you are part of indiblogger , please post it on indivine.

    Three Cheers to all !!!

    Great blog here Usha. will visit again. Best wishes for the 50 the post.

    Tikuli 🙂 What a joy to see your words here! I just got back to the Dashboard from the final read on Adi’s turning 18, to see you here! Thank you so much, and for all those words you have for the children too!! They did put their hearts into it, (maybe because I told them they had to, and they could not not :P!) and this was one of the incentives, after they finished 🙂 That they would go on air 🙂 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the appreciation for them, and when they do visit on 8th or after, I do hope they will take back with them the concerns too, for nature, that each of you has voiced, and be motivated to do more!

    From being a blogaddict, I have now become a sometime blogger, unfortunately 😦 Wl try and pick up some more energy to devote to reading and commenting, something which I am now going back to!

    Thanks, thanks a ton!!! For the wishes too!


  5. Children of VIII D, I have not measured up to your teacher’s expectation to be included in her blogroll,but you can still click on my name and check out my humble efforts at writing.:) 🙂 🙂

    Good one, Govind 🙂
    That is in the process of being updated, as you can see 🙂
    The chlildren when they get here, will have your name there as well 🙂
    Thanks 🙂
    Ah yes! I see a familiar name there!


  6. Thanks Usha for letting me gate-crash. 🙂

    Lol! This Gate-Crasher is always welcome!


  7. this is a wonderful blog!it is the hardwork of my friends and Usha teacher.in this moment i thank my friends and Usha teacher for making this project a wonderful blog

    Madhavankutty? It’s wonderful to see your words here 🙂 Indeed, it is here because of your efforts, and your classmates! Congratulations to you all once again! It really feels wonderful to have a student share in this! 🙂


  8. Dearest Usha teacher,

    I was really happy to see my and my friends projects ……i also liked the caption given to my project..{sneha’s tiger tail swishing}..i thank you a lot 4 publishing our projects on the web..i am really very very happy….!!!!!

    Sneha, very very glad to see your words here! And gladder that you liked it! Your cover page was innovative too, so the caption had to fit, isn’t it?? 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was a pleasure working towards ensuring I had your work for more people to share in! And most of all, am very very happy that you all are happy!! I hope the others also get a chance to see this! Do tell them about it. And thank you for the good words!


  9. A commendable effort by your students,Ushus! Kudos to each one of them! Each project shown here tells us how aware, concerned and affected these children are by the issues as grave as the one concerning our endangered tigers. And if every child is as aware and concerned as them then I’m sure it will certainly make a positive difference to our tomorrow. And I’ve always believed teachers like you, Abhi, my Ma, who guide our children towards bringing about a better tomorrow, are a blessing 🙂

    Thank you so much, Ushus for sharing these fantastic projects here.

    Oh and yes its wonderful to read you again :). Congratulations on your half-century :D. Here’s looking forward to many many more posts from you 🙂

    Deeps, how lovely to see you again, here! And thank you, on behalf of all the kids too, for the good words you have for them, and for the warm words as well 🙂 🙂 Touched.

    I only wish such efforts would sustain, and not just for the sake of doing some project, but continue onward as part of their lives as well. At least they have made a beginning, that is what I feel. More appreciation for them, as you and the other here have given, will surely help them to be motivated as well!

    Thank you so much, Deeps!


  10. Before I say anything I just want to thank Usha teacher from bottom of my heart 4 all ur effort in putting up this blog. Thanks a lot Usha teacher.. thank u. It’s really really wonderful to see my and all my friends projects. I truly dedicate my project to the tigers which r diminishing from earth and its a great idea by Usha teacher by posting all our projects in this blog and I think it is the best way to make awareness among ourselves and all the internet users the importance of tigers in an eco system.Once again thanks a lot lot …. lot Usha teacher.I am very much happy and obliged!

    Ayana, thank you too, for the sheer effort of your work! Yours was an outstanding one, in its presentation and neatness! I wish I had a picture to share of your handwriting especially! And yes, to the tigers, may their numbers increase, through the awareness campaigns, and all our efforts! As you can read, in the various comments, it is up to the coming generations, yours, most importantly, to sustain the movement, to bring nature back to its glory!
    Thank you once again Ayana. It is so wonderful to see your words here! God Bless!


  11. This is amazing!! Whatever they understand like this will stay with them forever. I feel our coming generations are fortunate where ever they have teachers like you… then they do stand a strong chance of being able to fight for their planet.

    The creations are innovative and very creative!! My congratulations to the students and their teacher 🙂

    Loved the alert for students at the end of the post! You are an amazing teacher and I am sure your students realise that!! They are going to remember you in their older years like so many of us remember our favorite teachers who inspired us.

    Congratulations on your 50th post 🙂 It’s terrific to see you back!! Hope to see a lot more of you now!!!

    IHM, thank you so much 🙂 On behalf of the kids, and their teacher :D!

    If they do remember, and remember these things, then it will have been worth it, spending the time with them, and learning from them 🙂 But if they don’t, it’s still ok, because I have been doing something I always wanted to, and will always feel blessed that I had the chance to do so 🙂 🙂

    And yes, finally a fifty :P! Hopefully will be around, my back permitting… 🙂 I have been glued to the machine for like two days now, populating my pages, and trimming the edges, and working on headers and gimp! To say that I am now exhausted is just putting it mildly!
    Finished the final page, so I am letting it rest for now… 🙂

    Thanks a ton, IHM. And yes, the alert is something I talk of, endlessly in class. 😛 . They must be fed up by now. Lol!


  12. This is an amazing effort Ushus. To make them understand the concept , the value of all that we are losing.,..and for them to give it their all..
    your students are a treasure Ushus as are you!:)

    If I am, it is becos of them too 🙂 Of course they had to do the project, but it really took me by surprise how closely they followed my instructions! I mean, I am quite a devil 😈 in class, but that could have not been such a motivation, for sure!!! :P!

    And the effort you have taken to compile it all here?
    This must have touched them for it touched so many of your readers for sure:)

    This is their day out, Indy. I hope most of them have read it, even if they have not left their words behind. It can be a bit intimidating leaving a note on your english teacher’s blog page 🙂 It’s bad enough they have to write exams for me to correct 😛 :P! I gave each of them a strip of paper with the link printed and how to go about writing comments if they so wished 🙂 Their class teacher gave it to them on the Open House day!

    Just as IHM says they will remember you with such fondness Ushus. And now they have a little corner of theirs forever in this virtual world too with this write of yours:)

    I hope they do, but I have my doubts… 😆 More likely are they to remember the bleeding papers they sometimes get back after their tests, or the hollering I do in class !!! 😆

    The warning at the end . Ah! Ushus What can I do but nod my head seriously in agreement and grin at the same time? 😀
    I know. I know. It always but always keeps us on our toes doesn’t it? To know that one is responsible for so many little beings:)

    That is one thing I just cannot let go. There is so much out here in the virtual world that I know they cannot handle, no matter how level headed they seem to be, esp without parental supervision, or advice. I keep telling their parents that they need to be computer savvy, and be on all those networks their kids are in. Not to do detective work, just to make sure their kids know they have them there too 🙂 To fall back on 🙂

    love ya:)
    Love you too… 🙂 🙂


  13. I really like this post and your project
    I am studying in this school i really thank our lovely teacher
    and we want another project like this



  14. i am so happy to see my name and my friends name on a site that we became famous.

    thank you

    to my favourite teacher

    “usha teacher”

    Adhwayth 🙂 🙂 Thank you for dropping in at this blog, finally! Well you all did some wonderful projects, so fame had to come your way! 🙂 🙂
    Will see you in a week’s time! Hope you are enjoying your holidays!


  15. Dear Ma’m

    Thanks a lot for exhibiting all our projects in the blog. Truly words can t express my happiness. Its nice to know that you took all of our efforts this seriously. This act of yours has truly encouraged me and i guess the others too to be sincere and to put our entire effort in each and everything we do. I thank you for giving us an opportunity to do a project on tigers because

    while i was browsing site after site looking for more information on the characteristics and present number of the tigers I became aware of a lot of facts regarding tigers.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. 🙂 🙂
    Yours obediently
    Rashmi Muraleedharan


    • Dear dear Rashmi 🙂 When I met your mother at the meeting, I did not know that you had not seen this. I had made sure that you would be informed about this link. However, even if you’re here a bit late, it is such a joy to read what you have to share too 🙂 Especially the part where you say that there is much you have become aware of!

      More that what you submit for the the project, it is this learning or awareness that is heightened that is the purpose of doing it in the first place. You have articulated so well, how it happened with you! And if it has happened this way for some more, well that is a job well done, is what I would say to myself 🙂 🙂 So thank you immensely for sharing that 🙂 And for the kind words for this post!

      In fact each relevant idea you all take up, will certainly be shared here. I’d love for anyone who comes here to applaud your and your schoolmates efforts! God Bless!


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